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Chapter Two:

She heard the subtle noise of the front door closing and the rushing footsteps that followed. When she saw him, she didn't expect to find him so unhinged.


Galen was wild, which was so shocking because he was normally so calm and collected. She could see it in his eyes as he advanced on her. He wanted to mate, here, now, in the living room of Thierry's house with a group of people in the kitchen and there was nothing she could do to stop him. It's an animal's instinct to lay a physical claim on its mate and they'd waited too long.

There would be no foreplay, no build up. It was going to be rough, animalistic even. Male cats by nature were randy beasts and normally didn't stick to one female, fulfilling their pleasures on random cats, females were usually the same, but the soul mate principle wouldn't allow it. Being only part cat lessened the need, but it was still there, clawing at the back of them both, trying to rip its head through and it happened to Galen first. He'd all but changed.

Keller breathed a sigh of relief that he hadn't turned. It would've been bloody then and Thierry's living room would need redecorating due to it.

When he reached her he immediately flipped her around and bent her over the couch, yanking her black skin tight pants to mid thigh. Keller gasped, trying to push through the dizziness of that swift spin. Grunting as he smashed his groin into her bare ass, giving a small bump and grind before she heard his zipper slide down and the rustling of his jeans dropping. She swallowed, panting, while her hands, which had braced herself against the cushions, clenched into the material. She gritted her teeth, hiccupping for breath as she felt him slide his cock up and down, preparing her only a little with his pre cum. He pushed aside her underwear completely, stretching the cotton, and shoved himself inside her. She bore down, arching her back trying to take the pain of losing her virginity with little to no lubrication. She grinded her teeth holding in the scream as the red hot heat spread through her thighs and lower back. The pressure in her pelvic area almost seemed unnatural and when he withdrew to pump back into her it only increased, but she took it.

She'd wanted this just as much as Galen, but it seemed every time they went to mate something happened. They were interrupted or Iliana needed something, or one of their crew had a problem, now Galen clearly didn't care, refused to care that people were in the kitchen, hearing everything.

The harsh sound of smacking skin resonated through the air and as his thrusts became harder, scrapping the walls inside of her, she found herself sinking her teeth into her bottom lip to keep quiet.

"Fuck me," he growled, his voice so distorted she thought he might change right there.

Those two words, so simple, but so dirty did what his gyrating hips didn't. It succeeded in warmth rushing between her thighs, easing his continuing entrance within.

He gave a helpless groan and bent over her back, reaching forward to clutch at her hair, pulling her bowed head back by the strands. "You want me to talk dirty to you?" he whispered in her ear, his voice thick and deep.

She shook her head, cringing only slightly at the pain of him pulling her hair, "People. Will. Hear," she managed, each word extenuated with a gasp from his rapid thrusting.

"They'll hear anyway," he added.

His hips pivoted upwards, sliding forward at the same time. She was barely staying on her tiptoes as he pounded in and up.

"You're so tight," he moaned against her cheek, snapping his hips, but holding still enough to sway his hips left and right. One of his hands was still tangled in her hair pulling her back so that they could maintain the contact of face to face, his other hand fisted at her waist, helping her wiggle her hips against him. "I'm going to lock you in my room, tie you to my bed and fuck you for days. You'll be so sore and tired you won't be able to walk."

She released a small kittenish grunt, not sure if the threat turned her on or worried her and he must have caught her worries on the telepathy link. How he did that with all the growls, pants, 'fucks' and 'grunts' going back and forth between the two of them she'll never now.

"Oh baby it's not a threat. It's a promise. It will happen. I just need to decide if I want to tie you up facing down or not. You have such a beautiful, perfect little ass," at that his fisted hand left her side and slapped the right cheek, making her squeal. He repeated spanking her three more times, before his hand returned to her side. "Come on, push back into me," he seemed to add the last part.

It was nearly impossible for her to move, so the added help from his fist increased every feeling. She could feel the board of the back of the couch almost painfully bumping into her pelvis. The rough cloth, with every movement, managed to tweak her clit letting the pleasure over ride the pain that had just come.

"That's it," he moaned. "Good girl."

Really she wasn't doing anything, but it seemed just the slightest twitch on her part seemed to amplify his pleasure so much that he shouted, cried out so loud it startled her. She managed to glance back at him, curious to see his face when she tried it again. With a little more leverage from pushing off the couch, she snapped her hips.

Not only did it hit a spot in him, but the different positioning nearly blew her mind. The pleasurable pain intensified ten fold so she did it again.

"Holy shit," she gasped, her eyes widening and her panting breath rising. "What-"

G-spot, Galen managed to inform her telepathically.

She felt something tightening in her gut and pretty soon she couldn't stop her hips from pushing back into his upwards thrusts, and he hit it every fucking time. She felt like she was in a desert, just about to get that tiny sip of water that she'd been denied for hours.

"Please," she whimpered, not sure what else he could do to relieve the taut pressure building.

She was almost sobbing with frustration.

He pulled back suddenly, letting her upper body drop forward, and then wrapping his hands around the front of her thighs. He fucked her so hard she was literally, with each hard slam of his cock into her, lifted up off the floor. His hands against her thighs only succeeding in making each thrust that more powerful, lifting her that much higher, still hitting that special spot. If someone were to come in now it would look like she was jumping up and down.

He stopped too soon and Keller lifted her face out of the couch, turning a pleading gaze to him.

"No, don't stop," she cried out.

Galen took a deep calculating breath as he examined her expression, the delightful curve of her clothed back, at the bareness of her ass laid out before him, cushioning his hard lunges. "I have to or it'll be over and you're not there yet," he informed her.

"I am. I'm so close, just please…" she paused, seeming to stumble on the words before she spoke them. "Fuck me."

She watched as Galen clenched his jaw, closing his eyes for a brief second then practically snapping them open. He'd calmed down enough to stop, but her begging changed everything. His eyes glowing with anticipation and something else she couldn't identify as he searched her face before wrapping his arms around the front of her shoulders. He pulled her backwards, forcing her back into his chest and he kissed her for the first time since they'd started this sexual sprint. With her plastered to his front he slowly started his movements again.

"No, faster, harder," she demanded.

He started off that way and now she just didn't have the damn patience for him to not continue the same way. He gladly complied, only this time, he pushed her shirt and bra up over her breasts and started squeezing, pinching, then swirling his finger around them. He leaned sideways, forcing her body to turn towards him as he captured her breast in his mouth, his teeth sliding along the sides until he sucked at her nipple all the while continuing his rapid pace. With his hard upward thrusts, her clit knocking into the couch, and the hot, dampness of his mouth around her it was enough to shoot her over the edge.

It was subtle at first, like a butterfly flapping its wings inside of her, but then it built into an explosion that made her gasp and her body tremble viciously. Her mouth dropped open in a soundless scream and her eyes widened before slamming shut, throwing her head back over his shoulder. Galen struggled at the suddenness of her orgasm, trying to hold her to him through her jerking movements, but he managed to keep her in place, and pet her soothingly at the same time. Her body tightened around him and he gave himself over to his own orgasm, which forced a low, long, growling groan from him.

Keller was just coming down from her high as he spilled into her and she turned her head, searching for his mouth, capturing his lips in a gratuitous kiss and swallowing his moans of pleasure. Liquid seeped out of her, sliding down her still trembling thighs, and she pulled away, allowing them both to catch their breaths.

"That was unbelievable," he complimented.

"I don't know what I did, but you were definitely magnificent," Keller whispered, giving him a small smile. "I think I may be looking forward to being kept prisoner in your room."

"I know I am."

She'd have to ask him later of what happened to make him crack.

In the kitchen…

Thierry frowned, as he smelled the sex permeating towards the kitchen, the shout of completion was something he knew well. He glanced at Hannah, pulling her back as she started towards the living room. She turned to him giving him a curious glance.

How could she have not heard? Thierry found himself wondering.

"We'll have to bleach everything in the living room," he commented, giving her small reassuring smile.

"Why?" she asked, but he never answered.

"The sexual tension in this house is fucking crazy," Ash grumbled, running a hand through his already tousled hair.

"It's almost been a year right?" James questioned, grinning happily at him. "Hurts don't it?" he chuckled, referencing what he'd said to his cousin so long ago.

"More than you'll ever know," Ash supplied before turning to exit the kitchen.

Poppy chuckled as she turned to James. "I almost feel sorry for Mary-Lynnette when she gets here."

James raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"It's like a dirty porno every day in this house since Thierry's letting Daybreakers crash here and for those not having sex it's painful. Haven't you noticed them leaving more and more often? Ash is going to tear into Mary-Lynnette, in more ways than one I'm sure."

"Pop, I did not need that picture," James commented dully.

She grinned like the minx she was. "Why did it turn you on?"

"Hardly, it turned me off!"

"Really? After what we just heard? I guess I'll just have to go make use of my vibrator," Poppy chuckled, turning to leave the kitchen, swaying her hips with every step.

James blinked his surprise as he glanced back at Thierry and Hannah, his face turning a deep shade of purple before he quickly went after her.

Hannah bit her lip, her face red with embarrassment. Thierry smirked down at her, knocking the side of his hips against hers before capturing her chin to pull her attention to his face.

"Have you thought about it?" he whispered softly, trying not to drown in her gaze.

She nodded. "I have."

His eyes widened in surprise, with a hint of hope surfacing at the same time, "And?"

Hannah smiled broadly up at him, taking the hand that hadn't been clutching her chin into hers. "Let's do it."


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