Larten Crepsley, Darren Shan, Harkat Mulds, Mika Ver Leth, Arrow and Paris Skyle all sat together in the Hall of Khledon Lurt when Kurda Smahlt suddenly burst in. "Hey guys!" he yelled way too excitedly. "Guess what? Guess what? I'VE DECIDED WHERE WE SHOULD ALL GO ON HOLIDAY!" All the vampires (and the little person) let out a groan.

"Kurda if you dare say Hawaii again I will personally murder you" Mika growled.

Gulping nervously, Kurda spoke. "Uh... ha -ha of course not!" (Kurda had actually chose Hawaii but thought better of saying that out loud.) "I was gonna say umm France!"

"I will not go to France any time soon," Larten said quietly.

"Awwww why not?" moaned Darren.

"Do not question me!" Larten snapped. Darren let the matter drop.

"How about we go to Transylvania!" Parris suggested. Only he and Darren laughed at this.

"Perfect! Real vampires going to the place of vampire legends! Awesome!" Darren cheered.

"Any where's better that Hawaii" Arrow said.

"Sound…good to…me" Harkat agreed. Kurda and Larten nodded in agreement.

"Sounds stupid to me" Mika muttered darkly. That prince was born to object!

"Great! Pack your bags and meet here tomorrow! I'll have sorted transport out by then" Kurda winked then skipped happily off. Everyone could only fear Kurda's method of 'transport'!