While we're still asleep, Marvel has Glimmer take the watch so that he can sleep. She wakes us all up as soon as it gets dark so that we can get ready to go.

Cato and I dress quickly and I fasten my belt of knives around my waist as he places his sheathed sword on the waistband of his pants.

We all gather around the fire, waiting for the anthem and count of the dead to appear so that we can get a move on.

We make meaningless small talk until the anthem abruptly blares and the capitol logo brightens up the sky. The faces of the fallen tributes accompanied by their district number appear after.

Our count was dead on. The faces of 11 tributes fill the sky one after another for a brief second before vanishing forever.

I momentarily think of the families of the now dead. I think of how they had to watch their, daughter, sister, friend or lover die at the hands of what they think is a bloodthirsty animal in a human's body.

The thought of them makes me hate them even more and I don't regret anything I did this morning. Suddenly, Peeta stands up "Do you guys smell that?" he says hurriedly.

"Smell what?" Glimmer asks sniffing with her perfectly stupid nose. "Entertainment" Cato says with a deadly smirk as he points to the tree of the forest where I can just barely make out the flickering of a fire.

We quickly gather up the rest of the weapons and light a few torches then head towards the forest. Cato takes the lead, slashing through the underbrush with his sword. I follow directly behind trying to focus on anything other than the flexing of his biceps visible even through his jacket.

We stop suddenly and Cato turns to Glimmer, Ellie and Peeta. "You three are way too loud." He whispers loudly.

"Head to the left for about 200 yards, then curve around and see if this idiot will scare and run right into Marvel, Clove and I." He says as he continues hacking away at the thorns.

I watch as the three roll their eyes, but do as they're told and head to the left until they're not visible through all the vines and leaves.

We continue to move much quieter until we see the faint light of a fire. Cato slashes through the last bit of vine to bring us into a small clearing.

The sound of the slicing wakes up the girl from District 8 who was sleeping next to her small fire. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Cato asks tauntingly.

The girl stands up quickly and attempts to run, but Marvel was able to wrap around without her noticing and she runs right into him.

He grabs her, holding her still as she begins to scream. "Shut up. You'll wake the others." I spit out at her but she continues her noise. Peeta, Glimmer and Ellie barge in, no doubt because they heard her scream.

The girl looks around, she realizes that it's hopeless, but still continues to scream. "Clove" Cato begins "Cut out her tongue." He orders me. "With pleasure" I sneer as I approach her with one of my smallest knives.

She struggles in Marvels grip, but is unable to break loose. "Peeta, hold her head still and open her mouth." I order him and he quickly obeys. "Now, now, It'll only hurt a lot" I tease her as I begin to slice at the back of her tongue.

She tries to scream, but I quickly silence her with a blow to the throat. She then begins to cry, either from the pain, hopelessness, or both.

"Wait" Cato begins as I'm halfway through her tongue "Ellie, give me that rope you brought with." He orders the girl who obliges and places a coil of rope onto his hand

Cato kneels in front of the girl and begins to tie the rope around her ankles. "Marvel, Peeta, hoist her up." He orders while pointing to a branch above us. "Here" He says to me as he hands me the rope attached to her feet.

I smirk at his idea, and allow him to hoist me up so that I'm able to tie the rope around the tree branch. "Make sure it's nice and tight!" Glimmer yells, seemingly enjoying this.

For once, I listen to her and tug the rope until the poor girl is 4 feet off the ground.

Cato gently lets me down "Put on a good show" he whispers with a devilish grin. I smirk back and saunter over to the girl who is already beginning to choke on her own blood. "Now, let's begin, shall we?" I murmur closely to her ear. "Oh, how about here?" I say as I hold up her hand.

I pull one of my knives from my belt and begin carving small, intricate patterns into her hand and wrist. I repeat the process on the other side the decide on what I'm going to do her. "Glimmer, would you mind getting rid of this shirt?"

I ask the ditsy blonde twirling her hair and watch Cato instead of me. "Oh, sure!" she says as I hand her a knife and she cuts the shirt off the girl, leaving her upper half exposed, minus her sports bra.

Marvel snickers like the teenage boy he is, but Peeta and Cato remain focused.

I then continue carving up her arms, down her stomach, up her back, then across her chest, all while she whimpers in pain. When I am finished, my hands and arms are covered in her blood, but no where near as much as she is.

"What do you say Cato? Leave her here strung up until she bleeds out? I guarantee it won't be long." I say as I wink at the girl moaning in pain.

"Sure, why not. Let's go. We'll come back for the rope later" he says as he begins heading back to the cornucopia.

I holster my knives back on my belt and follow right behind. I attempt to stifle the yawn that comes out of my mouth, but I'm unsuccessful. We were out for about 6 hours, making it around 2 o'clock in the morning. She should be dead by three.

We have a long walk ahead of us though, and after an hour, we still haven't heard a canon. "Why is it taking so long?" I mutter, slightly frustrated.

"I don't know, but it's time now. Peeta, go finish her off." He tells the blonde boy, aware that he's still looking nauseated from my little show earlier.

However, he's smart enough to not argue with Cato and heads off back to where the girl is, taking a torch from Glimmer and walking through the brush. "Aren't you worried he'll flee?" I ask him quietly as we stop allowing the others to pass us.

"More or less. But think of this as a test. If he comes back, his death will be quick, but if not, he'll be much worse than that girl." He mumbles closely to me.

I look in his eyes, know what he wants right now, but know that this is definitely not the place. There are way too many cameras. "Remember, patience." I whisper only loud enough for him to hear. He sighs, but obliges and we continue to walk when we hear a canon. "Well, he did it." I say with slight surprise in my voice.

We arrive back to the camp to find that everyone has already gone asleep. Leaving Cato and I to keep watch. Even after Peeta arrives back, there's only one sleeping bag and three of us. I'm definitely not crawling into one with Peeta, so I decide staying up for a few more hours won't hurt.

Cato and I sit and listen to the bugs chirp until we're sure it's been at least 2 hours.

I go and wake up Ellie, because she hasn't had a watch rotation yet.

Then I climb into the tent she was in as Cato climbs in after me. He strips his jacket and shirt off and gets settled into the sleeping bag

I follow suit, debating whether or not to remove my own shirt. I decide it can't hurt much. "It's pitch black in here after all" I tell myself.

I kick off my shoes and climb into the sleeping bag. He kisses my cheek and rolls off to his side to sleep.

"Goodnight" I say as I close my eyes, already feeling sleep begin to overtake me. I drift off to sleep listening to Cato's constant steady breathing and the gentle hum of the crickets.