Guardians of the Sailor Senshi

As usual this fan fiction is an alternate universe story. Each chapter will focus on one sailor senshi, Jupiter and Mars are the main focus points, at a time. I hope you enjoy my first cross-over story.

Chapter 1: Jupiter's Bad Day

It was a day like any other: eat breakfast, go to school, go home, fight to protect the world from destruction. Yes, for Lita, otherwise known as Sailor Jupiter, this was a normal day. Along with her sailor scout friends, Lita fought to protect the world from evil. Too bad for the monster, the five scouts were fighting today, Lita had a bad day. She caught her boyfriend kissing another girl and to top the school day off, one of his pervert friends made a move on her. This was really not a good day to piss Lita off.

Lita transformed into Sailor Jupiter, her green sailor scout uniform clutching to every curve. She was very bountiful in the chest region and this gave her most of her guy troubles. Sailor Jupiter faced off with the bat-man type creature terrorizing some people. Sailor Moon started to babble some justice speech but Lita wasn't in a patient mood. She used one of her thunder attacks to get the creatures attention, and singe him around the edges a little.

Serena, also known as Sailor Moon, pouted because Lita interrupted her. Sailor Mars, or Rei, whacked Serena and told her to clobber the monster. Sailor Moon took out the Moon Scepter but before she attacked a strange man appeared.

The man had dark hair that shot out in all sorts of directions and he wore a strange bright orange uniform. This distraction was all the monster needed for it attacked the sailor scouts who were distracted by the muscular hunk. Another man appeared and he was much shorter than the first one. He had dark hair that stood on end and he wore blue spandex with white armor. Jupiter quickly turned her attention back to the monster.

"You creep, bring in reinforcements will ya! Jupiter Power!" Lightning shot forth from Sailor Jupiter's hands and blasted the creature away.

"That was interesting." Another man came out of the darkness, but this man was not human… he was green and really, really tall and big.

Serena started her justice speech again and ran through her poses, "On behalf of the moon, I will punish you!"

Another man appeared. "She's pretty good, maybe I should pick up some tips." This man was younger than the others and he had short spiky dark hair. He was much closer to the sailor scouts age.

"Just who are you creeps, anyways?" Sailor Mars spat out, getting ready to flame them if they took one step closer.

Sailor Mercury, Ami, took out her computer and began analyzing them. "From what I can see, they're not human but they aren't from the Negamoon."

"These girls are pretty strong for human females." The green one folded his arms.

"Did anyone of you idiots notice we are much weaker and we just appeared here? Or were you too busy ogling weakling human girls?" The man in the white armor said with obvious anger.

"Yeah. We barely have the power level of… Yamcha!" The man in the orange uniform said and then turned to the youngest one, "Gohan, what do you make of this?"

They turned to the youngest, Lita thought. "Excuse me. But Sailor Mars asked you a question. Who are you guys?"

"Well, I think we might be in another time… or maybe another dimension." The youngest said thoughtfully and then turned his attention back to the girls, "I'm Gohan, this is my dad, Goku. This guy here is Vegeta. And the green one is Piccolo. I think we don't belong here… would you mind telling us the date and um… planet?"

Lita pulled Sailor Moon back. "Let me handle this one." Sailor Jupiter stepped forward. "I am Sailor Jupiter, the blue-haired girl is Sailor Mercury, the one in red is Sailor Mars, the one in orange is Sailor Venus and the meatball head is Sailor Moon."

"Hey! Why do I have to be last? I'm the leader!!! And I'm not a meatball head!" Sailor Moon squealed.

"There is one more of you… in the tree." Gohan pointed up towards Tuxedo Mask.

"Tuxedo Mask! Hey! How did you see him?" Sailor Moon looked at the men suspiciously.

"Anyways, the year is 2002 and this is the planet Earth." Sailor Jupiter finished as Sailor Moon ran, tripped and then ran again into Tuxedo Mask's arms.

"Another dimension." Gohan sighed. "This is not good. How did we come to be transported here?"

"Better yet, why were our powers decreased?" Piccolo looked at the young girls.

"Okay so you boys expect us to believe that you're from another dimension?" Sailor Venus, Mina, turned to Ami. "Is that even plausible?"

"I'm glad to see you are using your vocabulary words, Sailor Venus. Yes, it is quite possible that these men are from another dimension. I have read that dimensional portals are quite possible but very unstable. And they could-" Mercury was interrupted by Mars.

"Enough with the book talk, Mercury. Should I burn them or what?" Mars created a small fire ball in her hand.

"Come on, Mars. They haven't attacked us, yet. They are probably scared. This is a strange place." Mercury explained.

"Would you like to repeat that, little girl?" Vegeta growled as he started to move towards the girl, "I am not scared of pathetic, little girls with little toys."

Goku stopped Vegeta. "Better not, Vegeta. We might need these girls' help."

"Shut up, Kakarott. I do not need assistance from such… children." Vegeta pushed Goku out of the way and headed towards Mercury.

Mars took out her wand and used her fire to blast Vegeta. "Creep. Don't underestimate us."

Mercury backed off shocked when she saw Vegeta had not a scratch on him.

"Oh, I think you might of singed a hair." Vegeta said sarcastically.

The green man called Piccolo grabbed Vegeta's arm forcefully. "Goku is right. Not many will believe that we are from another dimension and if we ever want to get back we will probably need these girls assistance. We were brought here… to this exact place for a reason."

"Oh! Don't tell me the Namek believes in fate!" Vegeta pulled his arm free.

"Come on, Vegeta. I'm sure Sailor Mercury meant no insult." Gohan walked up to the girls, "I think Piccolo is correct in assuming you girls might be the only ones who can help us return to our own dimension. I mean I have finals coming up!"

"We do, too!" Sailor Venus said. "So you have school, too?"

"Yeah I attend Orange City High School." Gohan smiled at Sailor Venus.

Artemis finally decided to speak up. "I think we should decide where we are going to house these guys until we can figure out how to get them back."

"Okay! I know cats don't talk!" Goku pointed at Artemis and started to laugh. "It's kinda cool."

"Oh, dad." Gohan shook his head, blushing with embarrassment. "Piccolo, what do you have to say about all this?"

Piccolo had sat down in a meditative position with his eyes shut, he responded. "It is in these women's hands, now. If they want to help us…"

"Okay! Give us a second." The Sailor Scouts made a huddle.

"Well, we are supposed to help people." Sailor Mars whispered looking over her shoulder at the one with the attitude problem. "But they are aliens."

"I've already decided I would help them, Rei." Jupiter said firmly, "Even if you all won't. I just wish they were bad guys, then I'd have something to take my frustration out on."

Sailor Venus piped up hearing this, "That Gohan is cute. I'd like to take my frustrations out on him."

Simultaneously, Jupiter, Mars, Artemis and Mercury said, "Mina!"

"Well, the only places they can stay is at Rei's temple and Lita's house. The rest of us have parents to worry about." Mercury pointed out.

"I can hide Gohan in my room!" Venus volunteered.

"I can't take the green guy! First, he's creepy and if my grandfather saw him… he'd freak, same with Chad! You take the green freak, Lita!" Rei pointed out.

"Alright, I can take Piccolo. But I am not taking Mr. Stick-up-his-ass. You can deal with him." Lita sighed.

"If I could interrupt, I say, it would be easiest if Gohan and I go with Lita and Goku and Vegeta go with Rei." Piccolo interrupted and the girl's looked at him shocked that he could hear them. "Oh come on! Does everyone think my ears are just for decoration?"

Lita turned her attention back to Rei, "How's that?"

Rei nodded mutely.

"Alright… that's settled." Ami started, "I'll do some research, tonight. And we will all meet at Rei's temple, after school tomorrow."

"Um… better make it my place. I can probably get Piccolo to my house at night but if anyone sees him walking around during the day… it could cause problems." Lita looked over at Piccolo.

"Good idea! Then you can cook! FOOD! Darien, I'm hungry!" Sailor Moon goes off on her tangent.

"Well I better get some food for Serena before she decides one of our new friends look tasty." Tuxedo Mask smiled as he detransformed. The other sailor scouts followed his example.

"Cool…" Gohan said. "These girls are true superheroes. I can really get some good ideas."

Serena waved bye to everyone. "I will see you guys tomorrow."

Darien took her hand and led her off.

Rei ran a hand through her dark hair. "Alright. Goku, Vegeta… you come with me."

Vegeta growled. "Who do you think you are to order us around? I could kill you, easily."

"Come on! Vegeta! It will be like a sleep-over! I always wanted to have a sleep-over!" Goku said excited.

Lita sighed and prayed for better luck with Piccolo and Gohan. "You guys, ready to go?"

"Yes." Piccolo said and stood.

Piccolo, Gohan and Lita walked away from the others.

Lita asked Piccolo, "Did you hear everything we said?"

"Clearly." Piccolo said his deep voice echoing, "And if you want I would like to see just how hard you punch." Piccolo smirked and looked at Lita.

"I couldn't do that. You haven't done anything to make me angry at you." Lita said her cheeks red.

"So Lita… you and your friends are superheroes. How do you keep your secret identities secret?" Gohan asked, ready to take mental notes.

"Well, we just don't transform in front of people and we keep to ourselves." Lita tried to explain.

"But your disguises… aren't very…" Gohan tried to explain.

"They work." Lita said gruffly. "Sorry. I am just tired. Long day and all."

Lita stopped in front of her apartment and took out her key. "Here we are." Lita ripped off a note on the door and crumpled it in her fist. It was an apology from her ex-boyfriend.

"Angry at him?" Gohan asked.

Lita opened the door. "Whatever would make you get that idea?"

"Um, nice place." Gohan looked around the messy apartment.

"Yeah, I know. I'm messy. The perks of living alone. I bet you guys are probably hungry." Lita sighed as she looked at her clothes strewn throughout the place. She wasn't usually messy but after the day she had, she decided to redecorate.

"I know I am!" Gohan said with a smile.

"I only need water." Piccolo responded.

"Alright. I think I can cook for one extra." Lita said smiling.

"You might want to make that ten extra." Piccolo said as he picked up one of the knocked over chairs and sat in it at the round dinette table.

"And why is that?"

"Saiyains tend to eat alot. And Gohan is half-Saiyain." Piccolo said as he tossed the various items off the table.

"Oh. Alright." Lita began to cook.

"Would you like to tell us who trashed your place?" Piccolo asked.

"I trashed it, myself. I was pissed off so I threw some things around." Lita sighed as she continued to cook. "I don't really want to talk about it. Why don't you guys tell me about yourselves?"

Gohan began to explain all about the Saiyains and the people they fought and about Piccolo. Piccolo didn't seem too interested in clarifying about himself. Lita left him alone and brought the food.

"I hope this is enough." Lita said as she set down the elaborate meal. "And your water, sir."

"Wow, this looks great!" Gohan began devouring the meal.

Piccolo drank some water. "I am curious about you and your friends."

Lita took a bite of her small portion. "Well, we are reincarnates of princesses of our respective planets. We each have special powers given to us by the god of our planet. I am Sailor Jupiter, princess of Jupiter. My power from the god Jupiter are lightning based."

"I see. How old are you guys?" Gohan asked.

"Well, you really shouldn't ask a lady that, but we are eighteen." Lita said.

Piccolo looked around the apartment. "What happened to make you so destructive?"

"Does it have to do with the letter from the guy you are angry at?" Gohan chirped in.

"Yes. I do not want to discuss it. In this world high school boys tend to be jerks." Lita finished her plate and took it to the sink.

"The food was great. Allow me to clean the dishes in return." Gohan took his plates to the sink.

"Thanks." Lita smiled. "I hope you don't mind, but I need to get washed up. Make yourselves at home."

Lita practically ran to the shower. She stripped off her clothing and jumped in the shower. She washed the days problems away and then exited and looked on the towel rack. Damn, she thought, I forgot I had tossed those around too.

"Um, Piccolo?" Lita called out.

"Yes?" Piccolo replied.

"You don't happen to see a towel or robe, lying around there, do you?" Lita asked her voice slightly frantic.

"I see a robe." Piccolo responded.

Lita opened the door a crack and reached her arm. "Toss it here, please."

Lita felt the robe land on her arm and she pulled it back inside. "Thanks." She quickly put on the hunters green bath robe.

Lita exited the bathroom and was shocked to see her
apartment straightened out and all her clothing folded in neat piles. Her jaw fell slack and she looked at the Namek reclining on the sofa reading her Martial Arts magazine. Gohan was still in the kitchen putting away the dishes.

"Did you do this?" Lita asked.

"I do not like disorder." Piccolo said as he turned the page of the magazine.

"Well thank you, both. You saved me some time." Lita picked up a towel from one of the piles and started to dry her hair. "I guess it is kind of nice having roommates. And I assure you I am usually not messy. I just had to throw some things. It made me feel better until I could beat the crap out of some monster."

Piccolo stood. "Will I suffice?"

"Um, I didn't mean… I don't think you are a monster." Lita blushed.

"One punch. I just want to see the power you hold." Piccolo set down the magazine.

"I can't."

Piccolo shook his head. "Then I will come at you."

Lita's eyes widen as the gigantic green Namek came at her. She defended herself, finally she swung. She connected on Piccolo's jaw and his head whipped back.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry!" Lita looked at the purple blood on her hand.

"I'm fine. That is a nice punch." Piccolo smirked and wiped the blood from his mouth.

"Are you sure?" Lita looked worried. "I really hit you hard."

"Yes. I'm positive." Piccolo sat and returned to the magazine. "Did it help?"

"Well… not really. I kind of feel bad for hitting you." Lita said with complete honesty.

"Maybe talking about it is better." Piccolo suggested, as he flipped the page.

"I didn't want to tell the girls… they always judge me for getting mixed up with jackass boyfriends." Lita sat on the couch next to Piccolo and he put the magazine down. Gohan had just finished the dishes.

"I'm going to take a shower," Gohan said as he picked up a towel and made his way to the bathroom.

"I am truly not one to judge." Piccolo smirked and she could tell he was being honest.

"I have been going out with Rex for three weeks. Last night, he wanted to take me back to his place. I, of course, said I was tired and just wanted to go home." Lita sighed and refused to make eye contact with Piccolo. "Today I caught him with a cheerleader. Kissing her in the woman's locker room. Not only that his hand was in her shirt!"

"Just because you would not… human males are very stupid at times And if what you tell me is true I think you must look for a different type of man. One who can treat you right."

"You know how many schools I have been kicked out of?" Lita smiled at Piccolo.

"Why would schools kick you out?"

"Three because I got in fights and pummeled boys for saying and doing inappropriate things to me… but no one cared." Lita sighed. "This school here is my last chance so I couldn't even-"

"I could give him a nice scare…" Piccolo smiled evilly.

"I bet you could but I can deal with him in my own way." Lita patted Piccolo's hand. Piccolo took Lita's hand in his, holding on to her gaze.

"I feel like I should protect you. I can't explain it." Piccolo's face softened and he smiled at her.

"I can take care of myself… without getting in too much trouble." Lita returned the kind smile but abruptly stood pulling her hand away, "Do you want more water?"

"Uh, no. Thank you." Piccolo seemed flustered and looked at his hand bewildered.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

Piccolo chuckled which seemed to startle himself. "No, I do not. I have never met a woman who was not completely terrified of me."

"That is too bad. You seem like that noble prince type, girls are always dreaming about." Lita couldn't believe she just said that and Piccolo's cheeks turned violet.

"Gohan told you I was trying to take over the world." Piccolo regained his composure, "I am not very princely."

"You just offered to go take care of a guy who hurt me and you haven't even known me a day. I think that is a sign for a very noble man with an extremely good heart. You even offered to let me use you as a punching bag." Lita smiled.

"Yeah I guess I did do that. I usually don't do stuff like that." Piccolo seemed deep in thought.

"Well, listen. I guess you guys can sleep out here. The couch unfolds into a bed. You have the blankets and stuff out here." Lita was shocked when Piccolo grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto him. He kissed her passionately on the lips.

"What… why?" Lita said, blushing. That was the best kiss she ever had.

"I do not know. I am sorry." Piccolo's face was violet and he couldn't even look at her.

Lita stood. "Well, um, good night." Lita rushed to her bedroom, passing Gohan in a towel. Usually she would have ogled him but she shut her door and plopped down on the bed.

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