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*Clap Trap - Stephen Walking*
(It just sounds like paranoia, intimidation, and numbness… in my opinion.)

Trains and Games

I was yanked awake by one of those dreams that feel like your falling. It felt like my body hit the ground when really, I was already laying on the floor, my entire body was drenched in sweat. Someone must have turned up the thermostat in my room or something because it was way too hot in here. I sat up slowly rubbing my eyes and stretching. Trying to wake up my muscles that seemed to be more tired than when I fell asleep, sore almost.

Probably form sleeping on the floor and thrashing around during my nightmares… there was a metallic salty taste in my mouth, I must have been biting my tongue and cheeks in my sleep… ugh.
I stumbled around my dark room wondering what time it was and then dismissing it to the fact that I really didn't care. We would be in the Capitol this morning, I was gonna take a wild guess and say it was around five AM. I tripped into the bathroom and turned on the light to look at myself in the mirror.

I hadn't eaten anything all day yesterday but my stomach no longer felt queasy from the hangover. My head pounded lightly like it does when I'm dehydrated so I grabbed a small paper cup from beside the fancy sink and filled it with water. I gulped down four glasses before I noticed how hungry I really was too. After I filled the small cup for the sixth time I hopped up on the counter and just sat there looking around the pristine tiles, walls and floor.

Everything almost gleamed with cleanliness, the shower also beckoned me. It was so high-tech though, I wasn't sure I'd know how to work it.
All the buttons and tubes and things confused me when I stepped in, I pushed a button that was the biggest and water came down around me almost like it was raining. Coolest. Shower. Ever.

I played with the different soap buttons and moisturizers and things until my stomach practically screamed at me, demanding food. Even the towels in this train were high-tech, anywhere it touched my skin it would be instantly dry and they were so soft. I didn't bother drying my hair, I just bushed it out and threw it up in a hair clip I found in one of the many drawers.

I got dressed in a different tank top and track pants this time, the drawers were filled with clothes that all seemed to be my size, it was weird. I hung up my polka dot dress and clipped on my necklace Collar gave me. I made sure to put the box of bread squares by the things I wanted to take to the Capitol Tribute Tower with me and hoped that the attendants would make sure to pack them with my things. Which wasn't much, just my dress and shoes but, that's all I had of home…

When I stepped out of my room I was right about the time, the sun was clearly not up yet. I made my way to the dining car anyways because I passed a few attendants in the hall and assumed they would serve me breakfast whenever I wanted. I was a tribute after all, and serving me was their soul purpose as assigned by the Capitol.

I was feeling a little better today, not as numb. I still didn't give a damn about anything though, everything seemed to unreal. When what was going on finally hit me it would not be a pretty sight to see.
In dining car I sat down at one of the tables and as I predicted one of the tired looking attendants came over and asked what I would like to have. I just asked for breakfast and they left, I assumed they would just bring me just an assortment of different food.

As I waited I looked out the window watching the trees pass by. I wonder if my dad was up yet, I've never been away from home by myself before… I wondered if he missed me. What Bolton and Jess would do at school today…

These thoughts started to make my chest ache, and for some strange reason I had the urge to just run back to my room and grab the box of squares. I would have eaten all of them for breakfast but I wanted to save them, they weren't very good cold but at this point I didn't care. I stopped looking out the window because it just reminded me of how far from home I was, I settled with playing with my fork on the table. I heard the door slide open again and I looked up hoping it was my food, my face must have fell when I noticed it was only Jak.

"Were you expecting someone else? I'm sorry to disappoint you." He said jokingly. I didn't laugh.
"I was expecting my breakfast actually. I didn't eat yesterday." I pulled my eyes off of him and focused on my fork again, pretending to be bored. When really he made me nervous as hell. At this point everyone seemed to have that effect on me, if I wasn't by myself, I was worrying whether or not someone would turn around and kill me. For all I know he came to find me and slit my throat… wouldn't that make a mess…
"Yeah I noticed, you must be starving. I couldn't imagine going a day without eating." I sighed out of 'boredom' when really I just needed to take a deep breath to relax.

"You like your food then I take it?" I tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear trying not to fidget and show how uncomfortable his presence made me. He chuckled
"Yes, I do love food. I like to cook too, although you probably don't care." There was a slight stutter, which was so weird considering how calm, cool and collected he always seemed to be.

"I like cooking too. I never did it much though, me and my dad ate on the run too often to cook a meal and sit down to eat it." My voice shook slightly, and my stomach growled at me like it was a monster about to consume the world. This made Jak chuckle again, he came and sat down across from me.
"Would you mind if I joined you?" Yes.
"No go ahead. Why are you up so early?" I put my fork down and fiddled with the clip in my damp hair. He shrugged,
"I couldn't sleep."
"Nightmares?" I guessed. He shook his head no.
"I don't dream much." I raised an eyebrow at him, wanting to ask him why but my food was set in front of me and I dove in. Eggs, ham, piles of potatoes, and fruit… if heaven was packed full of delicious food like this maybe dying in the arena wouldn't be so bad…

I heard Jak chuckle again and looked up from my giant plate of food. My mouth packed full of deliciousness.
"Hhwat?" I asked, barely able to move my lips. This made him smirk, him laughing was rather odd considering how emotionless he's always been.
"I'm just respecting a girl who can stuff her face in front of me." He sat back in his chair. My cheeks burned… I could imagine me stuffing down the food wouldn't be the most attractive sight… I swallowed.

"what does it matter? I'm gonna be dead in a few days anyways. Impressing you with my etiquette isn't high on my bucket list." I shovelled another gob of potatoes in my mouth.
"I'm surprised its on your bucket list at all. I'm honoured." I never said that… smart ass. I rolled my eyes, he was quite a piece of work wasn't he?
"So who do you think our stylists will be?" Tamlen came walking up to us.
"I don't know but that was really gay bro." Tamlen went to punch Jak but Jak caught his arm and pinned him to the ground before he could reciprocate. My plate was finally empty, and I just sat there watching them wrestle.

Well, maybe not wrestle… more just Jak beating on Tamlen. "You're not gonna survive very long in the arena if you try and fight like that Tamlen." Jutsin walked in then, shaking his head at the boys.
"Get off me Jak!" Tamlen whined
"Get me off yourself." Jak twisted his arm behind his back a little more making Tamlen growl. Jutsin sat down across from me, where Jak was sitting before, he wouldn't be trying to kill me in a few days so I was more pleased to have him sit there instead.

"How was your sleep?" he asked me, playing with his butter knife. I shrugged,
"I've had better." I told him honestly while stuff as forkful of eggs into my mouth.
"At least you're eating today, you're like the runt of the litter here. You need to beef up a little." He lazily smiled at me, he seemed like an alright guy… I mean I only met him yesterday but he was brutally honest and seemed friendly enough…

Rye walked in with another plate of food and set it in front of Jutsin.
"Here MASTER." Rye said with a goofy smile, Jutsin shivered.
"I said stop! No more of that man, it makes me uncomfortable." Jutsin started eating and motioned for Rye to join us, he hesitated though. "It's alright, no ones around to see you. We're not in the Capitol yet." Jutsin said and Rye sat down to my right.

I gave them both a questioning look, Rye seemed to notice.
"Avox's aren't considered 'people', they're slaves and nothing else. Sitting here with you guys would be a serious offence if someone saw me." He explained in a kind, quiet voice. I nodded,
"But you and the other girl aren't technically Avox's…?" I asked and Rye smirked, looking at the table.
"But we're supposed to be, when we get to the Capitol you can't talk to us… considering we aren't supposed to have tongues and all." He chuckled lightly, I personally didn't find it very funny but I smiled.

"Yeah, if they catch you talking they'll cut out your tongue on the spot." Jutsin said with a full mouth.
"I know, I've been practicing my Avox impersonation." Rye said laughing.
"How?" Jutsin said confused, Rye just looked at him with a blank stare. "How?" Jutsin repeated, his eyebrows furrowed. "Hello! Earth to Rye how have you been…" Jutsin let out a loud sigh finally catching on. Me and Rye laughed,
"Really Jutsin? Really?" Rye's white teeth almost glowed against his dark skin.

"Shut up. I'm tired… and dense as fuck you know that." Jutsin said chuckling and almost pushing Rye off his chair. I giggled at their bickering, they acted more like best friends than they did Master and Servant. I heard loud laughter enter the room and Rye almost jumped out of his chair, but it was just Vice and her 'Avox'.

"Good morning!" Her melodic voice rang throughout the dining car. Jak and Tamlen had settled on the couch and were talking in hushed voices, I dismissed it.
"Morning!" Jutsin waved, mouth full of food again.
"Morning…" I mumbled looking at her. She had a toughness about her that I respected, a certain dangerous way in the way she held herself. I wish I looked dangerous… maybe the other Tributes would be more afraid of me in the arena then… maybe then I would have a chance…

"We'll be in the Capitol by around nine." She sat down to my left as a small girl with pixie cut blonde hair sat beside her. "First piece of advice, don't complain about what the stylists do to you. Fighting it will just make it worse. Besides, they're gonna make you all look hot so why not let them? No pain no gain!" She laughed, I don't care how good they planned on making me look. I hated the stupid way they dressed us up like toy dolls. I never even really played with dolls as a kid… I had remote control cars and put together drive shafts with my dad…

"Are you kidding? I'm already sexy! How could they improve on this?!" Liv walked in with her usual slinky swag. Swag? What an odd way to describe the whitest girl I know. "Why in gods name is everyone up so early? And what are THEY doing?" The crinkled her nose up at the boys who were now wrestling on the floor again.
"No one could sleep," I said, "and they are… training…"

Jutsin laughed hysterically for a moment.
"That can HARDLY be considered training. You'll see what real training is once we get to the Capitol."
After everyone was done eating I watched the sunset come up while everyone else made small talk and joked around. How could everyone be so.. Animated?

We were all suddenly plunged into darkness.
"What dah hell?" Liv came over and looked out the window.
"It's just the tunnel we go through right before we reach the Capitol Liv." I told her, Jak walked over to us.
"How did you know that?" He asked me, I shrugged nonchalantly.
"I've been here a few times. With my dad for special Capitol business." He nodded clearly impressed.

"Nice. I've been here a few times with my dad too." We all just stared out the window waiting for the sunlight to come back. I forgot that him and Tamlen were the mayors kids… it must have been weird saying goodbye to their parents in their own house… the tunnel ended and the train sped towards the tall standing buildings that was the Capitol.

It always glittered in a way that made my eyes hurt, once we were nearing the station Liv started to comment on the weird colours of people's skin and hair.
"Its like a crayon box threw up all over this place!" She looked out disgusted at all the fake looking people driving by in fancy cars and walking on the sidewalk.

We pulled into the station and I had a weird feeling that we were still moving, I wobbled a little and that's when I noticed the crowd congregating around the train. Oh no… my heart started to race.
"Liv-" She grabbed my hand and we walked towards the exit of the train.
"Tris? Liv? Smile." Vice demanded. A smile instantly plastered across my face, fake and stiff but it would do for the cameras. I didn't know where Jak and Tamlen went, I just stayed at Liv's side and we walked out holding hands and smiling for the various blinding flashes.

The gigantic building towering in front of us was the training centre. This is where we would be staying until we were sent into the arena. The cameras blinded me and all I could see were stars as we made it into the front door of the building.
"Well that was chaotic." I rubbed my head, I had a headache already. Liv took a deep breath and let go of my hand.

"Yeah it was." She agreed, we looked around then, soaking in our surroundings. This place was HUGE, and oddly enough sparkly… Vice came up behind us and wrapped her arms around our shoulders.
"Welcome to the Hunger Games girls!" She said in a mockingly cheery voice. Welcome indeed…