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Do you ever think that somebody hates you? Well whoever came up with AP Calculus most certainly hates me.

Mr. Shade drones on and on about this equation and that equation and how it's important in our everyday lives. Did this man not get the memo that it's the last day of school before Christmas break? Like anyone cares anyway. I let my eyes wander around the room taking in all the note passing going on, the stupid math posters, and the harsh lights.

"I can't wait to get out of here." I said softly.

Only apparently I didn't say it softly enough because every head turned in my direction.

"What was that Ms. Anderson?"

Well at least Mr. Shade shut up about equations. Thats got to be worth something.

"I said I can't wait to get out of here." I repeated slowly and loudly acting as if he were deaf.

"If this weren't the last day until break ends I would have you serving a two hour detention." To the class he said, "You young people need to learn to respect your elders. There's no need to be rude and disrespectful when somebody's talk..."

Ring. Ring. Ring.

I jumped up from my chair along with the other students and joined the rush to get far away from this classroom.

"Well continue this discussion when we get back from break."

None of us listened to him. Staying on the edge of the rush I made it to my locker without hassle. I grabbed my books to do my homework.

AP English, AP U.S History, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, and Astronomy. I had homework in every class but AP Calculus.

"Thank you Mr. Shade for no homework." I muttered.

I shoved all my books in my bag, slammed the locker shut, and walked for the door. I put my coat on maneuvering through the crowds easily. I shoved open the door and was met with the crisp cool air of winter. Walking down the sidewalk I listened to all the chatter of friends making plans together while waiting for the buses. I tramped through the fresh snow that had fallen over night. Looking around I saw all the Christmas lights decorating the houses and surrounding trees. We never had snow in Georgia. I sighed. I missed home so much.

I walked the three blocks home. Approaching the house I saw a blue dodge truck sitting in the driveway. I walked up the steps and stamped off my boots at the door. Then I threw open the door and yelled "I'm home!"

"Really? We could not figure that one out. Thanks so much for telling us." an unfamiliar voice said sarcastically.

I looked around to find the source and came up with nothing. I dug my hand in to my bag and wrapped it around my hardcover AP Chemistry book.

"Ha. Ha. You can't see me. What are you going to do now?"

I jerked my hand out of the bag, and lightning quick fired the book in the direction the voice had come from. A yell told me I had hit my target. I dropped my bag and launched myself threw the air into a spinning kick. I heard and "oomph." meaning I had knocked the breath out of my target. Suddenly a blond teenage boy appeared, doubled over trying to catch his breath. Glad that I could see my opponent I jumped forward and wrapped my arm around his neck in a choke hold. His face started turning red but he didn't tap out.

"Either you tap out or I'm going to make you pass out." I growled at him.

He tapped my arm twice and I released my hold on him. He started gasping as soon as I let go of him.

Of course my mom chose that moment to appear.

"Hunter Marie Anderson what did you do to poor Christophe?!"

"He was taunting me because I couldn't see him, so I threw my book at him, did a spinning kick to his stomach, and when he appeared I put him in a choke hold and told him he'd either have to tap out or pass out."

Mom stared at me. Then I swore I saw the briefest glimpse of pride on her face before she masked it.

By that time Christophe had regained his breath.

"Did you just hit me with an ALGEBRA book?""

I scowled at him. "No I hit you with a AP CHEMISTRY book. There's a difference!"

"How are you taking AP Chemistry? You look about fifteen and freshman don't take AP Chemistry."

"For your information I am FOURTEEN but I am smart enough to take Senior classes!"


I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him.

"Chris this is my daughter Hunter. Hunter this is Chris my old mentor."

He stuck out a hand and I grasped it and gave him a firm hand shake.

"Pleasure to meet you Hunter."

"Likewise Chris."

Then Chris turned to mom.

"You certainly have a fighter on you hands Dru."

Mom smiled. "I most certainly do." Then Mom lost her smile. "Are you here representing the Schola or visiting?"

"No I'm here to warn you. The sucker's are fast on your trail and the Order wants to grab you and Hunter and bring you in."

Mom scowled. "I'm not letting them try to rule Hunter."

"Well you do have one advantage. They think Hunter is a djamphir."

I knew that word.

"Mom why the heck does someone think I'm part bloodsucker?"

Chris's head jerked and he gave me a funny look.

"You know what a djamphir is?"

"Uh yeah. I do read books you know."

Chris and mom had a little conversation with their eyes. I hate when adults do that.

Mom glared at Chris. "Thank you for the warning but it's getting late and don't you need to be going?" Her tone made it quite clear that it wasn't a request.

"Yes I do. Have good night ladies." He tipped an imaginary hat at me causing me to smile.

Then he opened the door and stepped outside pausing only for a moment to look at mom and say,

"I hope you know what you're doing Kochana."

Then he disappeared into the fading light.

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