My first KnB fanfic. Oooh~ I hope I can finish this one in 2-3 chapters.

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Takao noticed it first with the help of his Hawk's Eye, effectively freezing him in shock. Otsubo noticed it second, his face losing it's concentration and instead turning livid. The others on court noticed belatedly when their point guard and their captain stopped in their tracks. A second later, various exclamations of surprise caught the attention of the benched players and the coach. Practice immediately came to a stand-still as they watched with bated breath.

"MIDORIMA!" Otsubo's enraged shout made the tall shooting guard look up from where he was sitting bandaging his fingers. The green-haired student even had the gall to blink in confusion, as though everything was perfectly normal as the captain stalked towards him.

"What the hell is this?!" Otsubo asked as his palm made contact against plaster. The captain rarely blew his top and Midorima had his three selfish requests, but today was pushing it. Takao quickly joined the two, ready to come in between if there was a chance that Otsubo might really kill their ace.

"Now, now Captain. I'm sure Shin-chan has a valid reason for this... thing. Right, Shin-chan?" Takao silently prayed that Midorima does have a reasonable reason. After all, a statue of Colonel Sanders inside the Shuutoku gym was plain wrong in so many ways.

"It's my lucky item." the GoM member answered curtly, as though that explains everything. Takao sweated in anxiety as Otsubo bristled besides him. The point-guard hurriedly tried to placate their captain, all the while hoping that Shin-chan would get the idea that, no, it's not accepted to have Colonel Sanders inside the gym, even if he was wearing Shuutoku's uniform over his white suit.

The green-haired boy merely watched them with a frown, as though it was his teammates who were cracked in the head.

Otsubo finally conceeded defeat when the coach said that Midorima had used up his requests for the day. Though the captain was still throwing a disgusted look at the statue and it's owner even until the people from KFC came to collect the statue.

"Shin-chan..." Takao started with a sigh and a huff. Talking to his teammate while pedalling the rickshaw was no small feat. He decided to take for a break and parked the cart besides a children's park. Midorima got off the rickshaw in annoyance and joined him besides the vending machines. Takao quickly bought him Shiruku, as though the talk they will be having would need the shooting guard in a good mood.

"Shin-chan," he started again. "Did you really have to bring that thing from earlier?" the brunette asked in mild exasperation as he brushed his hair back from his sweaty forehead. He took a sip of his drink and sighed in content as the canned coffee started to warm him up. From the corner of his eye, he could see Shin-chan frowning down at him, as though Takao was an idiot for even asking.

"I know it's you're lucky item, but wouldn't a figure work just as well? You nearly got killed earlier, you know." Takao continued warily. Shin-chan can be a bit violent sometimes, the point guard had countless experience in that department.

"Cancer had the worst luck today, a figure wouldn't have worked." Midorima answered, he sounded a bit miffed and his expression was borderline pouty. Takao nearly reacted despite himself. Swearing in silence, the point guard crumpled his can and posed as though he was shooting a three-pointer at the garbage can. Metal clinking against metal rang out into the night and Takao pulled a fist-up and turned towards Midorima in glee.

The taller boy was also posed for a three-pointer, and he towered over Takao who was struck dumb in surprise. Shin-chan rarely did juvenile things like Takao, he couldn't help thinking he was rubbing off on the shooting guard. Another reason was their closeness, they had been leaning against the vending machines before when they were still drinking and were still a few feet away from each other. But as soon as Midorima took the shot, the shooting guard had to lean closer to Takao, and the brunette found himself mere inches from his partner's chest.

The sound of Midorima's can in the wastecan jolted the shorter man from his reverie and appreciation of Shin-chan's collar bones. The greenette still towered over him yes, but not as closely as he did before.

"Still, do you really believe that a lucky item can influence your every day life?" Takao blurted out in a panic. Wrong move there.

The air around Midorima seemed to crackle as the angry frown that Takao was so used to seeing graced his brows.

"Ha? What are you trying to say?" Midorima asked, his voice dropping a few octaves lower. Takao couldn't help the shiver that ran down his spine as he subtly took a step back, as if distance can pillow Midorima's arm strenght in a punch.

"I mean, isn't luck something that's coincidental or random? I highly doubt a lucky item or color will influence something like luck." the point guard hurriedly explained. He could see the anger receeding from his teammate's face as Midorima thought it over. A look of concentration as he explored Takao's reasoning for cracks settled in instead. The brunette let out a sigh of relief, much thanks to fast thinking and luck, he guess.

Suddenly, Shin-chan's focused gaze was on Takao and once again the brunette felt like a deer in a car's headlights.

"You 'might' have a point there..." the taller boy conceeded though his voice was still thoughtful. Midorima adjusted his glasses and looked Takao over, a plan already formulating in his head.

"Asa-Oha's predictions are never wrong though, but I don't think you'll understand even if I explained it. For someone like Takao, showing you will work best." Midorima grumbled to himself though Takao still caught his words.

"What does he mean 'someone like me'?" the brunette couldn't help wonder silently. He didn't ask though since he was quite sure it wouldn't be a compliment, especially since it's Shin-chan."

"Very well then. I'll show you just how powerful a lucky item can be, Takao-kun."


"Ta-niichan, your friend's here!"

His younger sister's wake up call made Takao flinch and bury his head under a pillow. What idiocy was she talking about now? The highschooler decided to ignore her summons and instead pulled the blanket closer around him. Winter had settled in, and the cold was comforting. And it was a frickin' Saturday anyway! Takao had a right to sleep in on weekends, no-one had the right to deny him that.

Takao could hear murmured voices but he didn't really pay attention to it as he himself purred in content under his warm sheets. Suddenly, a much deeper voice than his sister's intruded upon his slumber and the brunette frowned at the familiarity of it.

He cracked one eye open and blearily met Midorima's stern gaze. It was like an ice-cold bath had been poured over him, and the point guard found himself blustering awake.

"Wha-Wha- Wha?!" he stuttered to speak, earning an eye-roll from the greenette who suddenly plopped a towel over his head.

"Take a bath and get dressed, we're going out." was all Midorima said before turning around and leaving Takao's room.

The brunette could only stare at the closed door in shock for a minute or two before scrambling to obey the King's orders.