So, here is the prologue of my new story, Against All Odds. Just like all my other prologues, it's very short, but it's the set up for the rest of the story.

By popular demand, it is the Captured by Slaves plotline, featuring Lucy, my OC from Rules are Made to Be Broken.

Please let me know what you think!



When it happened, it wasn't the flashy, heroic reveal Merlin had sometimes imagined it would be. Actually, the situation itself had been rather implicating.

Following the invasion a year before, Merlin had taken to checking and reinforcing the siege tunnels beneath the citadel, even more so after Arthur had decided to welcome Mordred into the city. Mordred may be claiming to have no recollection of his encounters with Morgana, but Merlin didn't believe or trust him. Morgana had a spy in Camelot. If it wasn't Mordred, then it was someone else, and they would be trying to bring Arthur down from the inside. And it was Merlin's job to make sure that didn't happen.

Mordred had been looking particularly smug all day, setting Merlin's nerves on edge. The younger man was planning something, and, whatever it was, it couldn't be good for Merlin, Arthur or Camelot. That's why he had gone down to the tunnels that particular night.

Normally, he didn't find anything, but that day, he did.

He should have realised it was a set-up. The crack was too convenient.

As his eyes flared gold and he held his hand over the crack, a shout echoed down the corridor.

'What the hell do you think you're doing?'

And he spun round, his eyes still blazing gold, coming face to face with Arthur Pendragon.


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