Title: Time Intertwined

Author: Bendyfish

Story line: A man plots to get hold of the rift manipulator to turn back time as he wants to prevent a murder in the past. Ianto /Jack; Owen/Tosh

Chapter 5

Tosh finished the cocktail, large as it was she thought she would take all night, but Owen took pity on her and removed all the fruit and decorations off it to show that it was something she could manage. Tosh's heart skipped a beat when Owen hand accidently touched hers as he struggled with the pineapple wedge that was stuck and refusing to move. Owen felt a spark as their hands touched, he looked up at Tosh and smiled and looked into her eyes, she returned the look and sighed.

"What's taking him?" Jack whined "He should have been back already" 30 minutes had passed and Rhys was walking in the pub door.

"He must have forgotten where he put it," Gwen stated as she spotted her husband to be coming through the door and head for them.

"Ianto? Forget? I doubt it" Jack knew of Ianto's eidetic memory, he would never forget anything, Jack was getting a little worried. He pushed the blue tooth device and got no answer. "mmmm, I'm going to see what's keeping him" Jack left quickly not bothering to take his coat, before the others had a chance to say anything.

Marcus saw that there were some controls on the, what did the young man call it rift something, and looked to see if there was anything that he could understand, surely there were a years indicator or a dial to turn back time or something.

Ianto groaned as he slipped in and out of consciousness. Marcus bent down to Ianto, "Tell me how to work it, tell me, tell me now!" he yelled.

Jack jogged over to the tourist office as he knew that is Ianto's preferred way of entry. As he approached he noticed the door was ajar, that wasn't like Ianto, he thought, as he picked up speed. Jack entered the tourist office, his hand automatically reaching for his gun. The hidden doorway was opened and there was no sign of Ianto, definitely not like Ianto at all. Jack hit the blue tooth device at his ear "Owen get over here now! Something is not right" Jack said quickly and raced down into the Hub.

Marcus was leaning over Ianto as he screamed at him to tell him how to work the rift manipulator as Jack raced inside.

"Move away from him" Jack rushed over to Ianto, pushing Marcus out of the way. Marcus startled, yelled "I didn't mean to hurt him, I just need to get back"

Jack wasn't listening to Marcus, his only thoughts were of Ianto, laying unconscious, with a large pool of blood spreading under him. Marcus picked up his knife, that was dropped in his haste to get the rift to work for him and poked it in Jack's back to alert him to stand back. "tell me how to work it, I need to get back, I've got to save her" Marcus yelled hysterically .

Jack pushed back and the knife slid into his back piecing his heart. Jack slumped over Ianto as Owen, Gwen and Tosh entered the Hub, guns drawn.

"Stand down….now!" Owen yelled

Marcus looked around to see the other team members standing there with their guns drawn and approaching him quickly. Marcus slumped to the ground on his knees, "I just want to go back, it never meant to happen like this"

Owen seeing the pool of blood under Ianto with Jack slumped over Ianto raced over to them. Owen pushed Jack off Ianto, not giving Jack a second thought, he knew what ever had befallen Jack, that he would recover; as for Ianto, he doesn't have that advantage. Owen could see almost immediately what was causing the pool of blood, he quickly tore Ianto's shirt, knowing that Ianto would bemoan the loss of a good shirt , although with the knife hole in it even Ianto would have to agree that it wouldn't be a good shirt anymore, Owen silently prayed that Ianto would wake soon and complain about the torn shirt. Owen could see that the wound was deep and knew that he would have to stop the bleeding now. Owen called out to Tosh to get the alien device that they uncovered emitting a pulse in the ruins in a bombed out building only 3 weeks ago. He had done some experiments on minor cuts that fused the flesh together but the wound that Ianto had was more than a cut, and he suspected that Ianto's lung was pieced as well, as Ianto had blood dribbling from his mouth. As he contemplated whether to use Ianto as a guinea pig, Jack revived with a gasp.

As this was happening Gwen and Tosh rushed over to Marcus and pushed him down to the floor, face down. Gwen screamed "What have you done? Who are you?"

Tosh held her gun at Marcus, in a way that meant business, so Marcus didn't question whether the little Japanese woman would shoot him so he stayed down. Tosh heard Owen ask for the alien device that they suspected would rapidly heal wounds, it had worked on minor wounds but the wound that Ianto had seemed much more than a minor cut from the amount of blood pooling beneath him.

"Are you sure Owen?" Tosh asked tentatively.

"The wound is too deep, and he's losing too much blood, I don't have time to stitch him up he will bleed out before I can seal the lung" Owen desperately voiced his concern.

Jack sat up, remembering what occurred before he died, and reached around for Ianto. Relief washed over him when he saw Owen was there, but that relief faded away when he heard the conversation between Tosh and Owen. "Just do it Owen, do something!" Jack pleaded.

"Help me get him down to the autopsy bay"

Jack gently lifted his lover up in his arms and carefully walked down to the autopsy bay. Owen set the scanner to better see the extent of the injury as Tosh grabbed the alien device that she had on her table as she was the last to use it, to attempt to found out its power source.

Gwen had Marcus handcuffed and sitting up on the floor. "My friend had better survive this. Or you will have hell to pay" she said gruffly to Marcus.

"Don't care anymore, what's the point, I didn't help her, didn't save her" Marcus said sadly shaking his head, his eyes downcast. "I just wanted to go back, I would have made things right"

Owen saw from the scanner that it was as he suspected, Ianto's lung was pieced. And so Owen with some reluctance lifted the alien device, looked up at Jack, who nodded his head, held the device to Ianto's right side and pressed the green button. After 3 anxious minutes the flesh seemed to bubble and then start to reformulate. After another minute Ianto took a deep breath. Owen who was holding his own breath took a breath himself.

"He'll be fine Jack, just fine" Owen said with relief.

Then Ianto's eyes fluttered open, his brillant blue eyes made contact with Jack's own blue eyes and he frowned " I'm sorry I di…" Jack shushed him with a gentle kiss.

"Nothing to be sorry about" Jack reassured Ianto, "stay here, I'll be back" Jack gave Owen a look that said 'stay here with him, I'm gonna deal with that scum bag above'.

Marcus explained everything to Jack, what happened 25 years ago, the murder of his daughter 2 weeks ago and the hope to return back to 1985 to help the girl and therefore prevent the murder of his own daughter.

Gwen, Tosh and Jack listened very intently, it was very important that they understood why someone not known to them or Ianto would want to hurt Ianto. Jack nodded and shook his head through out and when Marcus finished telling them his story, Jack said "Marcus the rift doesn't do what you want, I'm sorry, we don't have that control, we only pick up the pieces that the rift spits out. I'm sorry but you'll won't be able to return to 1985, what's done is done, you won't be able to get your daughter back" although Jack was angry with him when he climbed the stairs from the autopsy bay and was determined to make him pay for almost killing Ianto, he could understand the urge to return to an earlier time to fix an event, but Jack knew only too well, that events such as these can't be changed as much as you may want them to.

Marcus started to sob, he would have placed his hands over his eyes but they were still handcuffed behind him so he could only hang his head and cry in his lap.

Gwen, Tosh and Jack walked away to give him a moment. Tosh went to get him a glass of water. Gwen whispered to Jack " What do we do with him? Hand him over to police or retcon him?"

Tosh returned with a glass of water as Jack said "Nothing, we do nothing, we will return him home, the grief will be enough punishment, putting him in prison won't help, retcon him? how far back do we retcon him, 25 years? We may as well put him in a mental ward."

That night Ianto and Jack lay side by side enjoying the fact that they were still here, living. "So Owen and Tosh?" Jack asked quizzically, "You knew, didn't you? Why didn't tell me, why am I the last to know" Jack jokily asked.


Two and half weeks later Jack and Ianto walked hand in hand along the footpath of Venice, the weather was prefect, the rift was behaving and Jack had a ring in his pocket.