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*Graduation - Gemini UKF Dubstep*
(From beginning of the chapter- when Liv starts blaring music.)
*Bangarang - Skrillex*
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*What gets you off - Jack's Mannequin*
(When the group goes to watch the Ceremonies on TV-the end of the chapter.)

Parades and a Blushing Phase

You can here the crowd roaring from where our chariot was, what was so exciting about this? 'Oooh! A bunch of kids in pretty costumes that we get to watch kill each other soon!' … Idiots.
"Our costumes are gonna look so cool now that it's darker out!" Liv stood beside me a smile already across her lips. I sighed though, why was this not soaking into anybodies brain yet?

"Yeah, let's just hope those two don't get executed for having guns during the parade." I looked over to Jak who was loading his machine gun with confetti.
"Admittedly these do look very real." He studied it for a moment. "Our stylists must have already cleared it with everyone." Suddenly our chariot was moving forward, the multicoloured horses trotting along pulling and us with them.

"Remember smile!" Liv chirped before she blew a kiss at me, making the sparks skitter across my cheek bones and nose. They tickled the skin where they touched and it did actually make me smile.

The crowd, like I expected they would be, was alarmed at first about the guns, but as soon as Tamlen shot his off into the crowd everyone just cheered and hooted. The smile on my face was genuine as I blew kisses into the many smiling faces, the awe in their eyes was enough to make me downright giggly.

The hoops around me and Liv that hovered around us, must have left some people dumb founded as to how they defied gravity. The giant screen that I noticed lit up with the four of our faces, we looked like natural crowd pleasers. Not to mention we all looked exceptionally good looking and the way the hoop hovered around Liv and my selves heads gave us an almost god like look.

The way everything on, and around us glowed it tossed rainbows all over our skin and reflected in our eyes. There were literally hundreds of people yelling our names, but most were drowned out by the obnoxious Capitol anthem that was playing loudly from some unseen speakers.

All this attention on us… what about the chariots ahead and behind us? I blew a kiss into the crowd, making it look like I was shooting sparks from my lips before I did a small spin to blow a kiss behind us. District four, which is usually a crowd favourite, isn't getting near as much praise.

The two boys still looked like cocky jerks, dressed in just swim trunks and various intricate knots tied around them. The one boy smiled at me with a perfectly practiced smile and I tried to quickly turn back around but I stumbled slightly. Before a small yelp escaped my lips Jak caught me, he slid his hand from my elbow to my hand until I regained my balance.

"Thanks" I said breathlessly returning to the crowd.
"No problem, wouldn't want you falling and hurting yourself before the game even starts." He smiled back at me, the rainbows bouncing off my rings into his eyes. I gulped, I guess he was thinking more rationally than I thought. But why would he care?

If I had just fell of the chariot and got hurt I would just be easier prey wouldn't I? He could kill me much easier with a broken ankle… So why would he have caught me? I blew more kisses, the same cheesy smile on my face and I tried to push back the many questions swimming through my head as we entered the City Circle.

Once we were stopped in front of the presidents mansion we waved and smiled for the cameras until District 12's chariot came to a stop in the Circle with us. The same carrot looking lady came out to greeta everyone watching, giving some speech about how wonderful it is to have a nation so bonded together.

I wanted to gag, and it looked like Jak did too when it cut to our faces on the screens. Liv and Tamlen just kept smiling, like they were completely oblivious to the fact they were gonna die soon.

The darker it got outside, the more our outfits seem to glow and almost move with vibrant colours. A small wind picked up and the capes on Liv and me fluttered slightly, which definitely added more movement to the already living colour pattern. The giant screen above the President cut to our faces again, my skin was glowing now too, like it had sucked up the sun and was still gleaming sunlight even though the sky was now dark.

It wasn't blinding mind you, but compared to the other tributes we looked like the only ones that were alive. We drew everyones eyes to us like we were still moving in the chariot. Even Jak and Tameln's suits set off a slight glow and they're skin looked vibrant and full of life…

I think I was slowly catching on to what our stylists we going for here. I looked around the half circle of chariots again, everyone else looked so pale and dull in comparison. This was clearly Mamas intention, so that we would stand out for the sponsors. Right… we needed those to survive in the arena. Our 'look' definitely gave off the 'We're alive and intend to keep it that way' which is what said sponsors would look for…

I somehow pulled off a smile and hammed it up cause they were definitely watching us. After the speech was over and the anthem started to play, all twelve chariots did another circle around the City Circle. Then the incredibly well trained horses led us straight into the training centre.

Once inside, the doors closed behind us, and everyone seemed to rush towards us at once with big smiles on their faces.
"You guys did amazing!" Mama hugged me and Liv both way too tight. The rest of our prep team hugged us and gave us 'congratulations'. Jutsin patted me on the back a little too hard,
"Way to not fuck up! I'm surprised." He chuckled, his teal coloured button up shirt had it's sleeves rolled up and for the first time I noticed all the cuts running up and down his arms and hands. I chuckled nervously and craned my neck up to meet his blue eyes,
"Thank you? I think…"

Jak and Tamlen were doing the same with their prep team as we were, Liv came back to my side and gave me a hug. It was more familiar and comforting than everyone else's, I sighed, my chin resting on her smooth shoulder. My eyes looked around the rest of the room we were in.

The other tributes and their prep teams all stood around awkwardly making small talk about the parade. We were all still glowing and its kind of dark down here, the strange and almost jealous glances everyone is shooting our way made me want to get out of this costume rather urgently.

"Hey do you wanna go and see our room now?" I pulled away and asked Liv anxiously. Thankfully she agreed without much question and I followed close behind her to the elevator.
"Where are you two going?" Vice yelled at us with a laugh.
"We're just gonna head to our room now, we're tired! We'll see you tomorrow!" Liv replied and the elevator doors finally opened.

Once we were inside she pushed the button that said 3, for district three, and the elevator started moving, it gave my stomach the anticipated drop.
"So that was fun." Liv said, punching the button on her waist making all the lights stop and the rings drop to the floor in a loud clattering heap. She stepped out of them and picked them up from off the floor.

I pushed the buttons on my shoulders and the same thing happened, the rings falling from around my waist, head, ankles and arms.
"I guess, it was kinda nice getting all that attention." I attempted optimisim, "Do you think my dad watched?" Liv nodded smiling at me.
"Of course! I can guarantee everyone back at home watched Tris. We looked so damn good! When we go back we'll be like celebrities." She turned back to face the door and there was a very, VERY tense silence. I just looked at her, her face hard, her jaw clenched.

"You don't actually believe we'll win do you?" I say to her.
"Yeah? Why wouldn't I?" Her tone is edging on angry, I know her well enough to know she needed space, or kindness but I pushed it farther anyways out of desperation for hope I guess.
"Because we aren't exactly the best built for this, or fastest, or skilled in many areas. Liv, chances are that-"
"Chances are that I'm am sick and TIRED of your whining and negative attitude! Dwelling on what MIGHT happen isn't going to make anything better Tris. So just shutUP." With that the elevator opened and she stomped out, shoulders back, hips swinging like she had all the confidence in the world. It would take someone like me, who knows her well enough to know that she was actually on the brink of tears…

I waited a moment, letting her words hit me, one by one like they were punches to the gut. I couldn't breathe… it was like a bonfire was burning in my chest and tears threatened to surface. I debated collapsing in the elevator, I debated breaking down and loosing it right there on the floor. But instead I took a deep breath, stepped out of the doors and headed down the hall, shoulders back, hips swinging, like I knew how to fake the confidence Liv pretended to have.

Once I got to the door that had both our names in gold cursive letter on the front, I listened before I dare went inside. It sounded like she was taking a shower, the splish splashing of water hitting a tile floor and circling down the drain was feint.

It was probably a good call to get all the makeup off before dinner, I thought to myself before I opened the door and walked into the extravagant room. I have never seen so many buttons, gadgets and machines in my entire life! And that's really saying something considering I live in the place that makes all of these things for the Capitol. I guess I just have never seen them all set up and working, ready to be used in an actual room instead of on an assembly line.

I stepped up to the closet and programmed it to get an outfit for me, perk to being the sector that makes all the electronics is that I know (roughly) how to work them. First a pair of jeans like I have back home, except tighter, and with a golden zipper that went all the way up the back of both my legs. After all, nothing can simple and plain in the Capitol's style.

I decided on a lime green tank top that shimmered as I moved and a button up shirt that had a silver rhinestone dragon… erm… Lizard thing design on the back that spread across my shoulder blades in full sparkly Capitol bling… ness.

Once I managed to get my dress off and my outfit on I smiled at myself in the full length mirror. I was pretty happy with what I got, I've never been very stylish, but I could go out in the Capitol and fit in without changing who I am too much. Liv stepped out of the bathroom in a towel and I motioned to the closet casually like nothing had happened.
"It's really cool you should try it."

I scurried passed her into the bathroom before she could reply. For a moment I was shell shocked, everything was so shiny and bright. I removed my chosen clothes, folded them and put them on the counter, the shower here was even more high tech than the one on the train but I figured out how to work it pretty easily anyways.

Scrubbing all the makeup from my face was easier than I thought it would be. Once I stepped out of the shower a heater blow dried my body instead of using some fancy towels. My hair was combed out and parted perfectly via electric current too, I was thoroughly impressed.

I put my clothes on and I looked more like myself again, except the neon yellow hair… I was gonna have to remember to ask if I could dye it back to normal because, honestly, it gave me a headache just looking at it. Suddenly the counter started vibrating and it scared me for a moment but then the heavy bass line registered. It was pounding against the walls of the bedroom, was Liv playing music?

I stepped out of the bathroom and the site I saw was so familiar and so strange at the same time I didn't know how to react. Liv had on some kind of corset and very too short silk shorts that were lacy and had bows. She danced around to some song I'd never heard but it sounded like the kind they would play for something called clubbing… which I've never done, it was a Capitol thing.

"Your so right Tris! That closet IS great!" She twirled over to me and grabbed my hands, shaking me around. I had to laugh, only Liv would put on lingerie and dance around to dirty music in a situation like this. I did join her though, we danced and laughed until the music suddenly shut off… we both turned at the same time to see Rye standing at the door with the side panel out.

We both were silent for a moment and then we started laughing, Rye stood there completely unsure of what to do, he was clearly trying to revert his eyes from Liv's seductive outfit. I was blushing so bad I thought my head was gonna explode, once we quieted down Rye said in a shakey voice
"Jutsin told me to come and tell you it's time for dinner." He was so clearly trying to keep a smile from his face. Awkward situations always made me want to run away until my face cleared of all redness… of course I don't think it ever will after this.

Liv, who was never phased by these kind of things and barely clothed walked up to him. Uhm…
"Come on Tris I'm starving!" She said in a smooth, low tone as she strutted towards the door. I ran up and grabbed her arm before she purposefully bumped into him, boob first. She smiled and giggled seductively,
"Sorry!" batting her eyelashes. I think Rye was about to cry…

"Liv, seriously, change first. You cant go to dinner dressed like that." I choked out.
"I wouldn't exactly call that 'being DRESSED'." Rye's voice cracked, and he swallowed hard. My cheeks burned and I wasn't the one standing in front of a guy while in lingerie…

"Awe what's wrong Tris?" She teased me in a baby voice. I just gawked at her, in a different way than Rye was. My cheeks felt like they were on fire, oh this poor guy didn't know what was coming to him… I wasn't sure how I felt about her doing this too guys but the joy she got out of it was nothing short of hilarious…

"Okay I'll change, would you like to watch?" She trailed a finger down Rye's chest, his lips couldn't form words, and like an evil temptress she gracefully walked away shaking her hips too much. Rye's eyes trailed after her and then it was like he realized what was going on and he turned to me. We shared a really wide eyed look and I just bowed my head and walked away.

I shuffled down the hallway and entered a room that was labelled as the dining room. I heard small chatter coming from, Vice, Jutsin and Tamlen even before I entered.
"Oh there you are! We've been waiting for you and Liv for an hour!" Mama stood up and hugged me, I hugged her back hiding my still red face from everyone else at the table. "Where's Liv and Rye?" She asked, I looked around and shrugged, to be honest I didn't realize that Rye hadn't followed me when I left…

"Dunno, last time I saw them Liv was getting changed out of her lingerie." I sat down all casual like and grabbed a very red apple out of the gold bowl that sat in the centre of the table. Everyone went quiet, I just lounged in my chair, I was used to this by now.

"Wait. WHAT?" Jutsin seemed completely dumbfounded, he stared wide eyed at me. The whispers starting around the table made me giggle, of course they weren't actually doing anything TOO crazy… I don't think… although I do suppose things COULD escalate rather quickly.

A few minutes later I heard the laughs down the hall and the both of them entered the room.
"Yeah and then she-" Liv noticed I was listening, "I'll tell you the rest later." Rye smiled at me and nudged Liv whispering something in her ear. They both broke out into a fit of laughter.
THA HELL!? I reacted for a moment then realized I knew that smile Liv was giving me. Damn them. They did that on purpose. I glared at Liv as she took a seat.

"That was quick!" Vice laughed, Jutsin just gave Rye a surprised look. I concentrated on my apple as a very awkward silence spread over the dining room.
"Dude!?" Jutsin looked at Rye, who just replied with a quick shrug. There was a feint red glow to his dark cheeks.

Mama smirked and took a sip of wine,
"That's meh girl!" She replied with a smile to Rye who half ran out of the room. Once the doors closed behind him everyone seemed to swarm around Liv, here we go…
"Well you see Tris and I were having a party for two in the bedroom, if yeah know what I mean…" Liv winked at the three boys who all seemed to have astonished looks on their faces. I stopped her before she could finish,
"No no no, don't say it like THAT!" I felt my ears tingle with warmth.
"Like what Tris? I was in lingerie and we were dancing…" She picked up a banana… are you kidding me right now?

"YOU were in lingerie, I was fully clothed." I turned to the rest of the table who were all very clearly amused with how flustered I was. "And Rye came to get us for dinner and-"
"We had a crazy, wild, threesome." Liv said leaning into the table.

"NO WE DIDN'T!" and with that I some how dropped my apple which spilled a glass of water on the floor. Why am I such a klutz…
"Oh calm down Tris they all know I'm kidding." Liv took a bite of her banana and Mama laughed.
"Awe really? That's disappointing." Jak piped up.
"Yeah I was really looking forward to the raunchy details." Jutsin smirked and sat back in his chair.

I hate my face right now.. It matched my watery apple. I hated it.
"I'm straight." I said stubbornly.
"Good to know." Jutsin said with an interesting hint in his tone.
"Yes, duely noted." Jak stated.
"Game on." Tamlen laughed. Game… all of this is just a game right? I relaxed my shoulders and let out a long breath.
"Game on indeed." I said smoothly, similar to the tone Liv had used on Rye earlier. Almost everyone at the table gave me a double take, two can play at this game Liv.

The food started to arrive and the focus was taken off of me, Shana entered with a cloth and I suddenly felt horrible for spilling the water.
"Here let me help you-" But Vice grabbed my wrist and pulled me back into my seat.
"You don't help the Avox's dear." Mama said in a hushed voice. Shana gave me a sympathetic look and cleaned up the spilled water, everyone chatted and made small talk.

After dinner we all went into some fancy sitting room to watch the replay of the opening ceremonies. We all looked fantastic and everything was going great until I turned around and you can visibly see me stumble and the light touch of Jaks hand helping me regain balance. Ugh! Now all of Panem will think we have a 'thing'. I humphed and sat back on the couch as Liv started to tease me.
"Just couldn't breathe right around him? Almost fainted huh?" Because that's what the announcers say happened.

"I actually tripped on my 20 inch heels I had to wear. Thanks." I glared at the television.
"Actually they were only 6 Hun." Mama corrected me, does it matter? I tripped, he caught me. End of story. Why does every little thing the Tributes do have to be analyzed by the Capitol and it's good for nothing citizens? Or better question, WHY DOESN'T MY FACE COOL DOWN!?

Once we finished watching Vice and Jutsin sent us off to bed because we have our first training session tomorrow, which I am quite nervous for too be honest. We all went to bed without argument and before I walked into my room Jak nods to me.
"Goodnight Tris. I'll see you tomorrow."
"Yup. Night." I turn and walk through the door to my room and of course Liv is standing there grinning.

"So 'game on'? What uh, does that mean Tris?" dang it my face…
"Nothing. You know I don't…" My voice trailed off and I tried to walk passed her but she stopped me, I pointed to the door. She looked at me unimpressed,
"Mhm. Now," She grabbed me by the shoulders and sat me down on my bed. "That trainer Jutsin… he's a hunk eh!?" She grinned at me.
"Stop." I laid down, I'd sleep in my clothes if she'd just leave me alone.

"Or would you rather Jak? You two have always had that 'thing' going on." She had a pleased grin on her face that I had to hide from under a pillow.
"No." I said in a muffled, pillow muffled huff.
"Well I dunno about Tamlen but if he suits your fancy-"
"LIV!" I sat up looking her in the eye. She looked hurt,
"Don't do this. Not now." I just wanted to eat a bread square and pretend I was at home…

Her eyes darkened,
"I might never get to again." She said quietly. Ow… my heart just shattered into a thousand tiny pieces… I gulped and sighed.
"I guess…" I bit my lip, she smiled thinking she won, "Rye's pretty cute." Which he was… but not in the way she clearly thought of him, and like I expected her face dropped.
"Yeah… he is…" She looked down at the comforter and started fiddling with a loose string.
"What's going on with you?" I asked her, thankful that worked.
"Nothing…" Lie. "I was just messing with him. Like I always do with guys. He's no different." Lie. "We should probably go to bed. I'm tired." Lie.

"Alright." I didn't wanna push her again, it didn't help that I was tired as hell. She got up and walked over to her bed on the opposite side of the room, she pushed a button and a black sheet appeared between us.

I put on some comfy pants, gobbled down a bread square and laid down. After awhile the bed was too soft and started making my back hurt so I slid onto the floor and fell sound asleep. Tomorrow I'd have to train… Doing what? Can I even do anything useful? My dreams were filled with me failing at just about everything Jutsin tried to teach us.

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