A/N: I do not own these characters. They are the property of ABC and all others responsible for Body of Proof. A short one! Strongly based upon the brilliantly beautiful Chapel Song by We Are Augustines.

The gleaming light of the hot summer sun hit the white walls of the chapel hard. The brilliant blue sky shined with brightness, radiating promises of happiness to those who entered the small white build.

There was quite the turnout, Kate looked around carefully but she had to admit she barely knew half of the attendants. The blonde smiled at every single one of them though, as if she was trying to establish that she was indeed the happiest girl in the whole wide world.

Some of their close colleagues had come over to her and she had politely shaken their hands, synchronous with the trembling that had taken hold of her body as soon as she had opened her eyes that morning. Not that she had been able to get much sleep, Kate knew all too well that after today, things would never be the same again, this was a new beginning for the both of them.

Pretty soon all eyes, including Kate's, were fixed on the aisle. There she was, there was her girl. Megan had refused to wear white. Kate agreed, it was too common, too traditional for someone so vibrant as Megan.

Walking down the aisle, from her outrageously high heels till her lipstick and her veil, the redhead was dressed in the most beautiful shade of burgundy. Sighs of wonder spread through the guests like wildfire but Kate could not hear a thing for the rapid beating of her heart resonated like a drumbeat in her ears. She was sure she had never seen someone look so beautiful, ever.

Kate closed her eyes for a second to let her heartbeat synchronize with the distant sounds coming from the band playing a classic wedding song that could not even begin to describe the emotions that were currently running through her mind, forcing her to open her eyes again before she ended up as a heap on the floor. The sight of her girl, who had by now reached the end of the aisle, was almost too much for the blonde to handle.

The following hour was a blur. Kate's whole being was paralysed by Megan's beauty, eliminating all senses but her view. The only words she heard echo loud and clear through the chapel were the ones that mattered most.

"I do."

Kate stared at the photograph in her hands. The white chapel, the bright blue sky, her girl in burgundy.

A single tear landed right on Megan's face, blurring her features into a pastel shaded chaos. Kate wished she could do the same with all the images of Megan that were still trapped inside her head; blur them until she would be able to forget again what happiness and beauty looked like.

With one swift movement she tore the photograph apart, right through the person standing beside Megan,
mutilating his picture perfect face, like he had done to Kate,
when he married her girl.