Chapter 1

After defeating Akuma and freeing himself from the influence of Satsui no Hado, Ryu felt a new leash on life. After his victory, he and his love, the Chinese warrior Chun-Li, had affirmed their relationship by making love. And after that night, both lovers felt there was no impossibility…nothing that they couldn't do together.

It was a sunny morning, when Ryu awoke and saw Chun-Li in the kitchen, dressed in a grey suit. She said, "Morning, Ryu!" He replied, "Good morning, Chun-Li." He kissed her, and she said, "I'm so sorry-I should have told you sooner. I'm heading back to work today. I probably have a mountain of paperwork waiting for me."

Ryu shrugged his shoulders, and said, "I understand. It wasn't my intention to keep you away from your duties and responsibilities for so long." Chun-Li laughed, and replied, "Don't be silly! I had quite a bit of personal time, and I must say I enjoyed every moment I spent with you." Ryu smiled, and replied, "I enjoyed every moment I spent with you as well." Chun-Li then grabbed her handbag and said, "I'll see you later!"

She then left the apartment, and Ryu was alone. It was strange-here he was, in her apartment, alone. He had spent the better part of the last month in her company. It was just in the last few weeks that he was alone-and he missed her greatly. Now that she was going back to work, what would he do? Ryu then decided he'd do what he did when she was around him-he found and grabbed a spare key and headed out to exercise.

Meanwhile, after a jaunt across town, Chun-Li found herself in front of Interpol China headquarters. It feels…good to be back. Even if the time I spent with Ryu were the best…She flashed her badge to the guard at the door then headed up the elevator to her office. She sat at her desk, and powered on her computer. After a few moments she found herself being immersed in her work-tracking the movements of the criminal group Shadaloo.

The first set of reports didn't show anything new. She clicked on a link out of curiosity, and saw something that chilled her appear on the screen-'MI6 Agents attacked in Ambush.' She read through the article, which detailed how several agents-including her friend Cammy-had been attacked. There were no mention of casualties, but she had to know what happened. Chun-Li grabbed her cell phone from her handbag, and after activating it, found the number she needed and dialed.

After a couple of rings, a voice-familiar, full of English grace-answered, "Allo?" Chun-Li said, "Cammy?" Cammy replied, "Yes, love? What's new with you?" Chun-Li replied, "I just read a report detailing and ambush involving you and your agents." Cammy replied, "Yeah. We were ambushed by some Shadaloo creeps-led by the ever-so-loveable Vega. They pinned us down in an Italian warehouse."

Chun-Li asked, "Are you alright?" Cammy replied, "Yeah-we were nearly brown bread, but we got out of that scarper alright. So…what happened with you and Ryu?" Chun-Li went silent, and Cammy said, "Come on, love. Don't keep me in suspense." Chun-Li said, "I…I've never experienced this before. I'm happier than I've ever been being with Ryu."

Cammy said, "That's great. I've got to go. Regulations and paperwork to take care of, you know. Bye, love." Chun-Li disconnected the call, relieved to hear that Cammy was alright. But Shadaloo's actions left her a bit concerned…
-Street Fighter-

In an secret underground facility…

Several technicians were stationed around several monitors. Behind them, seated on a massive electromagnetic throne, was the leader of the criminal organization, Shadaloo. Bison, as he was known to the world, was the leader of an organization that was involved in a large majority of the world's crimes-arms deals, drugs, and funding of terrorist activities. Shadaloo was equipped with the latest weapons and technology, keeping them on equal footing with a majority of the world's militaries.

But it was Bison's experimental technologies that gave him a leg up on the rest of the world. He once possessed the Psycho Beam machine, but he lacked a power source for it. He needed a being of great strength to power it…and with it, the world would be his. And it was just recently that his sensors detected a massive surge in power. The surge originated in Japan, but when his agents searched the origin, they came up empty.

Bison grew impatient. He needed that power source. As he watched the screens, a sultry voice called out to him, "Oh, Lord Bison. Still haven't found that 'El Dorado' of power?" Bison replied, "Silence, Juri. I do not need your impudent attitude." Juri Han was Bison's chief information broker. She said, "Unlike the rest of your incompetent goons, I found out some actual information about that power surge."

Bison said, "What do you have to tell me that is so important?" Juri replied, "Well, I conducted a more through search. I found a dojo there." Bison said, "Yes. The dojo has been long abandoned." Juri replied, "Well, that's true. But that dojo belonged to an old sensei named Gouken." Bison said, "I see." Juri said, "There's more! Gouken had two students. One of the students lives in San Francisco. The other is a wanderer. And it was reported that the 'wanderer' had returned recently-in fact, he was there the same time as the power surge."

Bison said, "This information was not known to me." Juri laughed, and said, "It seems more than a coincidence…and now you see that my sources are better than yours." Bison then said, "Who would know the names of those two students?" Juri replied, "Well, I can put out some feelers…get you more information…for the usual price, of course."

Bison smiled, and said, "Of course…for bringing me this bit of information, you have earned your rewards."

Oh no…a new story, and new troubles on the horizon! Stay tuned for the next chapter!