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Out of Disaster Chapter One- Meetings

With the battle against the seventh angel concluded, Shinji found himself again at school. The week of synchronization training he spent with his fellow pilot demanding total concentration and absence from the hollowed halls of Tokyo-3 Junior High.

He wasn't happy. He not only had to return to the droning of his sensei, but also had spent his last day off making up the work he had missed. That and his friends wouldn't allow him to be alone this morning.

"And I told her to get bent!" Touji bellowed over Shinji.

Readjusting his glasses, Kensuke replied, "It's no wonder she smacked you. What do you think Shinji?"

Picking his head off the desk for the first time during the conversation, "I think you're going to be a lonely person Touji."

Touji snorted and clenched his hands into fists, "And what do you know of women. They like having strong figures in their lives!"

Shinji merely nodded, nothing had changed. The first day they see him after the battle and it's like nothing odd happened. Sure Kensuke asked a few Evangelion related questions, Touji bitched about his flat-mate, and Shinji nodded to all questions. That was until a new addition to the room entered.

A girl with short black hair walked into the room and took a seat towards the back of the room.

Noting the new arrival was a stranger Shinji asked, "Who's the new girl?"

After a sidelong glance at Shinji's target Kensuke replied, "Oh, Maehara Shinobu."

"She another pilot Shinji?" Touji spoke after the name sunk in.

"How would I know, Nerv doesn't tell me who's chosen to pilot. Why do you think she's a pilot?" the Ikari said while looking at the girl setting her supplies on her desk.

Opening a few files on his computer Kensuke offered, "Its not like people are rushing to this city Shinji, not with the angel attacks. And she transferred into the class about a day after you and the devil left."


Taking a seat by Shinji, Touji concluded, "Her school musta been wiped out in that last battle, remember the one where," he gestured to the other end of the room where Asuka and Hikari sat speaking, "got busted up."

Shinji thought about the initial battle with the seventh and how Misato was still complaining about the damage reports. Was it possible that due to his carelessness this girl's school was destroyed?

Touji droned on, "Must really suck to have your school destroyed and forced to transfer. No friends, the travel time, hell she could have even lost her house."

Kensuke saw how each word Touji said affected Shinji. With every cutting comment Shinji winced and the feeling of guilt grew. "Touji!"

His dialog broken Touji turned to face his bespekeled friend. "What?"

Kensuke pointed at Shinji's head, which was now pressed against his desk. A clear sign of how Touji's words hit home. Touji for his part responded well, "Oops. Sorry man."

"It might not be that bad Shinji. With the battle going on I was too busy to do a background check on her. I could find out for you?" Kensuke hoped to brighten his friend's spirits.

Without lifting his head, "Thanks Kensuke, if you can just find the name of her old school I'll ask Misato if we destroyed it."

Any further attempts to brighten Shinji's spirits were dashed as their elderly sensei entered the room, and the class-rep initiated class.

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Shinji would never have been called a model student, and today was worse than usual. He couldn't help himself from stealing glances at the new student. He noted at how she appeared depressed and withdrawn. Facts he contributed to the growing suspiction that he was the cause of her discomfort.

The girl for her part didn't appear to be a serious student either. She sat in her seat with a hangdog expression on her face and attempted to blend into the background of the class.

The two teens sat in contemplation, and didn't notice when class was dismissed for the day.

As Shinji thought of what he would do if Kensuke's information did link him or Asuka to this Shinobu's school's destruction, Asuka smacked him.

"Baka, school's over why are you just sitting there?"

Rubbing his shoulder where he was struck he addressed his flat-mate, " Just thinking, sorry Asuka."

"Ready to go, we have sync tests tonight."

"I completely forgot, yeah let me get my things."

Asuka berated him for his lack of memory and said she'd wait for him at the school gates. As he gathered his personals he stole another glance at the girl, she had already left with much of the class. Loading up his bag he joined Asuka and headed for Nerv, hoping Kensuke would find something to ease his conscious.

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"Well I'm going to take another shower. I still feel LCL on me." Asuka said as they entered the apartment.

Misato said while grabbing a beer, "Just don't use all the hot water ok, I haven't taken mine yet."

The final member of the pseudo family entered the kitchen with Misato and grabbed some leftovers from the fridge.

"Shinji-kun, your sync rate was a little down today. Something bothering you?"

Looking up from his food, "Misato-san, during the first battle with the seventh you said we caused a lot of that true?"

The purple haired women expected this eventually, "Shinji-kun, damages are expected in a war, we may not like it but it's a truth. Yes the battle caused a lot of damages as did the N2 explosion that followed."

Shinji nodded and picked at his food a little bit.

"Is there a reason you asked me that question?" she asked knowing the answer.

"A new transfer student.I think we destroyed her school."

Sensing more she continued, "I don't see why that gets you so upset Shinji, so this kid has a little bus ride."

"I know it sounds silly, but she just looked lost."

'Like you did when you first arrived,' the captain thought about her charge, "Don't worry so much Shinji. After Asuka finishes, take a nice hot bath and go to bed. Worrying about other people is nice, but don't let it become too much."

Shinji did exactly what his commanding officer told him. He waited patiently for Asuka to finish her shower, and tried to avert his gaze as she left the room. He failed as his eyes found themselves locked onto her retreating form, she was beautiful but something about her pushed him away. He took his bath and after a little T.V. turned in for the night with his trusty Sdat in hand.

But as usual, sleep was never fast to arrive for him. His mind wandering on how his life has been progressing and those people that now shared it. 'What if I am responsible?' The girl Shinobu's sad face appeared in his mind. 'If Nerv or myself are caused her pain, shouldn't I try to make amends?' Several ideas as to how entered his mind but they seemed either to personal or to hard to achieve.

Running his fingers through his hair, "I hate feeling like this.I'm helpless."

Without knowing whether he had caused the damage or not Shinji vowed to speak to the girl. Her face, that sad, shy face that he himself had worn when he arrived in Tokyo-3, haunted him. Looking at the clock shown two hours had passed since he had lain down for bed, mostly spent thinking of her.

'What if.what if I didn't destroy her school and she's just naturally depressed?' He shook his head thinking it impossible for somebody to put out an air of depression for no reason. There was a reason for her sadness and he vowed to find it. His sudden resolve frightened him a bit, but also fueled his conviction.

"As soon as I talk to Kensuke I'll make a plan," he softly spoke to himself before finally drifting off.

Misato turned off the bug after Shinji's breathing had calmed down and she was sure he was asleep. She pulled out her ledge and wrote in her report on his current mindset.

Her feelings were mixed. She could feel that Shinji may be developing a slight crush on this girl, but it could be obsession. She wrote in the report that if his attitude worsened a therapist would need to be consulted.

Fanning herself with the folder, " can't let every person that gets involved in this war affect you like this."

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Author notes.

Well the premise is slowly taking shape, which last bit may seem out of place but I felt it was needed. Sorry if you don't agree.

I'm going to try and keep things moving slowly and try to keep things plausible.

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