This is my first fanfic attempt. I am starting it and using the new "Man of Steel" movie as the base for my story but will branch it off from there as the story goes along. All of the usual suspects are the property and creation of DC Comics. I may add some new characters of my own throughout. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.



All my life I've been different than everybody else. When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to play with the other kids after I got mad at my parents and ran away. And by ran away I mean I made it clear across the county in about five minutes. Even before then they were a little reluctant seeing as I kicked a hole in my crib when I cut my first tooth. All through high school I lived in fear of being found out. The closest I came was when my school bus crashed into the river and I pulled it out of the river. Fortunately my parents were able to calm down the Danny's mom when she asked them about it. Something about it being PTSD or a concussion that made her son think that. After that incident I really knew I why I was different. You see, I'm not exactly from around here. My Dad took me down into the old storm cellar and showed me something that forever changed my life. Something that once I turned 18 and graduated from High School caused me to seek out who, or what I really am. It was a space ship, my space ship. I used to be Clark Kent, now, well now I'm nobody.

"Jones! We need more bait over here!", the deck boss yelled out. It would have been easy for me to pick this boat up out of the water or swim the 800 feet to the bottom and get the crab on my own. Of course that wouldn't do. I have to hide who I am from everyone that I come across.

"On my way boss." I said. Same thing over and over. Hours on end in some of the worst conditions imaginable. At least I'm not cold, or tired. I just have to look like I am and complain like the rest of the crew. The longest I stayed up was when I was walking across the deserts of Northern Africa. Only took me days because I got hungry at the end and ran the last 500 hundred miles in about a minute and a half. At least with this job there are only four other people with me. Only four people I have to hide my true self from. They think my name is John Jones. Another greenhorn looking for work in this tough economy.

Just as I am getting out of the crab pot a rogue wave hit the boat causing us to roll violently to the side. I went flying out of it and straight into the water. As I came back up out of the water I see that the boat hasn't rolled back over. All I see it gear in the water and then one by one the other deck hands pop up out of the water. I have to take action. These men have families at home. I have to save them. Suddenly, as though time has slowed down around me I kick my feet flying through the water until I have each of the men by the back of their jackets. With my other hand I grab the rail of the ship and roll it back over and then lift the men onto the boat. The hold is too full of water though and just as I let go of the boat it starts to sink. They'll never make it. With where we are it will take hours for the Coast Guard to get here. The deck boss reaches for me with a stunned look on his face but I push him away and go back under the surface. Carefully I swim under the middle of the boat and push up. Before I know it I have the boat out of the water and I am coming out too.

Wait, I'm not just pushing it up. I'm flying! I've never done this before. I just have to stop thinking about it right now and keep going until they are all safe. Slowly at first we rise higher and higher until we break through the clouds. The sun, it's so warm. I feel like I am getting stronger. How is this possible. Once we are about 100 feet above the clouds I will myself forward to where I know the port is. Those men have to be not only in shock from what is happening but also the early stages of hypothermia. Before I even realize it 10 minutes have passed and I can see land in sight. I have to do this quick so that no one can see me or take pictures.

Gently I lay the boat on the helipad at the Coast Guard station in Kodiak. Once I have it on the ground I hold it up so that the men can stumble out. At this point I see people running towards us. I have to keep my back to them. I can hear my former coworker calling for me.

"Jones, you saved us, but how is this possible?" Without even turning to look at them I let the boat fall to the other side. Crouching down I gently touch the ground and push off. This is amazing, this is faster than I have ever run. I look down and see nothing but white for miles and miles. Somehow I feel drawn to a spot in the mountains off in the distance. That's where I have to go.

Touching down I see there what looks like a small cave. Slowly I make my way inside. "Hello! Is anyone here?" I yell out. How stupid do I feel. Yelling out into a cave somewhere near the North Pole.

"Welcome, Kal-el." I hear a strange voice. It seems to be echoing around me in my head.

"Have no fear, Kal-El. I am Jor-El. I am your Father."