Title: Time Intertwined

Author: Bendyfish

Summary: A man plots to get hold of the rift manipulator to turn back time as he wants to prevent a murder in the past. Ianto /Jack; Owen/Tosh; Gwen

Author's Note – the prologue is setting the scene, it has no TW characters but you need to understand this part of the story to understand why TW becomes a part of the story. Bare with me readers, there will be plenty of TW in later chapters.

Oh and Tosh and Owen are still alive, I refuse to acknowledge that Owen, Tosh or Ianto die, ever, they get hurt, threaten and harmed but their deaths are much much later in the Torchwood history according to me. They still continue to be a part of the awesome Torchwood team, separate from the government, outside the police, beyond the United Nations, the 21st century is when it all changes and they are ready, as the world needs them.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters I just borrow their characterisations for my story telling.

Prologue - 1985

With the many branches scratching her bare arms, the girl, panting heavily quickly looks behind and over her shoulder while running through the bush track. She is getting tired but the fear in her is what is keeping her going. "Keep going, keep going" she repeats as a mantra in her head.

"Come on Dad, I'll race you to the next bend" Marcus laughingly said to his dad knowing that his dad couldn't resist a challenge. Marcus stood high on his bike, peddling his legs and took off with his dad not too close behind, as they laughed and urged each other to get to the bend, a pretty girl in joggers, a tight pink T-shirt and black running shorts was running towards them so Marcus and his dad slowed down as the track was wide enough for them to race side by side but not enough room for the jogger as well. As she approached she held her hands up and waved them about. Marcus and his dad slowed down but they didn't stop. The girl pleaded with them to stop, saying something about a man who was chasing her with a knife, she told them to turn around and stay with her. Marcus's dad looks down the track which is now straight and couldn't see anyone, let alone anyone chasing this girl with a knife. Marcus's dad says sorry but they need to move on and that there is no one down the track and says that if she wants she can come in the direction they are going. The girl was about to go with the two cyclists but she knows the man with the knife is in that direction, and says no and that they shouldn't go that way, there's a deranged man with a knife. Marcus and his dad ride off, not really believing her.

Marcus and his dad continue on their way, never seeing the 'deranged man with the knife'.

After another 20 minutes of cycling Marcus and his dad decide to turn back to return home, all thoughts of the girl gone as they both loved these days of father and son bonding. As they approach the bend where they saw the girl Marcus notices a lone jogger shoe in the path, Marcus slows down and sees the bare leg sticking out of the bush beyond the track. Marcus calls out to his dad, they stop, get off their bikes and slowly push back the branches of the low lying tree to see the girl that told them to help her; her open eyes staring up to the sky, her throat slit, her hands cut as if she tried to defend herself and her pink tshirt was now stained with blood and with knife cuts. Marcus's dad said to Marcus she's dead, we need to call the police, lets get home now so we can call, Marcus's dad made a mental note where she was as he knew this track well.

Once they arrived home they rang the police and reported it. The police came out, Marcus's dad showed them where the dead girl was, but there was no body, no evidence, no blood, no nothing to say that there even was a girl at all. The police didn't believe him, thinking that the sun and exercise may have affected him.

Life goes on and the memory of the girl fades.

Chapter 1

25 years later -2010

"Rift alert" Tosh calls out over the comms "in the Radyr Woods bush lands, 3 miles from Cardiff"

"You're with me Ianto, lets check it out"

Ianto grabs Jack's coat and holds it out for Jack, this ritual practised so many times that it is fluid in motion.

As Jack and Ianto are racing to the site where the rift is occurring Tosh interrupts their banter about who could locate details faster, Ianto thru his archives or Jack thru his recollections, to tell them that the rift disappeared and she has gotten some strange readings, she's going to look into it, but nothing major, nothing for them to worry about, just letting them know. Jack and Ianto turn to each other and grinned, Tosh, their friend could ramble for hours and loved the technical side of things, she thought they were all so fascinating, that any reading were strange; anyway they thanked her and continued on their way to Radyr Woods.

Jack and Ianto investigated where the rift coordinates were but could see nothing after searching for a good half day as well as enjoying the sunshine. They even had time to laze on the grass verge sharing an apple. Ianto's head resting in Jack's lap as they chatted about their upcoming holiday to Venice passing the apple between them.

On their return they noticed some police cars parked near an entry point to the local bush track and slowed their speed down, no need to annoy the police if there was no reason to, the police didn't really care for them at the best of times. And anyway Jack didn't want this perfect afternoon spoilt with him having to explain to the local police that they are Torchwood and they were outside of the police, it always got their backs up, Jack chuckled.

"Hey Ianto, what say we send the guys home early tonight, I'm thinking we try some Italian tonight in readiness of our holiday" Jack says with a twinkle in his eye, as Ianto was checking the residual rift reading in the area.

"Why send the others home? That little Italian place near the Hub does a great group deal."

"Not what I was thinking."

"oh and what were you thinking?"Ianto answered suspiciously, although with Jack anything is possible, but he couldn't for the life of him think what Jack was thinking, what could Italian food have to do with sex.

"oh that's for me to know and you to find out" Jack smirked.

Ianto rolled his eyes but his curiosity was peaked, and he smiled despite his apprehension. Life and sex with Jack was always interesting, never boring.

"I'll give them a call"

Jack chuckled and Ianto wondered what he was in for tonight.

Marcus still lives in the family home, as his parents had passed away two years earlier, Marcus was married, now widowed for 4 years, in his chosen profession, he is relatively happy with his life. His family consists of 2 boys, 21 and 20 and a girl 19, the apple of his eye. Many times when she visits from university, she and her father (Marcus) like to cycle the bush track just like Marcus used to with his dad.

Marcus was resting in front of the TV watching the news when the screen shows a scene of the bush track that he is very familiar with. It is reporting that there was a girl found killed near this bush track, her throat was slashed and stabbed multiple times and had lots of defensive wounds to her hands. Marcus has flashes of the girl that he and his dad saw so many years ago that they encountered on that same bush track but there was no girl when they tried to show the police, it was weird, they couldn't convince the police that what they saw was real, not imagined but since there was no sign of a murder, no reports of a girl missing, it was dismissed by the police and Marcus and his dad forgot about it as time moved on, until now. As he tried to shake these visions from his head, the doorbell rings. Marcus opens the door to the police.