Guardians of the Sailor Senshi

AN: Final chapter before epilogue.

Chapter 13- Do Nameks Dream?

The stoic Namek opened his eyes, his favorite waterfall, right before him. This was where he was when he was taken to that other dimension. Not one thing had changed, he felt just as strong as his was before he was taken by Frieza to the dimension of the Sailor senshi.

"Was it a dream?" Piccolo asked himself. Piccolo thought of dashing off to see if Gohan dreamt it too, or if it was real but something stopped him.

He thought of the beautiful brunette warrior who fought to be with him. He found that odd, who would want to be with him? Lita, she was as beautiful as she was strong. She had a will of steel. Where was she? Did she exist? Was it just a Namek's dream?

Piccolo looked to the sky. Wasn't she with him when they went through the portal? Shouldn't she be here with him?

"A little help here?" A feminine voice blubbered.

Piccolo's eyes shot down towards the water where Lita was, soaking wet and clutching to the edge of the shore. The Namek smiled and he lowered his hand to pull her up.

She reached for his hand and took it. "Does this feel like a dream, Piccolo?"

He helped her up. "No, Lita, it feels good."

"Nice place." Lita smiled. "I could grow to like it here."

Piccolo didn't wait another second, he took her in his arms and didn't let her go, partly in fear she'd just disappear and partly in fear she wouldn't want him anymore. She accepted his embrace and returned it with the same fears.

"Never leave me." Lita whispered.

"Never." Piccolo whispered in return, just enjoying the feel of holding her. "How could it be a woman like you truly exists?"

Lita sneezed. "I won't exist for long if I don't get out of these wet clothes."

Piccolo smirked. "Easily fixed."

Lita pushed him away and wrapped her arms around her body, "I-I- d"

Piccolo hushed her and using his skills he zapped her a gi like his on her, most importantly it was dry.

"What other skills have you been hiding?" Lita asked, looking down at the purple gi.

"Hmm... " Piccolo grabbed Lita and flew into the sky towards The Lookout.


Vegeta woke in the gravity chamber. "Figures."

Vegeta proceeded to beat his frustration out on the ship. A teenage boy with spiky lavender hair came running in the ship.

"Father! You're home!"

"Of course, I am, boy." Vegeta said as he folded his arms.

Trunks threw his arms around his father, not caring if his father blew him to bits. "You've been gone for months! Where have you been?"

"Months?" Vegeta pondered it a moment, shoving the boy off of him.

"Yeah. Mom has been having a fit. I mean her being pregnant and all doesn't help. She kept calling you a bum that left whenever things got too hard."

Vegeta sighed, "I'll be getting an ear-full no doubt. Maybe I should disappear again."

"VEGETA!" Bulma screeched as she stormed in, her hair in curls and her stomach in her full pregnant glory.

"Dammit, Woman, I'm right in front of you! No need to yell." Vegeta scowled.

"I can't believe you left again! Reep what you sow, that's what I say!" Bulma had a frying pan in her hand.

Vegeta took the frying pan as it came at his head. He threw it down on the ground with a stern look in his eye. "I didn't leave on purpose and I bet you know Goku, Piccolo and Gohan were missing also. Have them explain. I need some air."

Trunks followed his father as he flew quickly from Capsule Corp.. "What happened, father?"

"Frieza brought the four of us to another dimension to kill us." Vegeta explained unemotionally. "Now go home before your mother has another fit."

"She's just upset. She was really scared." Trunks tried to explain.

"I don't want to talk about this." Vegeta said sternly.

"What happened in that dimension, dad?" Trunks pressed on, he certainly inheirited his father's stubborn behavior.

"What happened there, stays there." The Saiyan prince stated mournfully, but added in his head, 'and in my heart'

"Oh alright, I'll ask Gohan, he'll tell me." Trunks started off, but turned back around, giving his dad a hug. "I really missed you."

"You've gotten soft without me." Vegeta allowed his son to embrace him.

Trunks flew off and Vegeta hoped that what did happen was kept between the four of them... well, five, that is if the Namek's girl made it. Vegeta looked back towards where Trunks flew off. "Maybe I should have stayed. He would have been fine without me."

Vegeta shook his head, telling himself that the boy just proved he needed him. Bulma needed him. Even if she annoyed him, and always tricked him into thinking he cared for her, she was the mother of his children.

"I miss her already, dammit." Vegeta mumbled. Rei was invading his thoughts again.

Vegeta thought about her alot and then went home. He was needed, and he was missed.


Piccolo and Lita arrived at the Lookout and Dende greeted them.

"Welcome. Piccolo told me that you would be staying here." The smaller Namek smiled gently.

"Told you? We just got here." Lita looked at the younger Namek confused.

"Telepathically." Dende stated simply.

"Oh." Lita looked from Dende to Piccolo a couple times, "Are you two related?"

"Loosely." Piccolo smirked. "Do you like it here?"

Lita quickly scanned the scenery. "Well, the only part I dislike is the height."

Piccolo chuckled. "Well, then, that's why tomorrow I train you to fly."

"Fly? Me?"

Mr. Popo took Lita on a tour while Dende and Piccolo caught up on what had happened. Apparantly they were missing for five months. When they were only gone for a couple days. Piccolo told Dende everything and wondered where Rei and Vegeta were.


Vegeta decided to avoid the woman's wrath by spending time with Trunks, which meant spending time with Goten. The teenagers were not interested in being babysat or trained. And Vegeta knew this.

"Let me guess, this is your night to go find girls?" Vegeta folded his arms. "Sounds like fun."

"Fun?" Trunks looked at his father shocked. "But... dad!"

"Your mother and I have an agreement." Vegeta said bluntly. "We can see whoever, whenever, that was her choice, mainly."

Trunks stuttered. "I-I-I Why? You never wanted to go out with us before."

"Stay with psycho pregnant woman or go out with my son and his little friend." Vegeta weighed his options.

"You could uh, train." Trunks pointed out.

Vegeta glared at Trunks and then flew off to Capsule Corp., his pride slightly injured that his son didn't want to spend time with him.

Vegeta quickly went into the spaceship to avoid Bulma. Bulma came storming in, as perusual.

"I was just out with the boy so don't-"

"Shut up. Someone is here to see you." Bulma folded her arms, much like Vegeta does. "You could have waited until I wasn't pregnant, you know."

"I told you that I didn't leave on purpose!" Vegeta snapped. "Wait, who's here? Kakarott? The Namek?"

"Go check for yourself, ass."

Vegeta followed Bulma into the house.

"You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find you."

Vegeta's eyes widen. "Rei?"

It was true, Rei was sitting on his couch, right there in front of him. How could it be?

"We should talk." Rei kept her stern face.

"How did you get here?"

"I thought I made my decision but you changed my mind to do something foolish again." Rei stood. "I leapt in the portal after you."

Bulma was watching intrigued, she had found out from Goku about the little romp in the other dimension for a couple days, just before Rei showed up on her doorstep.

Vegeta looked back at Bulma. "You know don't you?"

"Yeah. I know. Goku doesn't keep secrets very well." Bulma's face was unreadable.

"Then why aren't you yelling or hitting me?" Vegeta questioned.

"It's not like we are married or anything. As I said, you could have waited until after I gave birth to your child." Bulma sighed and pulled Vegeta aside. "I could tell by that look in your eyes when you saw her, that you truly care for her. She's a little young, but I'm not going to stand in your way. If she's willing to leave her entire life behind for you... I cannot stop you. I wouldn't want you to stop me from being with the one I truly loved either, as was our deal."

Vegeta looked into those blue eyes. "Woman... Bulma, thank you."

"Just don't expect to stay here." Bulma said sternly.

"Wasn't planning on it."

"And let me talk to Trunks." Bulma continued. "And visit once a week."

Vegeta turned to Rei. "Time to go."

"But I need to talk to you."

Vegeta grabbed her in his arms and flew off towards the Lookout. "Talk now."

Rei clutched him. "Warn me before you do that!"

"Why should I? You gave me no warning of your decision." Vegeta said spitefully, he had been depressed all day.

"What? So you could have more time to change my mind. Of course it only took one word to send me leaping after you, stupid."

"And what word was that?"

"Love, of course." Rei snapped.

"I said that." Vegeta smirked. "I don't recall saying that."

"Don't make me hit you."

"Don't make me drop you." Vegeta countered but then smiled. "How did you manage to find me?"

"It was hard, I was asking everyone. I was close the whole time, but it took me recognizing your son and asking him. I can't believe how old he is! He's almost my age!"

"Yeah, well, pure-blooded Saiyans age differently, we live longer. Wait, how did you recognize him?"

Rei sighed. "The reason I changed my mind was because Sailor Pluto showed me your family and I didn't want to hurt them by selfishly taking you away."

"No matter. I promised I'd visit once a week. And we'll live on the Lookout for awhile."

Rei smiled. "I'm glad I changed my mind."

"I'm glad too." Vegeta kissed Rei.

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