Chapter 19

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Robin sat in front of the speaker and eyed it, taking a deep breath and exhaling patiently. Even in the small soundproof room it felt as though she could feel the summer sun baking her in her seat, although she knew that in reality it was just her nerves.

A sudden red light which sat atop the speaker suddenly glowed thrice and faded, the signal which permitted her to speak into the microphone. This microphone, she knew, would project her voice through every digital media available. It secretly scared her, but she transformed the feeling into something more positive so that she was able to feel the thrill of what she was about to do, opening her mouth to take a breath.

"Great Britain," She began, her voice nearly failing for a moment but strengthening again instantaneously. "These words I now speak to you, will be the last duty I discharge as your Queen. I have chosen to abdicate the throne. My successor by rights is my sister, Princess Kaya. My first words to her must be that I declare my allegiance to her, and this I do with all my heart. I understand that I have served as your queen for such a short time, but I believe that such a heavy responsibility will be better served in the hands of my sister. Thus with these very words, I renounce the throne."

A wave of panic washed over Robin momentarily, causing her to close her eyes and swallow to collect herself. "Not only this, but I have decided that I no longer wish to be a part of the royal family and as such disown myself. It is for no other reason than the fact that I know that in abdicating the throne, I disgrace my father who chose me for his successor. I understand and appreciate all that has been done for me since childbirth, and I will continue to love my family as I do love my country. I will no longer be listed under the royal family name. With this, I wish you the people of Great Britain, peace, happiness and prosperity. God bless you all."

"God bless the Queen." Robin sat up straighter in her chair, her voice strong and confident as she spoke her last words as the Queen of Great Britain. "Long live the Queen."

Her violet irises eyes watched as the red light flashed once, telling her that the recording was over and that the door would be open for her and that she could leave. She slowly rose from the seat and exhaled, relaxing everything for the brief moment that time allowed her before moving towards the door and opening it, preparing her goodbyes.

She moved through the royal house that was packed with crowds of people who congratulated her on her speech. Government officials, Agents, distant family members and close family members. All of whom applauded and bid her farewell as she made her way to her chambers in which there had been five suitcases laid out for her.

Alone, Robin smiled, activating her devil fruit ability to produce multitudes of arms from everywhere to help her pack more quickly. As she set to work, she glanced around and took in her soon to be former bedroom. The grand splendour of it all and how much she had taken it for granted in her life.

As she finished placing the last few items into the final suitcase, she laughed quietly to herself. "Time for an adventure of my own." She whispered.

Zoro cursed and muttered under his breath as he made his way to Mihawk's office. His agent attire made him swelter under the heat of the June sun that had managed to seep into the MI5 headquarters. He loosened his tie in annoyance and paused at the office door, glaring at the small plaque which heralded Mihawk's name on it in polished gold lettering.

"Get in here brat." Mihawk called from inside, making Zoro momentarily freeze before muttering to himself and pulling down on the door handle to let himself in.

Standing to attention smartly in front of the desk to which Mihawk sat, Zoro cleared his throat after the few moments of silence that Mihawk spent ignoring him and continuing to shuffle papers. "You asked to see me, father?"

Mihawk raised his piercing yellow eyes to stare at his son sternly, making Zoro roll his eyes in annoyance as he rephrased his question. "You asked to see me, Sir?"

Nodding his head once in strict approval, Mihawk sat back in his chair with his plumed hat low over his eyes. "I did Roronoa. Do you know why?" Stretching his arm out with a chilling confidence that sent shivers down Zoro's spine, Mihawk poured a gold liquid into a small diamond patterned tumbler glass and sipped it once.

Zoro clenched his jaw slightly, feeling a little of his old hatred for the man stir within him. "Yes." He answered shortly.

"Tell me." Mihawk ordered. "Or do I have to embarrass you further?" He mocked, the black whiskers of his moustache twitching slightly in dark amusement.

Shifting slightly where he stood, Zoro tried to keep the irritation off his face. "I organised a meeting with Queen Robin." He shrugged a little and quickly pulled a face, lowering his voice. "With the help of a few others."

"Former Queen." Mihawk hissed as he stood, narrowing his yellow eyes at the barely concealed shock that registered on Zoro's face as he realised what Mihawk was saying.

"She what?" Zoro spluttered, his eyebrows nearly reaching his moss-green hairline.

"By capturing her heart you've diverted her true course and ensured her abdication of the throne." Mihawk stated, turning his back to Zoro and staring at Kokuto Yoru which was secured on the wall.

"Hey!" Zoro protested indignantly. "I didn't make her do anything you son of a b-"

"Not only that but you-" Mihawk continued, his face twisting in fury as he turned his head sharply to glare at Zoro, spitting the words at him. "defiled her purity as a Queen. Imagine the consequences if she were still Queen and p-"

Zoro rolled his eyes in exasperation, stuffing his hands in his pockets angrily. "Oi, she's not-"

"Could you imagine the questions she would have to face from the journalism industry?" Mihawk pressed icily. "You give yourself a bad name by your actions."

"If she's not a Queen anymore then what's the problem?" Zoro demanded, gesturing almost lazily. "Surely it matters no longer?"

"These events, they are your doing, boy!" Mihawk shouted.

"So what?!" Zoro yelled back angrily, a tick mark appearing in his forehead.

A tense silenced ensued in which the three-sword technique user glanced away awkwardly as Mihawk stared at him impassively. Zoro swallowed, wondering if he'd overstepped the mark. Mentally, he snorted. 'Yeah right. If getting laid by the Queen isn't overstepping the mark, I don't know what is. Jesus...I'm fucking dead.' Zoro raised his head defiantly to look at the man stood before him. The only man who was considered to be more powerful than he was.

A tremendous sigh emanated from Mihawk whose shoulders seemed to sag under his long black cape. "I can no longer do this to you. Besides which I have no other option, seeing as you do not understand the gravity of the situation."

Zoro frowned, a growing feeling of trepidation overcoming him. "Wh-What're you on about?"

"Your actions have caused a Queen to abdicate and disown herself from the royal family, meaning that she will be forced to find her own living as an ordinary citizen of Great Britain. This is unforgivable and as such you are to be given a mission in which to redeem yourself."

Patiently, Zoro waited, nerves eating away at his insides as he maintained a cool outward appearance.

Mihawk took a breath before carrying on. "You are to find our former Queen and take her into your care. Your duty is to make sure that she comes to no harm and is not targeted by those who might come looking for her. A letter was sent to Princ-" He quickly corrected himself. "To Robin this morning to inform her of this assignment." The MI5 leader's face seemed for a split second to show a little emotion before regaining composure. Zoro could have sworn that it looked like pain, but he discarded the thought worriedly. He couldn't believe he was being so easily let off for what he'd done. He'd been sure that Mihawk would pass a harsher judgement, inflict him with excruciating pain perhaps. This wasn't what he'd expected.

Mihawk's voice rose once more, the tone strict, cold and… almost regretful. "Roronoa Zoro, you are hereby discharged from the service of MI5. This mission is your last and are thus expected to fulfill it at the cost of your life. You are to have packed your belongings by this afternoon and to be out of this building as soon as you have finished packing. Do you understand me?"

Stunned into silence, Zoro opened and closed his mouth multiple times, gaping like a mentally defective fish. Shakily, he reached a hand up and ran it through his grass-coloured hair. "I...Thank you. " Zoro replied laconically, swallowing and breathing a short laugh in near disbelief.

The hawk-eyed man raised an eyebrow at his son, making the youth remember his formality. "I mean, yes Sir. Understood."

Searching Zoro's face, Mihawk exhaled slowly. "What will you do now?" He asked, his expression unreadable.

There was a slight hesitation before Zoro spoke. "I will probably reform the Mugiwara gang and reclaim my territory." He answered honestly, bracing himself for Mihawk's explosion of anger which didn't come.

Instead, Mihawk nodded. "Indeed. Perhaps that would be better." He mused, ignoring Zoro's splutter of shock. "Have them sent to me. They shall join you under your direction and aid you in the final mission I've assigned you."

It was Zoro's turn to nod, his heart leaping around his body and somersaulting in his throat in joy that he was barely able to contain as he grinned, resting a hand on his three katanas. "Yes Sir."

"You've no need to call me Sir any more...Zoro." Mihawk told him. "As you are now freed from your services, you may call me what you like."

"Bitch." Zoro stated immediately.

Mihawk fixed him with a glare which only made Zoro grin all the more, watching as the youth took a deep breath.

"You absolute bastard. Seriously, you're an obnoxious, half-witted, asinine and benighted bloody tit. And I nearly forgot to mention that in general, you're just a fucking senile old git." Zoro finished, biting the words out harshly.

The pause that ensued stayed only a minute before Mihawk raised an eyebrow. "Are you quite finished?" He asked dryly.

Zoro pretended to contemplate it. "Well I could have said-"

Mihawk held up a hand impatiently. "Can you not." He snapped, watching as Zoro shrugged indifferently. "It wasn't an invitation, Roronoa...And I believe you have some packing to be getting on with."

"Yeah, yeah. I know, gimme a chance and I'll get out of your goddamn moustache." The youth snorted, yawning a little as he turned on his heel and placed his hands behind his head in relaxation.

"Zoro." Mihawk called as his son headed for the door. "If I hear even a whisper of you-"

"What?" Zoro questioned with a slight smirk, turning to look over his shoulder. "Behaving badly?"

Mihawk unexpectedly returned the smirk in amusement. "Exactly that. Even a whisper child, and I'll be coming to find you."

"I'm not a child." Zoro stated obstinately as Mihawk walked over to him slowly and stopped just in front of him, his height of 6' 6" overshadowing Zoro's own height of 5'11". Chuckling, Mihawk raised his hand and ruffled Zoro's moss green hair, much to the boy's surprise.

"I know." Mihawk said. "Just do what you've always done, Zoro."

Stepping back to the doorway with a hand on his three katanas, Zoro questioned the statement. "Being what?"

The corner of Mihawk's mouth twitched up into a knowing smile before quickly dropping it back into it's usual intimidating line.

Screwing his face up in confusion, Zoro scratched the back of his head and shrugged, slamming the door behind him as he exited his father's office.

The Thousand Sunny had been left in prime condition, not counting the cobwebs which had formed over time. Once they'd shoved clothes back into wardrobes and familiarised themselves with the underground ship, Thatch wasted no time in lighting the oven and cooking up golden, melt-in-your-mouth meats alongside crispy salads. Placing a banquet of savoury foods such as noodles, butter-soaked mushrooms, cold chicken and turkey, pineapple fritters and fried rices on tables. Mountains of sweet pies, pastries, puddings, bonbons and sweetmeats adorned other tables, all of which lined the grassy deck of the ship.

Luffy and Ace roared with laughter as they rolled out the large barrels of sake, wine and other alcoholic beverages. Chopper and Usopp helped with non-alcoholic beverages, Chopper giggling as Usopp impressively recounted one of his tall tales to the small reindeer doctor.

Nami joked and gossiped with Vivi as she showed her, Brook and Franky around the ship, the three new gang members gaping in astonishment at their new home. Sabo bounced along after them with his metal pipe leant against his shoulder.

Upon reaching the deck to join the others, Brook took out his violin, much to the delight of the rest of the gang. "Yohohoho!" He laughed loudly. "This party will need music!"

"Oi, oi! Hold up! We need a toast!" Usopp shouted, handing round tankards of sake and standing atop one of the barrels. "TO THE GREAT CAPTAIN USOPP!"

Zoro grinned and kicked the barrel out from under him so that Usopp tumbled sideways onto the grassy deck. "Baka! We can't toast to that, you're not the leader."

"TO FREEDOM!" Luffy shouted, laughing uproariously.

Ace rolled his eyes from beside his brother. "This isn't America, Luffy." He muttered.

Raising his tankard high in the air, Zoro roared over the hubbub of noise. "TO THE MUGIWARA GANG!"

"TO THE MUGIWARA GANG!" The others echoed, holding their tankards up and clashing them against each other. "KANPAI!" They whooped, glugging the sake down.

Once finished, Brook struck a pose and began to play, the violin tucked up under his bony jaw. Dancing, food eating and drinking commenced, the newly reformed Mugiwara gang playing games and occasionally throwing food at each other when a play fight broke out.

Two hours in and Zoro suddenly felt Chopper tugging at his arm worriedly. "Z-Zoro?" He asked timidly.

"Eh? What?" Zoro questioned, grinning down at the reindeer.

"I can hear someone coming down the ladder." Chopper replied, making the gang leader look over to the ladder. The Mugiwara's followed his gaze as they noticed his serious expression on his face.

"Ace, Thatch, Luffy." He called out. "Go check out the ladder, see who our guest is."

With a whoop of excitement, Luffy extended his arms around Ace and Thatch and attached his hands to the railing, ignoring their panicked shouts. Laughing hysterically, Luffy jumped into the air, the tension in his rubber arms releasing and propelling the three of them overboard and in the direction of the ladder.

The sounds of a scuffle and the clear complaining of Luffy could be heard as Ace throttled him. A good few minutes later and the three of them returned. Ace and Luffy with a bulging suitcase on each shoulder, and Thatch bringing up the rear with a single suitcase.

"Oiiiii! Zoroooo!" Luffy yelled as they boarded the ship once more. "We've been given suitcases!"

"Yeah, three of these are ours apparently." Ace confirmed.

"Suitcases?" Franky questioned, combing back his aqua-coloured ducktail.

"From who?" Zoro demanded, watching as they placed them on the deck in front of him.

An attention grabbing cough caused the Mugiwara gang leader to turn around so fast that he almost got whiplash.

She wore a low cut corset-like moss green top with strings that were slightly loosened from where they were situated at the neckline down a little bit to the cleavage. Light blue jeans covered her legs to the top of her shins, where corset-like stitching was repeated from the outside of the lower hem of the jeans upwards a little way to her knee. On her feet she wore short ankle high black boots, her hair was kept back in a high ponytail and reading glasses perched on her nose, giving her a scholarly look.

"Robin." Zoro stated, his face impassive.

"Zoro." Robin smirked, lifting her chin towards him as the jaws of everyone around them dropped in surprise. "I thought your last mission might be easier if I were closer to you."

Raising an eyebrow, Zoro strode over to her slowly and confidently. He backed her up to the railing and loomed over her mock-intimidatingly, placing his hand down on the ship's railing firmly on one side of her with a thud, closing in on her.

"How did you find us?" He asked, removing the glasses from her face and placing them down on the ship's railing beside them.

"You forget I have a devil fruit power. It wasn't too hard." She answered calmly, reaching up and releasing her hair from its ponytail, allowing it to freely fall about her shoulders so that he pushed the strands of hair back over them with his free hand before tracing a finger around her neck so that she shivered slightly.

"But you've walked straight into a nest belonging to a gang, with a very dangerous and powerful leader." He murmured, leaning his face in close.

Turning her head so that her lips were at his ear, she murmured back. "And is this leader going to accept me into his gang?"

Zoro's intake of breath made her smirk. "Trying to wield a little power over me, are we? That's a dangerous game you're playing."

"I can think of even more dangerous games. But you'd be much too merciful to a girl like myself." Robin replied suggestively.

At that Zoro's eyes flicked up to meet hers, a wicked smirk on his face. "Merciful?" He questioned. "When it comes to playing games, I like to win."

Their lips nearly touching, Robin slowly moved hers as she responded. "Then show me."

With that, Zoro closed the distance between their lips as he captured her mouth with his, gently pressing her lips with his own until she deepened the kiss and allowed him to explore her mouth with his tongue whilst her hands trailed up his stomach underneath his shirt, making him feel slightly breathless with a lust that she knew he felt as he responded in kind by running his hands through her hair.

He felt as though he could feel her touch everywhere, and he wasn't sure if he cared as to whether or not it was because she was using her devil fruit. Zoro wanted her, and he didn't want to wait. Breathlessly breaking the kiss, he rested his forehead against hers.

"My knight." Robin gasped. "Are you going to keep me?"

"Always." Zoro replied with a smirk.

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