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You are now Special Agent Natara Williams.

You're in your office, sitting behind your desk. You're working hard to finish what used to be a huge stack of paperwork. Luckily the workday is almost over. You suppress a yawn, while you're re-reading some things you wrote down, making sure that you haven't made any mistakes. While doing that, you reach for your coffee cup. You can't help but frown when you find out that it's already empty. You glance towards the closed door, which leads to the busy bullpen. It would only take a few steps to walk towards the coffee machine.. Normally you would've grabbed another cup of coffee, but not today. Today you're simply too tired. The simple thought of getting up to get some coffee makes you sleepy. The lack of sleep and the stress caused by the wedding are starting to wear on you. That, combined with the lack of coffee and hours of filling out paperwork, almost causes your eyes to abruptly slide shut. While you're trying your best not to fall asleep and actually try to concentrate on your work, your phone starts to ring. The sound startles you, since you weren't expecting any calls. You quickly grab your phone and look who is calling. You frown when you see it's Mal, whose currently out in the field. Earlier today he offered to help you with the paperwork concerning the latest murderer the two of you caught. But it wasn't that much, and since you were confident that you could finish it on your own, you had declined. If he would've helped you, the two of you would've finished early and probably would've spend the rest of the day doing nothing. You didn't see the point in that. Luckily he agreed with you, which is why he offered to ride along with Jeremy and Blaise to see if he could be of any help to them. They gladly accepted his offer. Since he should be working, there is no reason for him to be calling you. He wouldn't call me unless it's about something important. Maybe something bad happened… Worried as you are, you quickly answer the phone. "Mal? What's wrong?"

His deep, smooth voice reaches you from the other end of the phone. "Hey beautiful. Nothing's wrong. I just called to tell you that I love you." He answers. You can hear from his voice that he's grinning.

You feel yourself relax when you hear his voice, since that means that he's safe and sound. A smile creeps up your face because of his compliment and his sweet words. You'd think you'd get used to having such an enormously cheesy boyfriend, but your stomach still flips around whenever he gives you a compliment. "Awww, thank you very much. I love you too, sweetie. Why did you feel the sudden need to tell me that?"

"I don't know.. I guess that, after spending the day working with Blaise and Jeremy, I've started to miss you."

"Miss me? But you saw this morning.." you tease him.

He chuckles. "You know what I mean. I miss working with you. I've witnessed Blaise and Jeremy working together all day and it reminds me so much of us. They work perfectly together, and I can't help but feel like I'm intruding. I miss the mutual understanding we have while working on a case. They seem to have it as well. It's just.. If they can work with their other half, why can't I?" He asks cheerlessly.

You can't help but giggle. "You're cute, do you know that?" you ask, even though you know that he's going to deny it.

"I'm n-" he starts.

But you cut him off. "Yes, you are. And it's just a one-time thing babe.. It's not like we're never going to be partners again. Besides…" You quickly glance over to the clock. "The workday is almost over. Meaning that it won't be long before you see me."

You hear him sigh. "Yeah, I know. But the thing is… Never mind. I just miss you and I wanted to hear your voice.. I'm actually waiting for Blaise and Jeremy to finish up before we'll head back to the precinct. So I'll probably be back in half an hour. You think you'll be done then?"

You eye the stack of papers, which have visibly shrunken after hours of hard work. "Yes, I'll be done by then. Wanna grab some food at Rip van Winkle's? You know, one last time before the big day tomorrow."

"Hell yeah. That sounds like a great plan! I'm practically starving here."

You laugh. "Alright Mr. exaggerator. I'll see you when you get here.. I love you."

"Can't wait. And I love you more!"

Before you even had time to disagree with him, he hangs up on you. For a few seconds you stare to your phone in disbelieve. Then you realize that you're supposed to be working, so you shake yourself out of your trance and concentrate on the stack of papers in front of you. It doesn't take long before you're starting to fall asleep again. You put your elbow on your desk and support your head with your hand, trying to prevent your head from falling on your desk. Time passes by, although you barely keep track of it. Your eyelids are starting to become heavier and heavier, and before you're able to stop yourself, they fall shut.

*Several minutes later*

You stir awake when you feel someone stroking some strands of your hair out of your face. Somehow you fell asleep at work, with your head rested on your arms, using them as a pillow. "Go away." You moan, while burying your head deeper into your arms. But the person doesn't listen and softly strokes your cheek. You're too tired to open your eyes, so you blindly try to slap the hand of the person away. There's a soft chuckle, one that you'd recognize from anywhere. Mal.. You're struggling to open your eyes, because you want to see his handsome face again, when suddenly you feel his hot breath on your skin. Since you didn't expect that to happen, you're taken aback by this. You unknowingly pull a face, making him smile even more.

"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty…" he softly whispers in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

You obey him and, after a short struggle, finally force your eyes open. Once your eyes have adjusted you notice that you look right into a pair of beautiful, ocean blue eyes. "Hey.."

"Hey there sleepyhead." He gives you a soft kiss on your lips, which causes you to wake up immediately. Then he casually takes a seat on your desk.

You sit up straight and rub the sleep out of your eyes. You're aware of the fact that Mal is observing you, but you don't care. You roll your shoulders a bit, because sitting behind this desk all day made your muscles stiff.

Mal seems to notice, because he gets up from your desk and gets behind you. "Here, let me help you with that.." Before it even crossed your mind to ask him what he meant, his strong hands found its way to your shoulders. You bite your bottom lip to stop yourself from moaning while he gives you one of his heavenly massages. You close your eyes, simply enjoying the moment. Time flies by and eventually Mal lets go. "How does that feel? Better?"

You stand up and give him a kiss on his cheek. "Much better." You answer with a huge smile on your face. Then you grab your jacket and head for the door. "Now let's go. I'm hungry! I'm sure you are as well."

He quickly follows you and, being the gentleman he is, holds the door open for you. "You know, you should really quit reading my mind like that.. It's still very scary."

You laugh while you make your way through the bullpen. "I wasn't reading your mind. I didn't have to, because you're always hungry."

He grins at you while he watches how you hand your paperwork in. "I guess I can't argue with that."

The car ride to Rip van Winkle's is short. Mal could practically drive there with his eyes closed, because the two of you eat there so often. Which is why it's not surprising that Sean greats you warmly when you step into the restaurant. He leads you to your standard table, with the beautiful view. He doesn't even need to ask what you'd like for dinner, since he knows your order by heart. When he leaves to get your drinks, you reach across the table and take Mals hand in yours. "Do you remember the first time we came here as a couple?"

He flashes you one of his charming smiles. "Of course I do. Why do you ask?"

"Can you believe that that's more than one year ago? Time really flies by, doesn't it?"

There's a short silence when Mal thinks it through. "..Yeah, I guess you're right. Wow. Where did the time go…?" There is a silence as both of you are pondering about his question. All of a sudden Mal starts to chuckle, snapping you out of your thoughts.

You raise your eyebrows at him. "What are you laughing about?"

"Nothing… I just remembered that you were blushing and smiling throughout that whole date. It was incredibly cute." he says, with a wide grin on his face.

Your face turns deep red after those words leave his mouth. "W-well I.. I just- Oh, shut up Mal." You look down at the table, trying your best to avoid eye contact.

He softly squeezes your hand. "Aww, you're doing it again.." he says teasingly.

Not sure how to respond to this, you bite your lip while trying to come up with a response. From your peripheral eye vision you see that he's about to open his mouth again, so you softly kick his shins under the table.

He quickly fakes a sad-face. "Ow! What was that for?"

You playfully roll your eyes at him. "Don't be such a baby. It wasn't that hard."

"You're right, the kick itself wasn't that hard. It doesn't hurt physically. But that wasn't what I was talking about. I was talking about the fact that you hurt me in here…" he says, while putting his hand over his heart. He shoots you his sad-puppy face, which you find absolutely adorable.

Even though seeing him sad kind of breaks your heart in thousand little pieces, you shoot him an are-you-kidding-me look. He doesn't seem fazed by this, in contrary; he challenges you by looking you straight in the eyes while faking a pout. Both of you stay like that for a few seconds before you burst out in laughter. As soon as you do, Mal laughs with you. The rest of the dinner goes smoothly – meaning no one got kicked again – and the food was, as always, delicious. Mal and you kept reminiscing about the past throughout the whole dinner, which resulted in a lot of laughter.

As dessert you order a fruit bowl, which the two of you decide to split. While the conversation continues, you sneakily eat all the pieces of watermelon, simply because it's your favourite. Just when your eyes fall on the last piece of watermelon, Mal decides to take it. You restrain yourself from kicking him again. Instead you scrape your throat when he's about to take a bite.

He shoots you a confused look. "Is everything okay? Is something stuck in your throat?" Then he smirks. "…. Do you need CPR?" he adds with a wink.

Even though you're kind of pissed at him for taking the last piece of watermelon, this almost makes you laugh. Almost. "No.. Everything is okay.. It's just that.. I really love watermelon…"

He looks to you, then to his fork which has the piece of watermelon attached to it, then back to you. "Oh.. Right… But you already had so much of it. I didn't even had one piece. And since this piece looks a little too big for your mouth, I thought I'd have it instead."

"I'm sure that it's not too big." You say in protest.

He smirks at you, which usually means that he's up to no good. "Wanna bet that this won't fit in your mouth as a whole?"

You widely grin at him. "Oh, you're so on." How difficult can it possibly be? I'll just bite it in half and voila, I'll prove him wrong!

He brings his fork to your mouth, and you take it in your mouth. Uh-oh… You try to bite it, but it doesn't budge. Your eyes widen in horror when you realize that Mal must've been right. On the other end of the table he bursts into laughter. You move the piece of fruit with your tongue until you found a soft spot that's easy to bite. Then you quickly chew it and swallow it, trying to hold back your laughter yourself. As soon as you've swallowed it down you burst into laughter as well. Eventually you snap out of your laughing fit. You look around, and see some people looking weirdly at you, but you couldn't care less. Mal slowly but surely calms down as well, however, he keeps chuckling to himself. You stare out of the window in embarrassment, trying your best to avoid any conversation with him. A bird passing by catches your attention, and causes you to get lost in your thoughts. You're not really thinking about anything in particular, when Mal scrapes his throat. You immediately direct your attention to him and shoot him a quizzical look.

He nods towards the window. "Saw you staring. Would you like to step outside for a second?" he asks with a grin on his handsome face.

You nod at him and get up. While you grab your stuff, Mal throws some money on the table for Sean, and walks over to the door. He holds it open for you, for which you thank him with a smile and a quick kiss on his cheek. You step outside, onto the deck, and after he closed the door behind himself he follows you to the balustrade. You look out over the beautiful city, realizing that this view will never fail to bore you. You smile when you feel Mal standing behind you, wrapping his arms tightly around you and resting his chin on your shoulder. He leans in and gives you a tender, soft kiss on your cheek, gaining a smile from you. Then he follows your gaze and looks at the view in front of him. Several minutes pass in silence, until he eventually re-directs his gaze at you and breaks the silence. "Nat?" he asks softly, almost so softly that you didn't hear it.

"Yes babe?" you ask, still half in your own thoughts.

There's a short silence, as if he's hesitant to say the following. "You look beautiful today.."

The sweetness of these words immediately pulls you back into reality. "Thank y-" you start.

But he interrupts you. "Just like any other day."

It takes you a second or two to recover from that compliment. You can't stop the light blush that's forcing its way to your cheeks. "…Thank you sweetheart. I have to say that you look very handsome today. Just like any other day."

"Thank you." He softly kisses you on your cheek. As on cue, a sudden cold breeze makes both of you shiver. "Let's go home, shall we?" he softly whispers into your ear.

Home.. Just hearing that makes you smile uncontrollably. Mal and you recently bought a new apartment together, close to the precinct. "Sure. Whatever you want, baby." You make your way towards the car, saying goodbye to Sean when you walk through the restaurant. As soon as you get inside the car, another memory comes to surface, making you giggle.

Mal, who just sat down on the driver seat, looks at you, the questions written all over his face.. "What are you thinking about?"

"Oh, nothing, really. Just thinking about the first time we had a 'ride' in this car, if you know what I mean… Do you still remember that?"

All of a sudden his face is decorated by a huge grin. "How could I possibly forget one of the best moments in my life?"

You swiftly make eye contact with him and you can see that he's thinking about that particular night. You look over your shoulder, to the backseat, and then back to Mal. You give him a 'wanna-go-again?' look.

Instead of saying yes, he quickly looks around, seeing that it's still fairly crowded outside and hesitates. "..You mean like… Now?"

You lean towards him and bring your face close to his while you loosen up his tie. "Yes. Now. Unless… You're not up for it.." you softly say. You look back into his eyes, seeing nothing but desire in his ocean blue eyes.

"Oh, I'm up for it, if you catch my drift.. It's just.. What if we get caught?"

"Really? That's what you worry about? It didn't stop you last time. Or the time before that.. Or the ti-" you tease while you start to unbutton his shirt.

But he interrupts you. "Alright, alright I get it. So I've been a bad boy.. A lot… However, last time we were at an abandoned parking lot, not in the middle of the city. There's a big difference."

You stop unbuttoning his shirt and look up to him. "So.. What are you suggesting we'd do instead?"

"Well, I believe we do have something called a 'house', which contains something called a 'bed'.. We could go there?"

*Several hours later*

You cuddle up with Mal and rest your head on his muscular chest. He gently strokes your hair. Both of you are struggling to catch your breath. You enjoy the sound of his racing heartbeat, and it doesn't take long before it's all you're focussing on. Until you hear his voice again, that is. "Nat? Are you still awake?"

You lift your head up and look up to him. "Hmm yes I am. What is it babe?"

"I was just thinking.."

"Wow. You were thinking..? Quick! Someone call the paper! Mal Fallon was thinking!" you say jokingly.

There's a short silence before he continues. "…And I realized that I'm very fortunate to have you in my life." Then he softy kisses your forehead.

Struck by his sweet words, you're momentarily lost for words. "..Really?"

"Yes, really.."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I think that I'm very fortunate to have you in my life as well." You lean in and tenderly kiss his soft lips. Then you return to your original position. He continues to stroke your hair, and you fall asleep in no time.

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