I am now close to death, I feel it, but my thinking not so much anxiety about what I expect then, that the regret of what I leave behind: great family, great friend to me is like a sister, a boyfriend that I love immensely beautiful and fantastic and many people I want a world of good, there is also urgent awareness of the fact that I'm willingly sacrificing for them, to save them from a threat that could destroy both people close to me is the whole world to make you fully understand the tragic situation in which I am now, I must tell you a story that is neither one of those who tell their children to sleep at either one of those that recount the old around a younger audience to pass on to their ancient legends, although I must say that with hindsight a listener a little 'practice of these stories may seem that my.

The story I'm about to tell you about many things: love, battles, intrigues of the plot but also the lives of many people who have lived together for better or for worse, like it or not, something extraordinary and that was immensely much larger them because of the magnitude of the events and consequences that would have meant everything.

For example, I'm one of those people described above, but before talking about me and all other people connected to me that I met during this adventure, I have to tell a little 'things you needed to better understand all our history. First thing you should know that we are not alone in the universe: there is a parallel and similar to ours, in which live creatures of the most varied and that they have magical powers, this world is called Makai and its inhabitants are called Mamodo and these determine who will be king of their world with a battle taking place in our world every thousand years and they take part in one hundred Mamodo allies of men through a book of spells.

The next step is a prophecy in the Makai there is a legend that speaks of a clash that will take place two battles after the advent of a man who tells you to be a god in the human world, which will establish the triumph of good or evil in the world, according to the triumph of one of the two great champions of the two rival factions in every culture par excellence of each world. The third phase of the explanation of the whole story is about every Mamodo that over the centuries it became aware of this legend-prophecy, and therefore has always tried to find out who he meant, but in vain, until the first battle after the advent Mamodo knew that the Christianity of the ancient legends understood everything: the final battle would take place a thousand years later and was a son of the new king, the high priestess of the temple of the Creator, and two human anti-Mamodo Renegade, thanks to a series of omens and legends scattered in the two worlds. In one of these legends also discovered that one of two humans would be born on the day of their most sacred feast: The Procession of the Dragons, the passage of a comet in the sky that tracks the image of their deity, the Ten Elemental Dragons, and that takes place every four thousand years.

In fact, the day set by the legend Seitaro Hana Takamine and did not know that the life of their son, just born, would have been full of sorrows, trials, struggles and difficulties, but also full of joy, love and fulfillment. Kiyo, this is the name of the child from the time of birth, accompanied by the passage of Comet Dragon also in the human world would be in danger. All 'unbeknownst to all, the mother's family descended from Kiyo' Baou incarnation of the Creator: three thousand years before, had decided to give the Baou supernatural powers of a valiant warrior, the Makai to save his kingdom. Another threat would soon come, and the God of the Dragon Mamodo was trained by the descendant of the Elect predestined, to meet the new danger.

Now that you know all the details of the events that have affected me, I will give the 'last part of the explanation that will show the machinations and plots which eventually involved. On the day when it all began Seitaro, was hurriedly released by the faculty of archeology 'college, where he was studying for his doctorate because a sudden call of his wife: "Hurry up and come to the hospital my waters broke! The child about to be born! "

Immediately abandoned the treaty on which he was working for months, strangely referring to the Final Prophecy Baou, and predestined to the 'Chosen immediately went to the hospital. He left late to arrange documents in Toyama doctoral fellow, and opponent for the job in a prestigious British university, which had promised a chair, access to all documents and a great gain, because they knew of the 'removal of Seitaro, Toyama became enraged again to a question that the illusion of passing years and believed that now closed: Seitaro him and fell in love both of Hana the first time that 'they had seen: so smart, beautiful and confident. But she preferred Seitaro, the brilliant and beautiful student who seemed destined for who knows what great things, to the dear and humble Toyama, the trivial and insignificant Seitaro friend, came into his head the day of their marriage in which he was forced to make the best man and the anger that had tried to be there, unable to see the woman who loved to marry his best friend. And now he was born the son of Seitaro, that thought he was throwing up: Seitaro was just a blowhard, arrogant and full of himself, he had everything in life: a beautiful wife, a son, a safe place to the chair of ancient history to 'University of Tokyo without lifting a finger if he lost the contest to go to teach in England when they have finished all the courses and doctoral specialization in archeology and ancient history, it was paradoxical that in the eyes of the world was Seitaro still his best friend. He thought a new thought, born from his mind perverse and devastated by the pain if he lost his doctorate at the university for teaching English, the last thing his dear'' buddy'' would have brought him forth, would made sure to ruin the life of his son Seitaro in one way or another.

What I did not know was that it was intended to create a threat not only to Kiyo but also to the whole world.