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The first sensation Loki felt as he collided with the surface of Midgard was not pain, but the strange feeling of relief. It was not the first time he had fallen so abruptly through inter-realm travel, but in his situation, Loki did not have enough time to correct his landing.

"Brother, make haste. It is unwise for you to remain unconcealed here," Loki heard Thor's voice boom. Oh, how he despised that voice with every thread of his soul.

"Your pity is wasted on me, oaf." Loki swatted Thor's helping hand away harshly and snarled, not wishing to damage his pride any longer. Loki did not have enough time to straighten himself out before Thor's rough hands dropped Mjölnir and found their way to his collar. The force of his accursed brother's strength sent Loki against a brick wall of the alley they landed in. Intimidation, Loki thought. How pathetic a tactic. He struggled against Thor's grip.

"You would do best to make the most of this punishment, brother."

"I should count myself lucky; the Allfather graced me with such an opportunity," Loki hissed.

"You should count yourself lucky the Allfather spared your life." Thor released Loki from the wall roughly before he spoke more softly. "My banishment to Midgard set me on the right path. Perhaps, it can do the same for you."

"No wonder the Allfather preferred you more. Such a heart can only belong to a son of Odin." Loki roughly walked past Thor, ignoring his frown and disappointment.

"Loki," Loki heard Thor's voice warn, but ignored it, instead opting to silently and quickly make his way for a quick escape.

"Brother, cease your movements," Thor commanded.

Loki felt the all-too-familiar sensation of pins and needles stabbing into his wrists. Grimacing in disgust as the two jewel bracelets welded onto his flesh obeyed the command. Loki looked down while taking another step to watch the magic within the bracelets cease his movements forcibly. Grumbling in frustration, he knew better than to continue moving, less he experience tenfold to what his bracelets had just emitted. Thor caught up to his brother who remained standing still, and motioned for Mjölnir's return to his reach.

"I'd rather you not use such crude measures against me," Loki argued,watching Thor put an item underneath his armor.

"You would not listen, it was inevitable. I would not have to use the stone if you simply acted less a fool." Thor turned towards Stark Tower and began to walk; luckily it was night, which made directions an easy task for Thor. On the many occasions he visited Midgard during Loki's trial, the city of 'New York', as the mortals had put it, locating Stark Tower had been a rather nefarious task. As least he had arrived during nightfall on this occasion, and spotted its location with ease.

"We must make haste now, brother. The quicker we explain our situation to the mortals, the fewer problems we will encounter." He continued walking.

"You fool! Then retract your command!" Loki raised his voice, motioning at his feet, which were still kept still by Thor's command.

"Apologies, brother." Thor fumbled to retrieve the stone, identical to the jewels on Loki's wrists. Loki, beyond the point of angered frustration remained impassive. Before Ragnarök, Thor… Loki cursed, crossing his arms. Finally, after what seemed like decades, Thor managed to produce the emerald stone.

"Follow me towards friend Stark's Fortress."

Loki felt the previous command dissipate around his feet allowing him the brief joy of freedom before the sensation on the bracelets forced him to walk towards Thor. Thor smiled and continued on his way, causing Loki to feel nothing but an invisible wall behind him, pushing him in his brother's footsteps.

Curse everything! He screamed in his head.

-Sir, scans are picking up faint energy readings of the Tesseract.-

"Thanks, JARVIS," Tony absentmindedly replied, swinging his chair playfully across his lab. Tony removed his goggles before punching quick movements on his screen. It was true, there were energy readings of a Tesseract nature, but Tony, assuming the genius he was, brushed it aside.

"We're not going to do anything about that?" Banner's voice perked up over the screaming Metallica sound system roaring through the four walls. Tony hit the mute button as Banner spoke, causing him to shy away as he realized he'd actually had been yelling. Tony sure did have to hand it to Bruce. Working in such conditions would have made anyone Hulk out; luckily the doctor truly had a lid on his rage monster issues.

"Waste of time, it's probably just Goldilocks riding in on his unicorns."

"Uh…" Bruce hesitated, unsure how to respond. "I think Thor described it as more of a rainbow bridge."

"Is there difference?" Tony rebuked quickly. "Look, the main thing is, Fabio didn't land inside my Tower this time, which means no property damage." Waved his hands, assuring himself. Honestly, the guy couldn't stick a landing right at all, it had taken three attempts to explain to Thor that no, unlike Asgard, there weren't servants to clean up the mess. And yes, each time would cost him, dearly.

"I don't want to debate the workings of inter-galactic travel… I just want to finish my work," Bruce dismissed Tony, calmly returning to his work.


"Working," Bruce calmly reminded him.

"Well, while you reach enlightenment over there, I'm going to take a break," Tony remained silent, happy that the screaming music had finally stopped.

Tony exited the elevator with excitement as he made his way to the kitchen. It had been too long, and by long Tony actually meant an hour without another cup of liquid youth.

"That's your seventh cup in the last six hours," Captain fancy pants commented over in his corner, not once looking over the newspaper he read.

"As an American, Steve, there is no equal to coffee. Okay… scotch ranks up there too, but you get my drift." He appeared offended as he stirred passionately. Steve sighed, putting his newspaper down.

"I should point out to you I was drinking coffee before you were even born." Steve tilted his head.

Tony contemplated Steve's words.

"Point even, Spangler." Tony sipped his coffee, before talking a massive mouthful.

-Sir, Mr. Odinson and Guest have arrived,- JARVIS interrupted.

Steve looked up towards the elevator as Tony rolled his hands to give the green light. Normally Thor arrived alone, however he assumed it was just Pepper or another person hitching a ride with him. Unusual, JARVIS would have announced them by name, he thought, talking another huge swig of coffee. The ding of the elevator opened the doors and two Asgardian figures strolled out.

Steve tensed immediately, crushing his newspaper.

Tony choked on his coffee.

Thor smiled.

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