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When she passed into the living room, Nessarose saw her father looking around.


She was cut off by Frex, "You'll being coming home with me now. You no longer have anyone that I am sure will take care off you."

"Boq's here," Nessarose was desperate to stay at Shiz, "He takes care of me just fine."

Frex ignored her, "I always knew your sister was evil; there is no doubt that she will try and hurt you out of jealousy."

Nessarose looked at her silver shoes and muttered, "She has a right to be jealous."

"What?" Frex looked to her.

Nessarose straightened in her chair, "Elphaba is your daughter too, but her whole life she has been no more than a slave to you. I'd be hurt and jealous too if I were her.

Frex frowned at his daughter, "I fed and clothed her. So what if I asked for her assistance in return?"

"There is a difference between asking for help, and making her work; you crossed that line a long time ago." It felt good for Nessarose, finally arguing.

"This conversation is irrelevant," Frex's voice was dripping with venom, "You are coming home with me, you can finish your studies there and them you will take my place as governor."

For the first time ever, Nessarose realized what a terrible person her father really was, "You want me out of the public eye."

Frex's eyes were murderous, "We will not have this conversation now."

"Your first daughter didn't become who you wanted her to, so you want to keep me out of the limelight so you can make sure I don't do the same."

Frex moved towards Nessarose, "Be quiet now; you will not talk to me like this."

Nessarose was on a role, "I don't want to be like you, and you can't make me!"

Before she could process what was happening, Nessarose felt a hand fly across her face.

Blinking back tears, Nessarose rolled back towards the door, "Leave, I want you to leave."

"Nessa," As Frex tried to advance, Nessarose rolled backwards more, shaking her head and leaving the room.

Later that night, Nessarose sat in her room, staring out the window. She missed Elphaba; the days where they would sit and read outside, the the late nights when they would keep each other company.

No matter what anyone said, her sister wasn't wicked. But there was no way that she would be able to clear her name.

Nessarose blinked backed tears as she looked at Boq; his entire body was made of tin.

Standing up, and she still couldn't believe she could stand, Nessa crossed across the room the window. Below her, crowds of people walked up and down the streets. There had been talk about starting a Witch Hunt to capture Elphaba, but no one was stepping up to lead the group. Nessarose wasn't sure whether she should be happy or sad about this; Elphaba was her sister, but she had turned Boq to tin.

But then, Boq's tin-lyness was really her fault. Nessa had grabbed Elphaba's spellbook; she didn't know what she was reading.

There was a creaking noise and Nessarose turned to see Boq sitting up. Slowly, he raised his and and observed his metal fingers.

"Boq, I'm so sorry," Nessa's voice was shaky, "It was Elphaba, when she said you were going to leave she whipped out her spellbook."

Boq only continued to stare at his hand for a moment, then he stood up, "I'm going to find the Witch. I'm going to find her, and kill her." Nessarose didn't stop Boq as he left the room.

She had lied to Boq, and now he was going to kill her sister. It was her fault that he was made of metal. She was the wicked one.

Nessarose Thropp; Wicked Witch of the East