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It's been three days since Chris warned mom. Three days of going to boring school then coming home to find mom pacing around with two swords in her hands and a gun in a holster at her hip. Normally my mom is incredibly calm, but whatever Chris was warning her against quite clearly shook her up.

"Mom will you please tell me what's going on?"

"Not now Hunter. It's none of your concern."

She had been telling me that for three days and I was fed up with it.

"Not my concern?! I come home only to have to fight a guy that looks like a teenager but you claim he's your mentor, I hear something about a Schola, AND some people think I'm part bloodsucker, and NOW your pacing around with deadly weapons like you expect an attack at any minute! HOW IS THAT NONE OF MY FREAKING CONCERN?!"

By the end I was yelling and mom just stared at me in shock.

"Okay Hunter. You're right, you deserve to know the truth."

She walked into the living room and I followed. Sitting down on the couch she patted the cushion next to her.

"When I was little your grandpa and I always moved around after your grandma was murdered."

"MURDERED?! I thought you said she was killed in an accident!"

"Actually your grandmother was murdered by suckers."

"As in freaking vampires?!"

"As in bloodsuckers, yes. I the books you read it says that djamphir are the offspring of vampires and humans does it not?"

"Yes, It does."

" Well djamphir are actually the male offspring of suckers and humans or female suckers and djamphir. They are 1/16th bloodsucker." She paused and I jumped in with my question.

"What no female offspring?"

I swear mom's eyes flashed with pride right then.

"That's what I'm getting to. You see female djamphir are called Svetocha and they are incredibly rare and also very precious. You see djamphir are born with speed, strength, and fangs. Svetocha however go through a process called Blooming. Basically Svetocha have short bursts of strength and speed at which times their fangs come out. After Blooming the Svetocha is naturally fast and strong. They carry a strong scent as well."

"But that doesn't explain why they're precious. Yes I get that they're rare but why are they so important?"

"Well a sucker cannot go out in daylight no matter how much blood they drink or how old they are. The only time a sucker can walk in daylight is when they drain a svetocha dry."

"You mean…." I trailed off.

"I mean that they drink every last drop of blood out of her, effectively killing her."

"So why is this coming out now?"

"Before you where born I was Head of the Order. After I found out I was pregnant with you I left."

"Why did you leave?"

"Because the Order is very protective and they gave me bodyguards that where supposed to guard me every day of my life. I was very sheltered during my time at the Schola. If I needed new clothes they'd get someone to buy them for me for example. I didn't want you to have to live like that."

"But what is the Order?"

"The Order is a group of older djamphir that are in charge of training the younger djamphir and also the wulfen in the art of defense. All around the world there are Schola's where they train."

"What does this have to do with grandma being murdered by bloodsuckers though?"

"Well you see, your grandma was hunted down and for a short time before my blooming I was hunted down too. Can you guess why?"

I looked directly into my mom's blue with purple streaked eyes and said

"Grandma Elizabeth was a Svetocha and you are too."

"Hunter you are as well."

I had guessed as soon as she mentioned Svetocha that either she was or I was one. I did have a tiny bit of shock though. I mean she did just confirm the fact that I'm a rare female that is part bloodsucker. A part of me wanted to look around and ask "Okay where are the camera's and is this going on Facebook or Youtube?" but for some reason my heart knew my mom was telling the truth.

Out of nowhere the taste of wax oranges slid over my tongue. I made a disgusted face and mom caught me.


"I just tasted wax oranges randomly."

Mom's face went pale.

"They're here."

"Who's here?"

"The suckers."

Mom hopped up off the couch and grabbed me in one fluid motion.

"Come on!"

She dragged me down the hall towards her bedroom. Once in there she shut the door and moved to her bedside. Bending down she dragged out this huge black box. I rushed over to help her and together we lifted it onto the bed. I liked the fact that she let me help her even though she was super strong and could have done it by herself. She flipped open the locks on it and threw open the lid. I felt my mouth fall open. It was weapons heaven in a suitcase. I saw guns, daggers, a sword disguised as a cane, and ninja throwing stars. Mom grabbed two sheaths and handed them to me.

"Put those on your hips."

I did as instructed. Then she pulled out two weapons. They each had a straight blade and two curved prongs on the sides.

"Do you remember these?"

It was then that I remembered the weapons. They had been my 10th birthday present and mom used the whole day to teach me how to use them properly.

"My Sai." I gasped.

"Indeed. And you remember how to use them?"

"Of course."

"Now you need to listen to me. The suckers are going to come crashing through that door soon. I'm going to stay and fight them. I want you to run to the airport and catch a flight to New York City. Find the Prima Schola. They'll let you in and keep you safe. Wait for me there. I'll wait a couple of days before I go to the Schola."

"But New York City is huge! How am I supposed to find the Prima Schola?"

"It's cover is a private boarding school for boys. You'll find it."

I looked at my mom and couldn't shake the feeling that this may be the last time I see her alive.

Mom noticed my sad look.

"Don't worry sweetie. I'll be there before you know it. But there is something I want to give you."

And then she reached up and took off her silver locket.

"Mom! You can't give me that!"

"This was my mother's and when she died my father owned it and it became mine when he passed on. Now it's your turn to hold on to it. And you can give it to your daughter or son someday."

Then she stepped behind me. I lifted my platinum blond hair, that was the same color as my blond streaks, off the nape of my neck.

"I love you Mom."

"I love you too Hunter Marie Anderson." We hugged and mom kissed my forehead.

"Go out the window as soon as you hear the door crash in. My bet is they'll come from the front door so you should be safe to sneak across our backyard and cut across the neighbor's. When you get to the door of the Schola say your name then say mine and request to see Christophe of the Order, mentor to Anna, Elizabeth Anderson, and Dru Anderson."

And then my mom started to walk to the bedroom door. She turned the knob, opened it, and then looked at me. I felt tears run down my face as she blew me a kiss and I blew one back. Then the door shut cutting her out of my sight.

It seemed like forever. But finally the door was broken down with a BANG.

I threw open the screen less window and dropped to the snow covered ground. Using the parlor trick mom taught me I ran across the ground without leaving footprints, creating no trail to follow. I heard a glassine scream from the house and then following that a short high pitched scream that sounded like my mother. I forced myself to stop crying and focus.

"Airport ready or not here I come."

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