"Are ya comin' or are you gunna just stand there like..." Kyo stopped, he realized he was yelling at Tohru.

"I'm sorry.." Kyo said hiding his face. He's been able to control his feelings better now that Akito isn't so...evil. Him and Yuki have been getting along and to Kyo, it was a bit scary.

"You don't need to apologize Kyo!" Tohru said with her forgiving voice. She has been really happy lately.. He thinks it's either because their going to a new school, or that him and Yuki have gotten along. Maybe it was because no one's really cursed with the Sohma family curse now. Yuki still changes sometimes when the oppisite sex hugs him but he never know's when he's going to change.

"Were leaving now Shigure! Have a good day!" Tohru said leaving the house and closing the door behind her. Kyo thought it was amazing that Tohru was always in such a good mood, it almost inspired him.

"Hey, uh, have you thought about going to this new school Miss. Honda?" Yuki said while we were all walking. He looked a bit concerned but relieved because he wouldn't have those stupid ass fan club girls following his every move.

"Of corse! The brochure said it was supposed to be the greatest school in Japan! Ouran Highschool here we come! Aren't you excited Yuki?" Tohru said happily, it brought a skip in her step.

"Yes, actually. I think a new school is good for us.. but I think I overheard Haru and Momiji talking about wanting to go to this school.. I think they might be coming as well." Yuki said, that scared him.

'Oh great', Kyo thought, 'They basically followed us in our last school and now their following us to this one? This is going to be fun' Then he realized Tohru asked him a question.

"Kyo are you excited? I mean to go to this new school." Tohru said. She was really happy this morning, and really, really talkitive.

"Oh, yea, its gunna be cool to be in a new school I guess. I hear the food in the Caffeteria is good." Kyo said.

"It can't be as good as Tohru's cooking, can it?" Yuki said with a charming smile on his face. No wonder people called him the prince.

"My cooking isn't that great! Really! It isn't!" Tohru said blushing. 'It's so cute when she does that' Kyo thought to himself.

"Are you kidding me? It's better than mine.." Yuki said and started to laugh.

"Take his word for it, last time he tried to cook he nearly burnt down the house" Kyo said laughing too. It is weird to think about him and Yuki getting along but it has happened somehow... somehow.

"There's the bus! We gotta run to catch it or else it's going to leave!" Tohru said putting her backpack on and running as fast as she could to the bus. The bus driver opens the door and says,

"I've been waiting about five minutes. Better be faster tomorrow or I will just leave."

"Im so sorry! We'll be quicker tomorrow I promise!" Tohru said, sitting into a seat on the bus. It was empty. Kyo took a seat right beside Tohru and Yuki sat in front of them.

The bus ride was filled with laughter until they got to Ouran.

This is a story based on Ouran Highschool Host Club and Fruits Basket. They are both great Anime's.

This is my first story based on two shows so it will be so fun writing it! I hope you like it!