Aboard one of the UN's medical carriers, Ryu, Chun-Li, and Cammy-the trio who had assisted the UN in toppling Shadaloo-were getting some well-deserved medical attention. Ryu had tried his best to not be admitted, saying that his wounds were 'mostly some scratches'. Chun-Li's injuries were the most severe-with broken ribs and internal injuries being the most critical. Cammy also needed attention-she had some internal injuries, as well as some structural damage to her knee. It was decided that they would, for their own safety, stay on the carrier until they were escorted home.

They had been on the ship for one week, when Cammy rolled into Ryu's room. She said, "Top of the day to you, Ryu!" Ryu replied, "Good morning, Cammy…I mean, Major." Cammy replied, "You don't need that stuffiness around me, love. Cammy's just fine. We're friends, after all." Ryu said, "I didn't know that we we're friends." Cammy smiled, and said, "Well, battling psychotic criminals together will do that. Although, I'll admit, there was a point that I would have taken back that offer."

Ryu said, "Why?" Cammy said, "That night…when she needed you…and you left her to deal with her pain alone." Ryu said, "I know. I just…I had felt so betrayed, and didn't realize it was a ruse. And when I left, I realized I was so wrong to leave. " Cammy said, "Well, don't tell me this, tell her!" Cammy then took her wheelchair, and said, "I'm going to the mess room-I'm in the mood for ice cream." Ryu watched her leave, and thought about her words. He then decided that he needed to resolve what happened between him and Chun-Li, so he headed towards her room.

He went into her room, and saw her standing near the window. He softly coughed, and said, "Chun-Li…" She turned to him, and smiled. He came into her room, and sat in a chair near the bed. She then returned to looking out of the window. He said, "How are you feeling?" She replied, "I don't know…after everything I've been through and everything I've done…I still feel…empty." Ryu replied, "I see…you have spent so much time fighting to avenge you father…and now that you've don't that, you feel like you don't know where to go or what to do."

Chun-Li looked at Ryu with amazement. It was hard to fathom that someone who spent his time fighting could be so philosophical. Ryu then said, "Chun-Li…I…we need to talk. About us." Chun-Li said, "What about us? I thought we were good." Ryu replied, "No. You slapped me, and kissed me…but I don't know what you felt…or how you felt." Chun-Li looked at Ryu, and she exhaled. She said, "Ryu…you understand, when we agreed to be in a relationship, we understood all the things involved. We knew there would be great times…and we should have known that there would be some not-so-great times. And I wanted you to stay with me when Vega left those pictures." Ryu said, "I was wrong to leave you. I was only thinking about the pain I felt at the 'betrayal'…and I never considered your feelings and emotions."

Chun-Li said, "When you left, I felt lost…as thought I was adrift with no one to save me." Ryu replied, "I felt the same way. And when I was alone, without you, I realized how wrong of me it was to accuse you of something like that. I wanted to come back to you…and I would have even crawled back to beg you for forgiveness…even if you wouldn't have forgiven me." Chun-Li said, "I didn't know if I could have forgiven you…but I know…I had to let go of the pain." She embraced him, and he returned the embrace. Ryu said, "I wish…" Chun-Li said, "What is your wish?" RYu replied, "That being in love came with some instructions…" They both returned to looking out of the window, and Ryu lifted Chun-Li's chin.

He then gently kissed her, and she put her arms around his neck. The kiss deepened, and in that moment, they both knew that no matter what they faced, as long as they had each other, they could deal with anything…

And so, two lovers reaffirmed their relationship-a relationship that faced a rocky test. But as with any relationship, the true test is not when there is happiness…but when there is strife. And Ryu and Chun-Li came through their test with a stronger devotion to each other…and that is where this story ends.

The End.

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