Several hours later, the plane landed in Transylvania. Kurda had fallen asleep on Mika's shoulder and was snoring lightly. "Wake up" Mika hissed.

"No nanny! Don't take my pink teddy away!" Kurda mumbled and snuggled up to Mika while sucking his thumb. Darren and Harkat struggled to contain their laughter at that. With a sharp shove, Mika sent Kurda sprawling onto the aisle of the plane. Kurda groaned and quickly scrambled out of the way of the other passengers who were muttering about the strange group and wondering if they were 'completely sane.' The group collected their bags, piled off the plane and were walking out of the Transylvanian airport when Darren said

"You know I'm surprised we made it here without getting stopped by security"

As soon as he had spoken, a tall security guard started walking towards them.

"Hey you lot there! Freeze!" he yelled.

"Spoke too soon" Larten muttered. "You must never tempt fate. Or destiny. Or Des Tiny for that matter"

"Superstitious old git" Darren laughed. Larten was about to yell at him when Paris grabbed his arm. Larten had to smother a smile. He still had plane peanuts stuck in his beard.

"Let's run!" he said and pointed to the advancing security guard. Everyone turned and fled.

"Oi! You lot stop!" the security guard yelled as he chased after them.

"Wait….for…me" Kurda panted as he struggled with his bag that wasn't really that big compared to the bag Larten was holding. The security guard had given up on the chase. He couldn't match vampires or Little People for speed. The group found themselves out in the streets of Transylvania. It was getting dark and the moon was rising. An old man stood by a small stall. He had several things scattered out in front of him such as garlic, crosses, fake vampire fangs and bottles of holy water. Larten snorted. "Stupid humans will never learn" Mika and Arrow rushed up to the man and proceeded to buy nearly everything off the poor man's stall. Darren yawned. "Kurda can we please go to the lodge now?" he whined. Kurda nodded and pulled out a large map.

"This way!" he announced and began marching down a street to his left.

"Hey blondie! Are you sure?" Arrow said. Kurda stopped and turned to the prince.

"Yes Arrow, I'm perfectly sure. Why wouldn't I be?" Arrow pointed to the street on his right. There was a sign at the end of it. A sign pointing to the lodge they were meant to be staying at. Blushing, Kurda quickly changed direction and marched towards the lodge.

After several wrong turns (courtesy of Kurda. And he was supposed to be good with maps!) The group finally reached the lodge. Kurda fiddled with the door for several minutes before Larten shoved him out of the way. "For heaven's sake Kurda!" He exclaimed. Larten put one finger on the door and clicked his fingers. The door swung open. Everyone pushed past Kurda and into the lodge. It was small, delicate and neat and exactly the sort of place that a bunch of rowdy vampires (and a little person) shouldn't be. "I want this room!" Paris yelled and ran into the biggest room. Everyone ran to choose their rooms.

"Hey Harkat! We can share right?" Darren asked.

"Sure if…you want" the little person replied.

"I'm in here!" Mika shouted from upstairs.

"I'm here!" Arrow had claimed the room next to him. Larten chose another room.

"What about me?" Kurda asked. There were no free rooms left.

"YOU'RE NOT SHARING WITH ME!" Mika and Arrow yelled at the same time.

"Larten?" Kurda said. "Will you share with me?" he pleaded.

"No" he said.

"Pleeeeeaaseeeee!" Kurda begged. "Pretty please with a cherry on top? Your room has two beds as well!"

"I do not like cherries" Larten grumbled but gave in reluctantly.

"Yay!" Kurda squealed and skipped into Larten's room. Mika and Arrow were sat at the small dining room table emptying all they had bought at the old man's stall onto it. There they proceeded to squash all the crosses into tiny silver balls and throw the holy water over each other. Paris was staring intently at the T.V. He pushed the 'on' button on the remote. "FOOTBALL!" Darren yelled and sat right in front of the T.V. Larten came and sat down next to Paris. Darren hadn't watched football since becoming a half-vampire all those years ago and hadn't realised how much he'd missed the sport.

"Silly humans kicking a ball around. How is that entertainment at all?" Larten scoffed. Darren shushed him with a wave of his hand.

"Just watch and-" Darren paused before leaping up and yelling "GOOOOAAALLL!" really loudly. He pulled his shirt up over his head and ran around the room, knocking over the T.V and coffee table before stopping.

"Darren, be quiet. There is someone at the door" Larten whispered. Everyone walked over to the window and peered through the lacy curtain.

"Charna's guts!" Paris gasped.

"Who's at the door?" Kurda asked, coming out of his room in blue pyjamas with dancing cows on them. Darren and Harkat burst out laughing before Mika glared at them.

"It's….it's… It's an angry mob of humans!" Paris whispered.