Pirates of the Caribbean

An Officer and a Gentleman

Chapter 2: There is a Mysterious Knock at the Door

When we left off, there was a mysterious knock at the door.

"I say! There was a knock at the door and I do not know who was knocking at the door because I have not yet opened the door so I shall resolve this dilemma by opening the door and answering it." So he went downstairs and didn't trip over the eighteenth step and answered the door. There were that many steps because it was a manor, which is similar to a mansion.

When he (Captain Jack Sparrow) answered the door, it was just the milkman so Captain Jack Sparrow opened it and said "Hi," and accepted the milk and put it in the cooler and said "Thank you, old chap," and paid him with pounds because they don't have regular dollars in England and closed the door and went back to bed. He didn't trip on the first step either on his way back up.

When he woke up for keeps, he had breakfast in the kitchen but the milk was spoiled and rotten because he left the cooler door open. Also, all the ice in it was melted for the same reason as before. He had to have his cereal dry. He couldn't even pour booze or rum over it because he turned into no longer a boozehound. He also had needed to have black coffee because he was out of milk. He didn't pour coffee in his cereal. That would be gross. He wondered if maybe he was still a pirate as he ate the most important meal of the day.

After that, he went to the parcel shoppe to see if there were any deliveries for him to make on his boat which was The Black Pearl. The man at the counter said "Yes," and gave him 432 gallons of gunpowder in barrels to deliver to Spain. Captain Jack Sparrow turned into a very excited man/captain because if he made a delivery he would be paid a lot of pounds. This time it turned out he remembered his handcart so that saved some time.

He also departed on his yacht because the Black Pearl was a yacht now but it still had cannons. Later that day he got to Spain but first he was stopped on the way by a police yacht belonging to Officer James Norrington. "Ha ha! I have you now, Jackieboy!" shouted the police commodore. Except he was wrong because the other captain just went around and kept going until he got to Spain. He escaped fast because the Black Pearl zoomed because it turned out to be the fastest boat in the whole wide world. This time there wasn't even a standoff. SeƱor Norrington was furious with rage all over the place.

Jack Sparrow went to Spain and he got there and made his delivery to the king of Spain, called Rey, which is Spanish for king. The delivery was a disaster though. When Jack Sparrow was escaping from James, he secretly boarded him, and replaced his gunpowder with nothing. The barrels were now empty. Also some of them weren't, because he put rum in them. The gunpowder became dumped overboard like tea and that meant it was gone forever. It couldn't be salvaged because it was wet. Also Jack didn't even know where it was.

"You have robbed me blind, Mr. Sparrow!" Screamed the king of Spain, Rey. "You are nothing more than a filthy pirate scum!" Jack was sad.

"I say, sir! I do declare! It was an accident! In fact I didn't even do it, matey." said Jack Sparrow, and he noticed that he said "matey" and it occurred to him that he must perhaps be a pirate after all. "Curses," he thought, but accidentally said it out loud. The king Rey of Spain thought the sea captain was cursing him.

"Nobody curses me in my court! Not even anywhere else, either!" said the Rey calmly. "SEIZE HIM!" he explained to his guards. They did.

Meanwhile, the black Pearl was still parked in a dock. It wasn't double parked.

Meanwhile, Jack was in regular prison. There were bars and everything! And smoking was prohibited. HE found that matches wouldn't even light because the air was so damp. He didn't escape... yet.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you are a Commander Norrington fan, you probably shouldn't read the rest of this book, because he dies in the end.