"Suppose" Finn said, in his voice like antique silk, faded

and slight torn, "that I could make you popular".

He did not smile this time and Rachel was glad

Her heart snagged on that word 'popular'.

How she dreamed to be popular.

None stop phone calls.

She already had a boyfriend


They cute and hot vampire that lived in her attic, that she was talking to now.

Then it hit her.

"Whats the catch" she asked.

Finn was a very sneaky vampire.

There was always a catch with him.

When Rachel wanted something he wanted something in return.

"How could you make me popular?" she asked.

He nodded for some time.

"Tell me" , he said in that slippery satin voice, "what is the most popular group in school"?

Finn already knew that.

He just liked playing games with her.

It was the Glee club that was the most popular group.

The New Directions were a closed group of cute guys and slim blondes and sparkly brunettes who had never noticed her.

Next Finn asked "who do you wish never had gotten in the choir?".

That question was easy.

"Quinn" she answered.

Quinn had made it into the group when she was in freshman year.

"Perhaps", Finn said, "She could be taken out of the group, then there would be tryouts to replace her".

Rachel nodded.

She had many years of dancing and private singing lessons.

"I could arrange for her to be missing"? Finn said in a slower voice than usual.

She would be among the exciting girls, who partied and laughed, drove fast cars and sat with cute boys.

Me, Rachel thought.

Popular, a singer.

"Someday I could be lead singer" she whispered.

She imaged her shelf on a big stage signing in front of millions of people.

"What would you do to Quinn" asked Rachel wearily.

He smiled.

His teeth were not quite as pointed as Rachel had expected, but she shuddered anyway.

"It doesn't hurt, you no".

"Quinn would simply be ... rather ... tuckered out".

Rachel didn't have a good feeling about this.

"Just bring her to me".

Rachel shivered.

"I" Finn breathed, "Will make you popular".