"Renee, today's the big day!" my father said joyfully.

"Please remind me why we're going to England again?" I asked as I packed for the long trip ahead of us.

"I have business with Duke Nightray and I want you to come with me." he explained.

"Why isn't mom coming with us?"

"She wanted to stay and watch over the house. She'll be fine."

My name is Renee Villeneuve and as you can tell, my father and I are going to England. My family used to be a very wealthy family and worked with the Nightray's in the past, though ever since a hundred years ago when it was said they were in cahoots with the Baskerville's our families lost connections. Now we're completely bankrupt. I was never told how it happened. But now we live as commoners which I don't mind because I feel more independent this way.

When we lost our money my father promised me that he would never let me marry anyone for money. I could care less about having a fortune so I was ok with this, plus I didn't have to look like a gold-digger. Which I wouldn't be able to stand doing.

"Let's go Renee." father called. I grabbed my luggage and headed out the door.

(Elliot's POV)

I lied on my bed at the academy waiting for Leo to arrive. The door opened and there he stood.

"Elliot you have a letter from your father." he said.

I quickly sat up and he handed me the letter it read:

"Elliot you are to come home tomorrow before dinner, we have special guests coming."

-Bernard Nightray.

"Well?" Leo questioned.

"Looks like we're going home." I answered putting the letter down.