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Better plot summary: It is Albus Severus Potter's first year at Hogwarts, and though he'd like to spend all his time enjoying it, he can't. There's too much going on in the world that he can't ignore. There are attacks and disappearances, like there were in the days of Voldemort, and a similar fear is taking hold of the world. There are even sightings of former Death Eaters and known allies of Voldemort, but no one is sure if they are even involved, or if a new enemy is rising from the ashes of the old like a phoenix.

Unfortunately timed with these crises, the Wizarding World is forced to undergo debates on an absolutely imperative issue. Do they let the Muggles know of the magical world at last? Or do they continue to attempt to conceal themselves? It has been done effectively without much trouble for centuries, but in recent times this is a job that grows ever harder, while wizard terrorists and extremist groups risk revealing magic to Muggles at any given opportunity, and Obliviators and other Ministry officials are targeted by an unknown enemy.

Meanwhile, at Hogwarts, Albus is having some adventures of his own. He's encountering dangerous magical creatures, like the mulunctapoli, with the curious ability to shapeshift, and girls, with the curious ability to make the linguistic areas of your brain stop working. All Albus wants, though, is to soar through school over the expectations that everyone's put on him because of his father. He wants to make a name for himself; he wants to be known as Albus Potter, not just as Harry Potter's son. If only they knew that Albus's seven years would be full of even more danger than his father's...





Albus Severus Potter



A Healthy Level of Rebellion



To Hogwarts



The Sorting Hat's Choice






Dizzy and Dismiusa



The Mulunctapoli



Quidditch Fever



The Midyear Exams



Tinsel and Tension



From Holly to Holly



The Defense Association



The Debates



The Dueling Tournament



Opening Old Wounds



The Global Revelation



All Hell






Images of Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape swam to the front of Harry Potter's mind as he sat in the dimly lit kitchen on the evening of July the fifteenth, 2006, moving his hand along the extended belly of his wife, Ginevra Potter.

"I'm still thinking Albus Severus," said Harry quietly; he did not want to wake his other son, James Sirius Potter.

"I still love it," whispered his wife, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"Are you sure?" said Harry. "I'm sorry. I named our first. Am I being greedy?"

"I'd have named him Fred," answered Ginny. "But that's taken. Besides, I want a daughter. If we have a daughter I want to name her Lily Luna. I'm glad you got to name our sons."

"Luna?" responded Harry, with an intrigued smile. "Lily Luna… It's lovely. For Luna Lovegood?"

"It could be Luna Scamander soon, but yes," murmured Ginny. "She's a dear friend. And, luckily for her, I just love her name. And Lily for your mother. I love that name too."

Harry felt a kick against his hand. He and his wife gave each other a loving glance.

"I still can't believe it took Ron and Hermione so long to have their first," laughed Ginny softly. "They were attached to each other at the hip, after the war… You'd have thought they would have half a dozen kids already." She leaned back and looked at the ceiling. "Rose Cedrella Weasley. Damn them and their amazing name selection."

Harry feigned shock. "You don't like our son's name?"

"James Sirius Potter… Come on, Harry. Two stressed syllables in a row… all the consonant sounds between the end of the first name and the start of the middle… It's terrible. I love him, and he deserves both names, the brave things those men did… it's just too bad that the names clash so bloody awful."

Harry laughed and ran his fingers through his wife's hair. "Fancy a backrub?"

Ginny groaned with delight. "I'd love it."

Harry got up, walked around the back of the couch, and dug his hands into the shoulders of his wife.

"Harder, softer?"

"Just right, as always," she sighed. "And no magic this time!"

"No magic on your body while you're pregnant," said Harry seriously. "I don't want our kid coming out looking like the kind of thing Luna brings back from her holidays."

"Albus Severus Potter is beautiful, by the way," said Ginny. "Much better."

"Try not to show him too much favoritism," replied Harry.

"Of course not. I probably won't be able to pay ENOUGH attention to him. I'm too busy watching James to make sure he's not wrecking the house. Two years old and he's already as mischievous as you and Ron were."

"I'm impressed that he's already done magic," said Harry. "When's the average age where they usually start to show magic?"

"Four, I believe. Most experts say average four, most between three and five, almost never later than age seven."

"Then he's already special," said Harry. "Let's give him a lightning bolt scar so everyone will know who he is."

"Oh, come off it. And dig in more at the top, there—ah, yes, that's the spot. Keep going."

"I've got to go back in a couple minutes, obviously," said Harry, "they only gave me ten minutes to visit you again, and I can't blame them. But remember, if the baby's coming, send a Patronus and I'll be at your side as fast as I can, no matter what I'm doing; even if I've got Gallen Ingot in a headlock."

"Do me a favor," huffed Ginny. "If you've got Gallen Ingot in a headlock, stay with him for a bit until you've got him subdued, and then maybe he won't murder our kids. I'll try to hold Albus in if you're busy."

Harry nodded, grinning.

Ginny turned and avoided his gaze. "You can't just take… you know…?"

"I've told you a thousand times, I hate the idea of taking the Elder Wand out with me," answered Harry, knowing what was on her mind. "Imagine losing the most powerful wand in the world to the most powerful wizard in the world. He can already conjure lightning storms and earthquakes against anyone who opposes him. He's already leveled two Muggle towns with boiling lava from nowhere. Think of what he could do with the Elder Wand."

"I know."

"But I might do it anyway."

Ginny looked up at him.

Harry continued. "And that's exactly the problem. Do I take the risk? It well may be that the Elder Wand is the only thing that can put an end to his reign. But if I lose it to him… Then the problem becomes ten thousand times worse. But are we losing wizard and Muggle lives because I'm too afraid to face him like I should, with all my power?"

"You've never been afraid. You've just been rightfully cautious. You're using all the caution you never exercised at Hogwarts when doing something verging on suicidal."

Suddenly, a terrier made of light flew into the room, phasing through the closed window. It sat down on the table, facing them, illuminating with a silver glow the pictures on the wall next to the fireplace—Harry and Ginny, with the infant James; Hermione and Ron, with the newborn Rose; countless other friends and family, all smiling brightly with infectious youth, many of them carrying a child whose head looked as if it were on fire with the trademark Weasley mane.

The silver terrier opened its mouth and spoke in Ron's deep, commanding voice.

"Adelina Nelson went after Ingot."

Harry leapt to his full height, abandoning his wife's shoulders, screaming an obscenity; Ginny looked over sternly at him and then went to close James's door. Harry was about to rush out the back and head to the Ministry when the Patronus spoke again.

"We interviewed several Muggles who called the police—they said they witnessed a mighty duel. Nelson and Ingot were at it for almost a quarter hour. Then suddenly they both struck blows—and they both shattered into dust. The two wands recovered at the site in question have been identified as Ingot's and Nelson's. They are both confirmed dead."

Harry stared.

"We will explain more in the office tomorrow. These dark times are finally over."

Ginny let out an audible gasp. The silver terrier faded into the darkness.

Harry tried to mouth his inexpressible joy. Ginny stood up; Harry turned to her. "I can't believe it either! Nelson… she took him down! I… I can't believe she's gone, too… but… she did it! People will revere her forever! This—"

But Ginny wasn't looking at him; she was staring down at the floor, mouth open, clutching her knee with one hand and her stomach with the other. Then she looked up again and whispered words so softly Harry could barely hear them.

"Albus is coming."


As Albus grew, it became clearer and clearer that he would be the spitting image of his father, just like Harry was the spitting image of his own father—except in this case, Albus had inherited his father's eyes, which Harry had inherited from his mother. Even with the addition of Lily Luna Potter into their family a year and a half later, Albus was the only child who had inherited the eyes of Harry's mother.

Perhaps Albus's most eventful birthday, prior to his enrollment at Hogwarts, was his seventh birthday, on July 15, 2013. At that time, he had still not yet displayed any signs of having magic at all, even though his younger sister had charmed the walls into changing color three years before. It was a very exploitable trait for his troublesome older brother, James, who constantly teased Albus about his lack of observable magic skills.

Albus unwrapped his presents—a bag of tricks, from Uncle George's shop; an assortment of chocolate from Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione (though Aunt Hermione bemoaned that Ron wouldn't let her give Albus books); miniature carvings of dragons from Uncle Charlie, which really roared and spat embers; a gold earring that Albus could stick on his ear without piercing, from Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur (much to Grandma Weasley's irritation); a book of funny facts about the Ministry of Magic, from Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey; and several awesome new toys from his parents. He skimmed through the book on the Ministry and had a few laughs before running off with his friends to play Ground Quidditch with the new set he got from his grandparents.

James halted him by yelling at the top of his lungs, "Why didn't Albus get a Kwikspell kit?"

Albus looked around as Harry stormed over to James to try and quiet him, but James got in another yell.

"You know! 'Cuz he's a Squib and all!"

Albus's face reddened and his eyes started to itch and water. His face screwed up in anger as he was about to yell some things at his brother that he knew would get him in trouble—but just before he got the chance, he felt his mother's hand close on his forearm and she dragged him and his brother into the house for a moment.

James grinned at Albus as they were both seated on the couch, away from the party for a moment. "I only said he might be a Squib; that's true, you know… he hasn't proved me wrong yet…!"

Albus opened his mouth to argue, but Harry cut across him.

"James. What day is it?"

"It's International Adelina Nelson Day, of course!" replied James immediately with confidence.

Harry glared. "Besides that."

"What, you think Albus is more important than Adelina Nelson?"

"James, it is Albus's birthday today. Firstly, you should know better than to antagonize him like this today. It's his special day. Birthdays are supposed to be a happy time. When I turned seven, I lived with my cousin's family, and they gave me an English to Spanish Dictionary that had been lying around the house unused since I arrived—and that was it. Do you know how that made me feel?"

James didn't reply; he just stared out the window.

Harry was angrier than he knew was rational, but the anger from his stay with the Dursleys was reigniting inside him; he didn't want any of his son's birthdays to be as miserable as his own. "You can't say things like that on your brother's birthday. Understand?"

"I was just SAYING!" yelled James.

"We've warned you before not to say that!" Ginny said. "You're going to apologize to your brother now."

"Sorry you're a Squib," James shot angrily.

Albus stared at his feet and squeezed his eyes shut. He had never in his life hit anyone, but he was sorely tempted now. A teardrop trickled down his face.

"You're not leaving the house again today," said Harry. He grabbed James's hand and dragged him towards the stairs.

"Hey! Come on! I'm just having fun! Albus knows I'm just having fun, right, Al?"

Albus glared at him. "I hate you," he whispered.

"Humph," said James. "Well, 's not MY fault you're a Squib."

"I AM NOT A SQUIB!" Albus yelled, his temper finally snapping, and he leapt from the couch, slamming his foot on the ground, about to pursue his brother and hit him for the first time ever.

And suddenly, they all knew he was not a Squib.

The house rocked as a shock wave blasted out from Albus's foot when he pounded it onto the ground. There was an earsplitting explosion, and the walls of the house splintered outward as quickly as one would snap a twig. The rest of the house imploded, and pictures, ornaments, and anything loose in the house shattered and flew in every direction. The fireplace, which was spitting a light blue flame that cooled the house instead of heating it, erupted and sent fire billowing across the room as the ceiling fell, having lost support; there was a great crash as everything fell to the ground as one. But the wreckage parted as it fell over the heads of Albus and his parents, leaving them unscathed as the house collapsed around them. The only person injured was James, who emerged from the wreckage covered in cuts and burns, whimpering softly as he clutched what appeared to be a broken wrist.

Albus stared at the shattered remains of his house, and then turned around to see everyone looking at him; he realized with a start that all the walls were gone, and he was standing in a bare patch surrounded by the wreckage of his former house, piled up two feet deep. He burst into tears.

"I'm sorry!" cried Albus, falling on his side and clutching his knees. "I b-b-broke the h-house—I d-didn't m-mean to!"

His father walked over and pulled him into a tight hug as his mother got to James and started to fix him back up.

"It's okay," whispered Harry. "Albus, this happens to a lot of people when they do magic for the first time."

Albus looked up, suddenly realizing exactly what had just happened—in looking at the damage he'd done to his brother, he'd forgotten that it was magic.

"I did… m…" He took a heaving, shaking breath. "Magic?"

"Yes," laughed Harry. "Yes, Albus, you did magic. You're definitely not a Squib."

Albus laughed quietly too, but tears continued to stream down his face.

"And don't let him tell you that it took you too long, either," said Harry, correctly predicting the next four years of teasing. "How long it took you to show off your magic—that has nothing to do with how good you really are. I'll tell you why it took you so long: because you have such an even temper. You never get too hyper, or too angry, or too upset. This was the first time I've ever seen you have an emotional outburst, and that's why this is also the first time we've seen you do magic. If anything, you have way more control than your brother."

Albus smiled and the tears stopped coming. He looked up at his father, and they embraced in a very tight hug.

"Go on and get back to the party," encouraged Harry. "Your mother and I can repair the house; no damage done. Go on! Try out your new Ground Quidditch set. And make sure James isn't a Seeker. I know he wants to be, but the game will be over too fast."

James, his wrist better and his cuts all healed, raced after his brother, yelling, "I call Seeker!"

"Wow," said Ginny, walking up behind Harry. "I mean, wow. James is the dictionary definition of destruction, and he never did anything like this."

"He didn't have it building up for seven years," grinned Harry.

"Still, though."

"No, I know what you mean. This kid's got some serious power."

As Albus ran cheerfully towards the open field where his cousins were opening up the Ground Quidditch set, every footstep he left set the grass on fire.