Black as Knight.



Ok, I've set this in a...kind of 'Old London'...but I don't really know London all that well, because it's a big place. So PLEASE...Don't try to correct me if I'm wrong on something, because for all I know (which isn't a lot, but hey.), I've probably got all of my facts wrong.

In addition, this is a fanfic, and I've made things totally...weird in the sense that not everyone is in the 'friendship groups'. So for example, not all the Mugiwara's are togeher, and not all of them are good.

Also, so that people don't get confused, Chopper and Ussop are the versions from two years later, but are still the same age as they were BEFORE the two years. So...the appearance of two years later, but the same age from beforethe two years...Ok? (Basically, Ussop finally gained his abs, and Chopper can transform into a fully-grown deer.)

This is a 'Gang' kind of fic...It's hard to explain.

So just use your imagination.

Throughout this fic, there will be love, humour, friendship, family, violence, spanking (in a parental tone), whipping and a mixture of other stuff, but nothing that could move this rating up to an M. =)

Having said this, enjoy the fic, and PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW! ^^D

It was dark. The leaves of the trees that were scattered far and few around St. James park rustled in the slight breeze that slowly drifted through them, the only light being the candle lit lamps, and the light of the crescent moon as it waned. Silence rained upon them in the cool night air, making the surroundings seem slightly eerie. But the peaceful park was far from deserted.

Sitting or standing around a single wooden bench, were nine silhouetted figures, hidden by the night.

A thin, almost raggedy figure was stood beside another slim figure, and his large black afro stood out against the suit that just hung off of his skeletal frame, the lights casting shadows into the empty eyesockets of his gleaming skull. The figure beside him had a small pineapple of yellow hair, and was stood with his arms folded over his chest.

Another, larger man who had huge great forearms and a cyan blue ducktail was stood with his hands on his hips proudly, and the man who was sat down on the grass beside him on one side had his own blue hair tied back in a ponytail and a large red nose, giving him a clown-like appearance. The man on the giant's other side, looked like a rather weak-willed man with his long blonde hair and a thin narrow black band that shielded his eyes.

A dangerous looking pale yet muscular man whose bright red hair resembled flames, had black circles around his dark red eyes and dark purple lips, grinned wickedly as he pointed his finger at a girl whose light blue hair was tied back in a high ponytail, magnetising her earring as he tried to pull it away from her ear.

The girl glared at him in annoyance, and flicked a small knife at him which she had quickly withdrawn from her sleeve. Her friend who had necklength dark blue hair let her hand trace the scabbard of her katana as she snorted in amusement, adjusting her glasses with the otherhand.

The man with the flame coloured hair merely repelled the small knife at a slim figure who was casually leaning up against a tree, hugging a katana close to him and pulling his white and brown spotted northen-style hat up out of the way of his eyes, simultaneously moving his head slightly to the left so that the dagger embedded itself into the tree beside his head.

"Cut it out Kidd...My patience runs thin."

"Don't make it worse Kidd, I can already feel the wind starting to brew up a storm."

"Why are you blaiming me Vivi? Shut your laughing trap Tashigi."

"Yohohoho~, tempers are running high, ne Marco?"


"I swear 'hm' is all the flashy bastard ever says."

"Shut up Buggy, I don't recall anything about you being so suuuuper."


"H-Hush Buggy."

"Why now, Helmeppo?"

"L-Law is giving you the calculating death glare."

A slim man in a dark blue suit who was about the age of seventeen, was sat on the bench with his arm stretched out along the back of it, lazily taking a long drag of his lit cigarette as his blonde hair blew into his face a little in the wind.

"I don't think he's coming, Sanji." Kidd said, magnetising the dagger out of the wood from where it was still stuck in the tree beside Trafalgar Law's head.

"Shh." Brook suddenly hissed, cocking his skeletal head to the left slightly, looking as though he was listening.

Kidd bristled, glaring at the gentleman skeleton. "Don't tell me to shush, you bony-"

"SHH." Brook hissed more violently. "I can hear them coming." He added this time, making everyone stop. Law raised his head. Buggy and Helmeppo stood up, as did Tashigi and Vivi. Franky, Brook and Marco moved to stand behind Sanji, who merely closed his eyes and inhaled another breath of his cigarette.

Three dark silhouettes approached them, making no sound as they walked across the grass to meet the ten who had been waiting for them. The two who flanked the middle man looked vaguely similar. Neck length black hair, very slightly tanned skin, the same eyes and both wore hats.

The one on the left who was clearly the oldest of the three, as he had a little more muscle to him, which was shown by the absence of his top, and he had freckles along his cheekbones. But he wore simple black ankle boots and a pair of brown khaki shorts, and the red beads around his neck were accompanied by an orange cowboy hat with two theatre faces on them, which had a string attatched to it to prevent it from falling off.

The boy on the right looked slightly younger and wore a red vest-like top, jean-shorts with fluffy edges at the knees, and wore a straw-hat with a red ribbon around it, which also had a string attatched to it to keep it from falling off. He looked somewhat badass, due to a small scar that was located just underneath his left eye that had not healed properly, looking like his scar had two stitches going through it.

Finally, the third guy had short green hair and was dressed in black boots, black trousers, a white t-shirt, a green and black striped bellywarmer, a black leather jacket, and had a set of three dangling gold earrings in his left ear. He had a sinister look about him as he tightened his grip on the three katanas that he kept strapped to his waist, but it may have been due to the fact that he really did not want to be there.

"Oi, Ace, Luffy. Not a word during this exchange, you hear me?"

The two on either side of him nodded once.

"Yup, we got it." Luffy answered, grinning slightly as they approached.

They stopped a few meters short of the larger group as a few odd rain droplets started to fall, making a slight slapping sound on the leaves of the trees that they fell onto.

"Ahhh, you finally got here. I must say, you've let your standards drop. I heard that you killed a couple of innocents the other day." Sanji smirked. "Tut tut, I thought you were against all that. Perhaps they annoyed you a little too much, maybe?"

"What do you want, curly-brow?" The middle man asked, sounding slightly irritated and clearly wanting to move on from the subject.

Sanji breathed out his cigarette smoke and opened his eyes to look at the man in front of him. "Just a little talk with you on territory, Zoro."

There was a tense silence.

"You dare try to negotiate on me giving up territory and I will kick your arse here and now yo-" Zoro growled, his hand straying to one of his katanas.

"On the contrary, Marimo." Sanji cut in, waving a hand dismissively and taking another quick drag on his cigarette. Zoro clenched his jaw angrily.

Sanji started to talk once more. "It seems that this morning, your long-nosed friend was caught pickpocketing...on our turf."

To Zoro's left, Ace closed his eyes and groaned quietly. 'Ussop', he cursed mentally, thinking of the tanned, long nosed slim teenager with curly, black hair. Zoro mentally vowed to kick the kid's arse later. Luffy meanwhile, looked slightly worried for his friend, and having forgotton what Zoro had told him earlier, balled his hands into fists.

"So what if he did? What's the problem? Eh?" He yelled, anything else he tried to say suddenly muffled as Ace quickly managed to clamp a hand over his brother's mouth.

"What of it, Ero-cook." Zoro said emotionlessly, making Sanji's eye twitch slightly.

"Whatever he stole, belongs to me. I want it back, Marimo." Sanji returned, making Zoro's eye twitch.

Luffy raised the volume of his voice so as to be heard, if not slightly muffled, through Ace's hand. "DON'T DO IT ZORO." He yelled.

"And if I don't?" Zoro asked, choosing to ignore Luffy.

"I take his life. Tit for tat really..." Sanji stated bluntly, leaning back into the bench as the random water droplets started to fall a little heavier, but not hard enough to be considered as rain.

"Fine. You leave us alone, we give back whatever it was he took, and neither of us take even a tiny step over the boundaries of eachother's territory." Zoro sighed at last, his patience starting to run thin for having been in his rival's company for so long.

"Perhaps...on the subject of territor-" Sanji said cautiously.

"TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT SANJI." Zoro roared, his dark eyes glinting dangerously.

Sanji stared at him calculatingly. "Fine then. Lets say twelve o'clock in St. James' square. Done?" He questioned, standing up and extending his hand out towards Zoro as the rain started to properly fall out of the sky. Ace tensed, ready to jump in at any moment.

"Done." Zoro agreed, taking Sanji's hand and shaking it once before dropping it, turning his back on the cook and walking back out of the park at a quick authorative pace, taking Ace and Luffy with him as they followed at a slight jog.

"Are you sure about this, Zoro?" Luffy asked.

"Yep. Just make sure I don't kick Ussop's arse too hard when we get back." Zoro muttered as he followed Ace, who was quickly navigating the streets for him, since he was a bit of a directional retard, and he knew it.

"Sure thing." Ace muttered as they entered the darker streets of London. The ones that no one dared to be out in after dark, save for Zoro and his crew.

Then again, the seven of them were the main reason for this. They were known throughout London as the Mugiwara gang, who were led by Zoro, and they were rivaled by the Kali gang, who were led by Sanji.

Zoro had a more laid back nature, and was content not to hurt anybody within his territory, which was at least half of London, unless they threatened either himself or his friends. They had no money apart from the money that they pick-pocketed, so naturally they didn't do too badly thanks to Nami, who despite being the only girl in the gang, was light fingered. However Zoro's laid back nature did not mean that he was in any way a soft guy, on the contrary, he avoided killing as much as possible, as that meant having to clear up the tracks, which was more Ace's forté, but his temper was something to be feared in London, and his quick wits had stayed him out of trouble with the authorities.

Whereas Sanji considered himself to be cooler and more of a ladies man, even though they often rejected him. His main base was rumoured to be a stack of flats somewhere near the middle of his territory, but it was known that he controlled his gang mostly by fear. The same going for his territory, which was the other half of London that Zoro hadn't claimed when the old gang leader that had all but controlled London, Gol.D Roger, had been captured and jailed for life about two years before, and his first in command having disappeared without a trace.

Sanji was more ruthless, and preferred to hide behind his subordinates, only getting involved in a fight if Zoro happened to be present, using his feet to fight, since he liked to cook. However, his main source of killing when someone in his territory displeased him, was by adding a certain 'flavour' to the food. They were often found dead before they had even finished the meal.

On the contrary, Zoro's base of operations, hadn't even been heard in rumours.


Simply because nobody knew.

But as Luffy, Ace and Zoro approached a large, rundown warehouse, they grinned at each other, picking up the pace as they headed towards it. Luffy ran ahead through the rain that was pelting down on them and took out a key, quickly opening the door that was concealed around the side of the building and ushering Zoro and Ace in before following them in and closing the door, locking it again behind him.

Dripping wet and aching, Zoro shook his short hair to get rid of some of the water, flinging droplets everywhere as his earrings clinked together merrily in quiet. "Home sweet home." He said with a grin.

The warehouse was full of boxes that were either scattered around the floor, or piled high on shelves that needed ladders to reach them. Metal work tables were also shoved around the room, as were a few stools or chairs. All of this was lit up by the dim lights that hung down from the ceiling in rows, lighting the aisles of boxes, or empty space that was devoid of anything in the centre of the warehouse.

Ace led them over to the back of the warehouse, into the far left corner to where there was a metal covering that covered a man sized metal vent. It looked tightly screwed on to the wall, but Ace removed by just taking the metal covering and lifting it upwards with a great heave, so that it slid up the wall with the sound of metal rattling over stone.

Luffy was the first to dive in, crawling along on his hands and knees, followed by his brother, and finally Zoro, who closed the covering behind him. Together, the three of them crawled on their hands and knees for a good five minutes at least, before the venting system finally opened up into a small hole which they jumped down into.

They stood around the manhole that laid on the floor beneath them, and Zoro lifted it effortlessly, even though it was made of an incrediably heavy metal. Opening the manhole, lots of little lights glittered back at them, revealing a metal ladder, whose rungs were thin and cold to the touch. Luffy grabbed either side of the ladder with both hands and feet, not bothering to use the rungs, and slid down the ladder, howling in pain as he did so.

His brother shook his head at his little brother's antics. "He does that everytime, and he never learns." He muttered, making Zoro chuckle in agreement as he watched the D. brother descend the ladder faster than a monkey.

Zoro lowered himself onto the ladder and closed the lid above him, carefully climbing down the ladder, thankful of the lights that had been installed either side of him to light the way. Upon reaching the bottom of the ladder, his boots touched down to the floor as he hopped off of it, turning around to view the huge cavern beneath the warehouse which he had stepped into.

His gaze alighted on the huge vessel that was proudly sat before him and a huge grin started to creep its way onto his face as he walked over to it and started to board it, patting the small plaque on it which read 'Thousand Sunny'.

The brig sloop was huge, and it was a ship which relied on the skills of its navigator, had it been in water. The ship's figurehead was in the shape of a roaring lion, with its mane in the shape of flower petals and crossbones undeneath it to give it a jolly-roger type look about it.

As Zoro stepped onto the deck, he chuckled under his breath. The ship had a lawn on its deck, complete with a swing and a slide, as well as an observation tower that stretched up to the huge ceiling of the cavern for a crow's nest.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked up at the crow's nest. Ace noticed this and slowly put his hands over his ears, waiting and backing off towards the direction of the kitchen.

"UUSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOPPPPP!" Zoro roared, nearly flattening Luffy as the kid fell over, his hands swiftly reaching up to cover his ears as he went and sat on the figurehead, crossing his legs underneath him comfortably. "GET DOWN HERE."

A clattering from the direction of the crow's nest was heard above them, and Zoro folded his hands over his chest as he waited with an annoyed expression on his face. Soon, a small hatch underneath the observation tower and instead of climbing down the ladder, the figure that was hastening to get out, managed to slip and fall the whole way to the deck, landing painfully on his back.

"Ow." Ussop muttered, sitting up and massaging his back. Suddenly he was roughly pulled to his feet by the scruff of his shirt. He turned to see Zoro glaring at him and he wilted a little, his attempt at a small wave dying a tragic death. "Wh-What have I done?" He asked warily, rubbing a finger down the length of his rather long nose.

Zoro resisted the urge to facepalm. 'He doesn't even know what he's done.' He sighed mentally.

In the kitchen, Ace was sat at the table with Nami, who was in her pyjamas since she had been woken up by the sound of the manhole being opened up when the boys had returned. Thatch was also with them, having stayed up to make some waffles for the three guys.

Ace did facepalm.

"Oi, Ace, what did he do?" Thatch asked, keeping his voice low. Nami also turned to look at Ace, her gaze intensly questioning.

"You're about to find out." He said mysteriously.

Zoro let go of Ussop's t-shirt and punched Ussop hard on top of his head, making him slam to the grassy deck. "Are you sure you know the boundaries between our half of London...and Sanji's half of London? Because next time, you need to make sure you know where you are before starting your pick-pocketing!" Zoro growled as he watched Ussop get up again shakily, jabbing the kid in the chest and forcing him backwards until his back thudded against the main mast.

"D-Damnit." Ussop cursed, realising what he'd done and starting to apologize. "Shit. I-I'm sorry! I didn't realise I was even on Sanji's turf! I hadn't meant to, I swear. You know me Zoro, I'm a little stupid sometimes, I didn't do it on purpo-"

"Yeah, I know..." Zoro sighed, rubbing his temples irritatedly. "But you are on washing up duty for the next WEEK."

Ussop gulped, but he knew that he had got off lightly. Too lightly. "I'm guessing that Sanji...uhh...wants the stuff that I, uhh, took?" He asked tentatively. Zoro nodded, running his tongue along the tops of his lower set of teeth, testing their edge. "I'll just go and...uh...get th-AAARGH!" He yelled as he walked past Zoro, only to be pitched forwards onto the floor after having tripped over Zoro's leg.

The tanned teen made to stand up, but catching sight of the unsheathed katana whose point was on eye-level, he stilled in fear. "Never. Do it again." Zoro warned dangerously. Ussop nodded vigorously and scrambled up as the katana was sheathed once more, running full pelt for the gang's stolen stash that was in a room kept hidden by a secret bookshelf door in the library.

A whipping sound followed by a sharp crack alerted Zoro to the kitchen, to where Ace's accompanying howl informed him that Ace had been trying to steal the waffles. Again. Pushing open the kitchen door, Ace was nursing his hand as he scowled at Thatch, who was brandashing a tea towel at him menacingly.

"I'm warning you Ace. Do NOT touch them until they're done. You hear me?" He said sternly.

Ace muttered something and sat down, resting his cheek in one hand with a huff as he watched Thatch make the finishing touches to the waffles, making Nami snort quietly at his childish behaviour. He glanced at her and stuck his tongue out at her, making her bite down on a giggle that threatened to burst from within her. As they noticed their leader in the doorway, they grinned at him.

"Hey Zoro, just finished doing the waffles. Want some?" Thatch smirked, placing a plate each in front of Nami and Ace. Nami thanked him politely, whereas Ace started to wolf them down, making Thatch roll his eyes and lightly cuff his ear. "You're welcome." He muttered good-naturedly.

"What?" Ace mumbled around his food. "I'm hungry."

Zoro laughed. "Sure, I could do with some food right about now." He agreed, making to take a step inside.

"FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOD." Came Luffy's cry, making everyone freeze.

"Uh-oh." Nami deadpanned, trying to finish her waffles quickly.

Thundering footsteps could be heard as Zoro hastily sat down and began to eat the waffles placed in front of him. Everyone looked up as echoing hooves clattered into the kitchen, revealing Chopper in his deer form, taking up the whole kitchen doorway.

"CHOPPER WATCH OUT!" Nami yelled as dust started to rise from behind the reindeer.

"EHHH?" Chopper screeched, his eyes getting wider as he turned around. There was a jumbled mass of fur and flesh as Luffy cannoned into him, the both of them falling to the floor heavily with Luffy pinning the poor reindeer to the floor.

"Huh? Oh hey Chopper! What were you doing in the doorway?" Luffy asked happily.

"STANDING, UNTIL YOU KNOCKED ME OVER." Chopper yelled, using his antlers to shove Luffy's body from off of him, pricking his skin slightly.

"Oh...Sorry." Luffy said as he stood up and dusted himself down, sitting beside Ace who was relaxing in his chair, having finished his waffles in time. "THATCH!" Luffy yelled suddenly. "FOOOOO-"

He was cut off as two waffles were shoved unceremoniously into his mouth by the cook. "Shut up and eat you idiot." Thatch growled as he put the rest of the waffles on the table for him, folding his arms and shaking his head in disbelief as Luffy munched on the waffles without complaint.

Ussop came in to join them, three wallets in his hands. "That's all I took this morning. All of it, I swear. They weren't bad pickings to be honest. Though if I'd known I was on the wrong side of the fence, I probably wouldn't have taken them. Sorry about that Zoro." He said, putting them beside his leader's arm as he sat down next to him. "Hope I haven't caused too much trouble..." He worried.

"Nah, s'not too bad." Zoro laughed, ruffling his friend's black curly hair fondly as he grinned. He suddenly noticed Luffy was splayed out on the floor, staring at the ceiling as though he hadn't a care in the world. "Oi...Luffy...What are you doing?"

"Sometimes...When I'm really bored...I like to lay down on the kitchen floor and pretend I'm a crumb." Luffy said, blinking a few times.

"You're insane." Nami stated bluntly, making the guys burst out into laughter around her as she stood up and yawned, stretching as she did so. "Well. It's nearly half one. In the morning. I'm going to go to bed, before one of you gets us killed, or worse, caught by MI5." She said superiorly, stalking off in the direction of the womens quarters to reveal her cute orange bunny slippers.

Zoro rolled his eyes. 'Like WE would get caught by the MI5...Besides...There's no way I'd let myself go near them...not with HIM around.'

Thatch stared after her and shook his head in disbelief. "She needs to sort out her priorities." He said, rubbing his neck.

An orange slipper came flying through the door, hitting him in the forehead. Zoro, Luffy, Chopper and Ussop just about managed not to laugh. Ace sat there and sniggered, considering it justice.

Annoyed, Thatch took the slipper and hit Ace around the head with it.

"GUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYS. WE OVERSLEPT." Came Nami's roar from outside the guys quarters.

Ace, who had been idly dozing at first, opened his fully at the shout. "Shit." He cursed. "Nami, what time is it?" He called from where he was sat in his hammock.

"It's half eleven!" She called back, her receeding footsteps heading towards the girls quarters.

"...We're doomed." Ace said shortly.

He sprang into motion, unravelling himself from his hammock and jumping out of it. He grabbed the edge of Luffy's hammock and up-ended it, allowing his brother to tumble out of it and hit the wooden floor with a hard thump. Just as Luffy's sleepy protests started up, Ace had already done the same to Thatch and Ussop. Thatch cursed colourfully and looked around for the culprit. On seeing Ace, he started to roll up his sleeves, glaring at him murderously whilst Ussop stood up groggily, clutching his aching head.

"WE HAVE HALF AN HOUR." Ace hollered at them, shaking Chopper and Zoro awake.

They all stared at him, dumbfounded.




"I D-"

"Nami's already in the fourth shower, Luffy. She will kill you if you try to get in there with unless you have a death wish..."


Fifteen minutes later saw all the guys washed and dressed, standing in the middle of the warehouse as Nami handed Zoro the wallets, who put them on the inside pocket of his leather jacket for safety. Zoro grabbed his three katanas and strapped them securely to his waist, running a hand through his hair.

"Ok. Are we ready? Remember, no attacking unless they start it. Yes I'm looking at you, Ace." Zoro reminded them, looking at the elder D brother pointedly, making Ace humph indignantly. "Move out." He ordered, allowing Nami to lead the way out of the warehouse, seeing as she would be the one they followed as she navigated the streets of London.

Nami led them at a full tilt sprint even though she was in orange sandal-like heels, with the boys following closely in her wake. Her short, shoulder length orange hair bounced as she ran, strands catching her face and making her glad that she didn't put any makeup on other than mascara.

A slight panting came from Ussop as he started to lag behind, turning yet another corner under Nami's directions. Chopper's doctor instincts kicked in, and he turned on his hind hooves, running back the other way and then charging at Ussop from behind. Ussop yelled in a panic and started to speed up as the antlers got even closer.

The antlers hooked the red suspension straps of Ussop's rolled-up yellow trousers. Ussop yelped as he was thrown backwards, landing roughly on Chopper's back. Insinctively, Ussop threw himself forwards and held onto Chopper's neck tightly with his arms, and his legs posiotioned themselves so that he looked to be in a jockey's pose.

After a few seconds of adjusting to the new speed, Ussop sat up slightly, a look of delight and pride on his face. "Aha! Thank you Chopper, you have aided the great Captain Ussop!" He cried, making Chopper and Luffy laugh as they ran alongside eachother.

Ussop fished inside his red satchel and drew out his slingshot, keeping it in safely in his hand as his sharp eyes scanned around the travelling group, searching for anyone that would dare to attack, making sure he was alert.

Meanwhile, Nami was also equipping herself. The three pieces of her beloved Climatact were in her hands, and she was having slight difficulty assembling it as she ran. Thatch watched as she attempted to set her weapon up and grinned mischeviously.

"Bit big for you, ne, Nami?" He said wickedly.

Nami glared at him, slotting the first two parts together. "Not really. Anything you guys can do, I can do better." She snorted, focusing her attention on fitting the last part on.

"Are you sure? Women are dangerous anyway..."

"SHUT UP THATCH." Nami yelled at him, looking at him demonically.

Thatch looked slightly horrified and he stumbled as Nami managed to fit the last section of the Climatact on, smiling in satisfaction. Ace laughed at Thatch's expression, only to run slap bang into a lamp post, stumbling away and holding his face.

Luffy was barely able to run he was laughing so hard, and he collapsed to his knees and was in danger of rolling on the floor as he laughed his arse off, tears streaming out of the corners of his eyes as his laughter echoed around him.

"SHUT UP LUFFY." Ace yelled, chasing after his little brother as Luffy sped off, still laughing hysterically as Ace chased him down.

"Why does everyone seem to be telling everyone to shut up today?" Ussop wondered out loud as he and Chopper drew alongside the remaining three who hadn't dashed after the D brothers.

"Shut up Ussop." Zoro, Thatch and Nami chimed simultaneously, making Ussop sweatdrop.

"I asked for that..." He muttered.

They arrived in St. James' square just as the clock chimed twelve o'clock. Just in see Ace kick Luffy into the fountain.

Thatch facepalmed. "Why..." He whispered, rubbing the same hand down his face tiredly before helping Luffy drag himself out and collapse by Ace's feet, which kicked him gently in the side.

Across the square, Sanji raised an eyebrow in slight amusement. "It seems you've still got your pair of clowns, Marimo." He commented dryly.

Zoro's jaw clenched as he slowly walked over to meet them, Nami, Thatch, Ace, a dripping wet Luffy and Ussop who was still proudly sat astride Chopper falling in either side of him, three on his right, three on his left.

The Kali group fanned out behind Sanji as he lit a new cigarette. Brook, Trafalgar Law, Eustass Kid, Marco, Buggy, Vivi, Franky, Tashigi and Helmeppo.

No one else in the square dared to even move, the pedestrians staring at them intently, watching carefully as the group pulled out weapons in a show of power. Brook wielding a sword hidden within his cane, Trafalgar and Tashigi's obvious katanas, Eustass, Franky and Helmeppo each equipped with guns. Whereas Buggy, Vivi and Marco slid knives out from either their pockets or sleeves.

"We didn't come for a fight, eye-brow." Zoro said tiredly. "We've got your property, take it and bugger off." He said, taking out the three wallets and stepping forward, holding them out to Sanji indifferently.

Sanji eyed him suspiciously for a second. "How much is in them?" He asked, nodding to the wallets.

"A hundred and thirty. Counted them myself." Zoro answered.

The blonde haired teen nodded and took the wallets, putting them carefully away on the inside of his suit, patting it to show that it was now safe with him. "Thank you. Now I was thinking we need to negotiate some territory issues here." He said, this time sounding a little more sure of himself.

"I told you Sanji." Zoro growled, his voice raising to a shout. "IT'S NOT, NEGOTIABLE." He yelled, taking an involutary step forward.

A gun shot rang out across the square, making the inhabitants of London scream and run, ducking for cover. Helmeppo's smoking gun was trembling, giving away the fact that it had been accidental, but even though the bullet had harmlessly embedded itself in Luffy's stomach, the Mugiwara's all felt their tempers start to flare. Luffy plucked the bullet out of his stomach and threw it in the air, where Ace raised a hand to catch it, using his fire abilities to turn the bullet into nothing more than ash that blew away in the wind that was starting to whip up.

The panic truly started, when Kidd and Franky started to go a little trigger-happy, and Marco and Vivi lauched their knives expertly at their enemy, glaring at them hatefully as they did so.

Ussop immediately began firing pellets at the Kali group, catching them on their faces as much as he could to distract them whilst Chopper drove forward, his head down as he charged them, hoping to spear them on his antlers. When Ussop ran out of pellets, his put his slingshot back into his satchel, grabbing onto the reindeer beneath him as the reindeer literally jumped to the left as Buggy threw a barrage of knives at him.

The sniper withdrew a gun at the same time that Buggy did, both pointing them at one another. But before Buggy could pull the trigger, a bullet pierced his gun and split it down the length of the barrell before lodging itself into Buggy's gloved hand, making him yell and drop his gun, backing away as Chopper tried to charge him and Marco, who threw two knives at the reindeer. Ussop stuck his leg in front of Chopper's head to protect him, crying out as the knives drove into his leg.

He retaliated by shooting a bullet into Marco's hand, but he merely hissed as he burned the bullet out with his mythical logia abilities, quickly performing the whole transformation as he erupted into a blue flaming pheonix.

Ace suddenly jumped in front of his friends, yelling something at them as they turned around to fend off Trafalgar Law and Brook. The Mera-Mera fruit user grinned as the pheonix lifted it's wings and pecked its sharp beak forwards, intending to spear him. However, the beak was merely passed through a haze of flames as Ace grinned, grabbing the pheonix's neck.

Marco cawed racously in anger and took flight with Ace hanging on, kicking and punching with aflaming fists, riding the pheonix's back like a surfboard whilst Marco attempted to shirk off his unwanted rider.

Back on the ground, Luffy whooped with fierce laughter as he launched his arm forward, his gomu-gomu powers extending his arm so that his fist connected with Helmeppo's face powerfully, sending him flying back into the fountain and allowing Luffy to concentrate on Kidd, who could not accept that Luffy was impervious to bullets, insisting that he fire round after around into the rubber fruit user's chest.

Which evidently had no effect.

A female scream of annoyance came from Tashigi as her katana was blocked once again by Nami's Climatact, who's cheek was bleeding from a slight cut to her cheek where Vivi's hail of knives had managed to strike her earlier. Thatch was pressed up against her back, breathing heavily from having managed to disable nearly all of Franky's guns with expert timing, having not one scratch on him.

Franky glanced at the orange haired navigator through his triangular shades and grinned maliciously, taking a pistol from his pocket and firing it past Thatch and at Nami. Thatch's eyes widened and he jumped up and to the left, taking the bullet to his shoulder so that he screamed in pain as it hit his bone.

Nami gasped and lost her concentration, turning and catching Thatch as he fell, feeling a slight pressure of heat as Ace and Marco flew over the top of them, locked in a frenzied flame flying battle.

"ZORO. THATCH IS DOWN." She screamed, letting Thatch sink to the floor comfortably and jumping upwards quickly, doing catsplits in mid air so that she caught Vivi and Tashigi in the head simultaneously before picking Thatch up awkwardly as Chopper cantered over to her and Ussop graciously slipped to the ground, helping Nami haul Thatch onto Chopper's back and Nami clamber on behind him.

"Careful, two of you is the maximum weight I can carry. I'm not totally fully grown yet." Chopper warned. "Just hang on tightly, ok Nami?"

"I will." She nodded, wrapping her arms around both Thatch and Chopper's neck and hanging on grimly.

Sanji kicked out viciously at Zoro, who had drawn two of his katana's. Ducking under the kick, he raised them in front of him in a crossbones effect to block another kick that swiftly followed it previous kick. Zoro quickly turned one side of his katana, slicing Sanji's upper calf so that Sanji jumped back on his other leg, lost his balance so that he hit the ground and rolled, growling in pain.

Law ran over and picked Sanji up bridal style, aware that his blood dripped onto his sleeve. As he turned, he caught a flash of black that seemed to be running towards them. He paled slightly."FRANKY. RETREAT. NOW." He yelled, nodding his head in the direction of the rapidly approaching black blob. Franky glanced over, and he stiffened before snapping into action, grabbing the Kali group members and shoving them in the direction in which they had come.

"GO!" He yelled at them, following them hastily.

Ussop fired an explosive pellet at Marco as he and Ace swooped by, causing Ace to fall heavily to the floor, managing to roll and come up, dusting himself down.

"Time to get OUT of here guys!" Zoro yelled as they gathered to him. Ussop pulled out three pellets, firing them in quick succession at the floor so that they exploded upon impact and huge great clouds of dust erupted around them, making them cover their mouths as they fled back to the warehouse.

Thatch winced as Chopper tightened the bandage on his arm in the infirmary of the Thousand Sunny, gritting his teeth in a mixture of pain and irritation as everyone stood around him from where he was sat on his infirmary bed. "Haven't you guys got something better to do than watch me sit here and grimace in pain?" He growled irritably.

"Nope. This is the most fun I've had all day." Ace grinned, high fiving Luffy who sniggered.

"Shut up Ace." Nami muttered, punching his arm light heartedly. The black haired rogue pretended to flail in pain and reached out to Chopper, calling his name pitifully as he described how a horrible wench had struck him a mortal blow. Nami rolled her eyes and punched his head for real. "No really, now. Shut up." She said coldly, causing Ussop, Luffy and Chopper to sweatdrop.

Zoro stood up from where he'd been sat at the table. "You'll be fine in a few weeks Thatch, right Chopper?" He asked, running a hand through his hair and ignoring his sweat covered white t-shirt that clung to him like a swimming costume.

Chopper nodded, back in his usual cute racoon-like form. "As long as he doesn't move around too much."

"There you go Ussop." Zoro smirked. "Now you've got washing up duty for the next THREE weeks! Isn't that great?"

Ussop visibly drooped as he sweatdropped.

"Yippee." He muttered.

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