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Chapter 3: Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing?

By Friday, Rachel Berry thought her wolf was freaking awesome! She had not only aced her glee club audition, but also made new friends. And yes, she may have been slushied on their first day back, and the icy drink may have tasted horrible to her now more discerning palate, but still! Friends! Plus, singing now gave her an incomparable rush, and when the other auditionees sang with her, she was bursting with joy! This was what she'd been looking for all along: this place, these peole. Singing their hearts out for all to hear. And it was all thanks to her wolf!

There was one drawback of her new wolf-side though, and she discovered it quite by accident. A strange odour that tickled her nose on that Monday afternoon, as she made her way past the choir room. She could almost see it, lingering around Sandy Ryerson and his student, like smoke.

"Pheromones," Shelby told her over the phone. Apparently, every person had them, like a unique scent that identified you. She had taken to having her cellphone available at all times; there was so many new experiences now, with her growing wolf-side, and she was always excited when aspects of her dual nature presented itself.

It would have been just another new thing to test, except there was an obviously uncomfortable Hank Saunders by the piano, and she didn't like the look of that hand there, on his front. You had no reason to put any kind of pressure there; not to sing better anyway. If there was one thing Rachel knew, it was pressure on the diaphragm. So she did what any other student would do, and reported the inappropriate behaviour to Principal Figgins. Hank's subsequent resignation from all things glee only served to confirm her allegations, and Ryerson was fired. This further indicated to the young diva that now would indeed be her time to shine in glee-club, and show off her talent. And begin testing her new 'ability'.

Cheerleaders Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce, her first test subjects, were all over each other. And Noah Puckerman. She stared at the trio as they passed her in the hallway, nearly walking into a wall at one point. Their 'smoke' intertwined like vines; it was mesmerizing.

The guidance counselor kept her office free from any and all scents. It smelled only faintly of Miss Pillsbury: pine, and disinfectant. Her 'smoke' was just a wispy tendril, like she had been starving it of stimuli in her cleaning efforts.

Will Schuester, the Spanish teacher and new glee-club advisor, smelled like hair product, and musk. He was also slightly tinged with bleach, like Miss Pillsbury's office had rubbed off on him. His 'smoke' was brazen, and reached out to everything constantly. She couldn't maintain eye-contact with the man, at all.

Fellow glee-clubbers Artie Abrams and Tina Cohen-Chang had informed her that they were dating, but they needn't have bothered. The fact was she could smell their scents were all over each other. Also, Tina was so faking her stutter, which made her sad. The girl had seemed so intimidating with her Goth-look, and then she hid behind a speech-impediment. Ugh.

Kurt Hummel, underneath his cologne and hairspray, smelled like freshly laundered sheets, and had ended up avoiding Rachel for the rest of the day once he caught her strangely wide smile. She had been taking in lungfulls of Kurt-smell while walking behind him, and his rather sparkly 'smoke' was very pretty; she couldn't help herself.

Then there was Finn Hudson.

She had no idea how Mr Schue had managed to get him to audition for glee-club. Finn was on the football team with Noah, but he didn't smell like the two cheerleaders like Noah did. He smelled of earth, wood and trees and outside. She wanted to invite him to run through a field of wildflowers with her, like the paths Shelby had shown her that summer. He would make a perfect partner, she thought, taking another sly whiff. His 'smoke' wasn't overwhelming like Mr Schuee's, and didn't seem to reach out for anyone else's. Best of all, he was the closest match to her vocal talent. She'd gotten goosebumps during his audition, and when they'd sung together, Rachel had been unable to stop smiling. She was inlove!

But Finn had a girlfriend. Quinn Fabray, HBIC, Captain of the cheerleaders, President of the celibacy club, perfectly blonde and perfectly beautiful. And an A-grade bitch.

Quinn smelled like old flowers. Stale and dry and utterly lifeless.

Her smiles were fake; filled with disdain when she thought no one was looking.

Her manners were atrocious, except when she wanted something.

Her heart was cold and rotten and completely void of all feeling.

And when she touched Finn she made Rachel Berry growl.

Shelby laughed at her observations. "It sounds like your wolf's a little territorial. Did anyone hear you?"

Rachel felt herself blush for some reason. "No, of course not. They were talking a few spaces from my locker, and it just... came out. Their 'smoke' didn't even touch," she added with a scoff.

"Smoke? Was this outside? But you said lockers so-"

Rachel cut her off with a smile. "No, no, I mean their individual 'smoke' like their essences or whatever."

"Oh!" Shelby said, laughing again. "You mean auras. Wait, you can see people's auras?"

"Is that bad?" Rachel was suddenly apprehensive. "Isn't that normal, for werewolves I mean. Or is that a derogatory term? Do you prefer lycans? I didn't mean to offend you-"

It was Shelby's turn to interrupt. "No, honey, that's not what I mean. I'm just surprised, that's all. It usually takes a while for that particular skill to develop, and you're still so young."

"So, I'm not supposed to be able to do it yet? Well, I've always been exceptionally gifted, Shelby. I thought you knew this by now."

She wasn't joking, of course, and it felt really good to know that her penchant for overachieving extended to her wolf-side. It made her feel inexplicably closer to that part of herself.

Yep, Rachel Berry''s wolf really was freaking awesome!