Building the Yellow Brick Road

Summary: Harry Potter, wizard and hero, never could have imagined what would happen when he rushed after his Godfather through the Veil. Now he was friends with the Summoning Toads, learning the secret arts of the Shinobi and hunting down another Voldemort wanna be. Strong Harry and a more perceptive Naruto.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Harry Potter or Naruto world's. I do own the rest of the world :P that's why I write FanFiction!

Warnings: Mention of abuse,language, violence and a super pervert

Pairing: not decided yet. Let me know who you'd like to see together. There will be boy/boy and girl/girl love in this fic, so if you don't like it, don't read it.

Through the Veil

Harry wondered why he didn't feel tired. He must have been running for hours now, not getting anywhere as the darkness kept spreading out in front of him. Maybe he should stop, but the young wizard quickly shook his head. What would that accomplish? Absolutely nothing. So he kept on running, waiting for the light to appear at the end of what appeared to be an endless tunnel.

Memories of why he was there in the first place were starting to fade away. The scene which had kept playing itself over and over inside his head had come to an halt. All Harry could see now were a pair of startled grey eyes as they disappeared before him. The young wizard stretched out his arm, the name that belonged to those eyes slowly dying on his tongue. He remembered pain and despair, a sudden wave of hope and relief, before numbness took over. That numbness now remained within him as hands brushed against his clothing, over and over again.

When the eyes faded completely the name suddenly came to him and he screamed it aloud at the empty and dark tunnel. "SIRIUS!" Harry squeezed his eyes shut as soft fabric passed over and through him, leaving his panting. The young wizard had finally stopped running, wanting to scream and cry in desperation as the memory of the night's events came flooding back.

The vision, which Harry now realised was a fake, and Umbridge who had threatened to torture him in her office in front of his friends and enemy's. How his friends accompanied him for the rescue mission and how he had let them to the Department of Mystery's. How he had cost them their youth and innocence even if Ron and Hermione had always been with him on his adventures. They had been attacked and in Neville's case tortured because he, Harry, had believed in the vision. His Godfather was dead because of him.

The fifteen year old cried in desperation as he realised what he had done, running after his Godfather through the Veil of Death. The Gryffindor could still feel Remus's desperate grab for his shirt, but it had come too late. Harry had already passed through, leaving everyone behind who had ever cared for him. The young wizard was clutching his knees close to his chest. Was this the end? Was this death? The endless dark tunnel which would go on and on? He would never see his mother or father at the end.

Harry looked up, almost startled by his own determination. If he was dead, then he could be reunited with his mother and father again and even have Sirius back. Beg him for forgiveness, all of them, for causing their deaths. He stood and continued on, walking first with uncertainty before making his mind up completely. It didn't seem to matter which was he went, as long as he went straight onwards. He would get there in the end. The Gryffindor was determent to see his parents and Godfather again.

Harry did not waver again. Someone clearly seemed to admire this because some time later (Harry wasn't quite sure how long he had been running as time seemed irrelevant in this place) a soft light began to appear in front of him. The strangest thing, Harry noticed, about death was that he actually started to feel tired and with each new step he took, he could feel pain in his legs. Even a stitch was slowly forming in his side as the Gryffindor continued to pant for air.

"Finally!" he cried out as he reached what seemed to be the end of the tunnel. "I'm… huh, did I miss a turn?" In front of him, or rather everywhere around him, huge frogs had gathered. The strangest thing was that they seemed to be wearing clothes, or rather jackets, and Harry could swear he saw a few with things as knives and pipes. There were a few stone statues and it almost felt like Harry had shrunk in size as giant butterbur leaves towered above him. "Don't tell me I landed in frog heaven. Someone is seriously having a laugh!"

That seemed to draw everyone's attention and all the frogs turned as one to look at him. The young wizard swallowed nervously and waved. "Uhm, hi," he said, feeling quite awkward. "I, uhh, I think something must have gone wrong. You see, I uhh I just died recently and now, while I was walking down the tunnel, I uhh…"

"What are you babbling about human?" one of the frogs said in a deep rumbling voice. He was a dark orange, like most of them, with a strange necklace and purple markings down his body. His body was covered in bandages.

Harry blushed and scratched the back of his neck in embarrassment. If the uniforms and the various sizes of the frogs weren't bad enough, the fact that they could talk made Harry feel slightly uncomfortable and inferior. "Oh you have got to be kidding me," he muttered, clearly in awe. "What is this, some kind of a dream? I thought I died! Department of Mystery's indeed…"

The frog hopped closer to him, inspecting the young wizard with a yellow beady eye. "Died? Ha! How could you have died, you're all skin and no muscle. Human's like you do not end up on the Mount Myouboku."

The way the frog said it made Harry feel very small and angry. Human's like him? "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" the Gryffindor said, hands on his hips and glare in place. "Sure in my younger years I ran away a lot, but that was five against one. I was heavily malnourished and often beaten for just being alive. Later on I have fought against, trolls and Acromantula, a Basilisk and even a werewolf. Not to mention that I've had a madman after me since I was born and re-entered the Wizarding World. So don't you dare tell me I'm weak and unable to defend myself. Sure I died, but I died trying to save my Godfather and later my friends. Bloody frogs," he muttered ending his rant.

He had enough of this world. If he had entered it through the tunnel then surely he could return by entering the tunnel again. Harry turned only to discover it had disappeared. "I think he's the one having a laugh," one of the frogs muttered, but the Gryffindor was no longer paying attention. Where had it gone? Surely he had entered through a dark tunnel. It hadn't been his imagination. All there seemed to be left was a huge waterfall which felt the strangest type of water. "I just want to see my parents for the first time," he whispered, sinking to the floor and hands on his head in silent torment. "The universe really enjoys playing with me." All there was left for him to stare at were endless fields of giant butterbur leaves and the weird looking waterfall. Strange spikes which formed into mountains could be seen beyond.

"I think we've heard enough Gama," a new voice rumbled Harry out of his dark and miserable thoughts. "I will take the human to the elders." The Gryffindor turned to see a new frog standing next to the one now identified as Gama. He was huge, almost taller then the skyscrapers Harry had seen on TV. This huge frog has an aquamarine skin and yellow eyes with grey markings around them and what seemed to be two swords strapped to his back. "And we are Toads, not frogs."

The simple correction made Harry blink, not to sure if he knew the difference between the two amphibians. Sure Neville had a Toad, but it could have easily been a frog in Harry's eyes. "Sorry," he said. "More of an owl person myself."

The Toad let out a none commendable grunt before he gestured for Harry to follow him, taking long strides which made Hagrid's look like baby steps. Harry had to run to keep up with him. Whatever this place was, it seemed peaceful enough. The sky was a beautiful blue, making Harry almost wish he had his Firebolt with him. It almost reminded him of Wonderland and Harry wondered if he wasn't just asleep. He was already starting to miss Hedwig, who would have loved to follow him around as he raced trough the sky. Ron and Hermione, who were hopefully taken to the Hospital Wing by now to be treated together with Neville, Luna and Ginny. He wondered how Remus would survive the loss of his last best friend and the son of his first ever friend. Harry hoped that they (the Order) would support the werewolf and not let him take his own life out of grief or desperation.

And what about Voldemort? Would the Wizarding World be able to handle the Darkest Wizard since Grindlewald? They had done it before, but wizards and witches seemed to have the ability to screw things up. At least they would have to belief in Dumbledore now. The older wizard who had ignored him all year round, not even caring how he was coping with his first death of a comrade. At least the Headmaster had showed up to help his friends.

"Human," the Toad said suddenly, turning to look down at him as he kept walking.

"You can call me Harry," the Gryffindor said, feeling quite uncomfortable with being call 'human' all the time.

The Toad who had yet to introduce himself nodded. "Very well, Harii. You are about to meet the elders and I wish that you show some respect towards them. They might look old, but they still have fighting spirit and will not hesitate to discipline you if you show disrespect. Neither will I or anyone else who is present."

Harry nodded, jumping over a stone and landing lightly on his feet as he continued to run to keep up with the Toad. "Of course," the young wizard said. After a long calculating look, the Toad nodded and suddenly took Harry in his flipper. "This will be faster," was all the toad said before he hopped up high and hopped with ease towards the spiked mountain. Harry had to fight the urge to scream as they dropped, rising again at incredible speed. The Toad quickly hopped through an underground passage into a lair.

The toad suddenly stopped, dropping Harry on his own two feet again where the young wizard swayed a little to get his senses back. He might be used to flying his broomstick at a high speed, but being held by a frog was a completely different way of transport he was used to. "What is this Gamahiro? Why have you brought a human here?"

"Ōjiji-sama, Nidaisengama, this human came to us by accident. Harii-san has told us he died in his world and travelled here trough the dark tunnel. We are unsure of what to do with him," Gamahiro confessed to the three old toads.

The foreign words suddenly hit Harry and he stood uncertainly, staring up at the three old toads who were also dressed strangely. The two who were sitting lower then the oldest of the three seemed to be the first two advisors of some sort. One of them was a green toad with massive eyebrows and a goatee which reminded Harry both of Dumbledore and Karkarov. His high collared cape seemed to fall all around him as he sat before the young wizard. The second one seemed to be a female toad and was also green but with purple markings. She was wearing the same high collared cape as the male toad. They were both tiny though, like they would fit on his shoulder. Harry felt the awesome power radiating off of them.

The oldest toad, the one sitting high up in the middle, was the most impressive one so far. He seemed to be wearing a scalar's hat with the biggest crystal ball on top that would even make professor Trelawney green with envy. He was wearing a large, beaded necklace with the strangest symbol on the biggest one. He was squinting down at Harry, making the young wizard feel incredibly exposed. This one had no markings or clothing like the other toads, and Harry could already feel the respect for this great toad growing inside of him. He still felt a bit awkward though, as the language had changed somewhere along the way. Maybe this was Toad Language.

"He looks slightly out of it," the toad continued and Harry was sure they were speaking about him. "What have you done to the child Gamahiro? You, human, where are you from?" Whatever the toad had said when he pointed at the young wizard, the female seemed quite annoyed with. She seemed to be scolding him, earning a soft chuckle from Harry which he quickly hid. They reminded him of Ron and Hermione.

The chuckle caught their attention and Harry quickly raised his hands as an apology. "I'm sorry, I meant no disrespect," he said quickly with a soft smile. Three of the four toads were rapidly blinking at him and Harry wondered if he had done something wrong already.

Suddenly the elder chuckled, filling the hall with the sound. "Well there is your answer Fukasaku," the toad croaked. "Let us give him the ability to converse with us, shall we?" Whatever they were trying to do, Harry was suddenly knocked back and felt a sharp pain at the back of his head before it vanished again. It had been quick, and Harry hadn't even seen them move, but he felt slightly light headed as he sat up again. "Better?"

Harry blinked up at the three old toads. "I don't know what you did, but… hmm, this feels weird."

"It seems to have worked, otherwise we would not have been able to understand him," the female toad said. Harry rubbed his ears at the faint ringing before he realised that he could finally understand what those toads were saying to him. The young Gryffindor sighed in relief. "It would have been very awkward indeed," he muttered before he straightened his back. "I guessed you want to know my story?" Harry continued to tell the three elders what had happened before he ended up… well, here.

By the time Harry finished, he wondered if the oldest toad had fallen asleep. He seemed to have dozed off slightly. The male elder noticed and cleared his throat. "Hmm?" the seer hummed turning towards the male. "You had a question Fukasaku?"

The toad named Fukasaku sighed. "No Ōgama Sennin," the toad mumbled.

"I see," the Toad Sage said. "Eh, who was this again?"

"Harii-san, you senile old toad," Fukasaku almost growled. He was quickly scolded by the female, who seemed more then happy to tell him just who he was insulting. The oldest toad broke them up by reminding them they were married.

"Ah, Harii-san." Harry nodded, not really bothered by the different way they pronounced his name. "We will look into how you came to be here and how to possibly send you back." Relief coursed through Harry even when he felt the 'but' coming. "But know this, there is a good possibility you will not return to your realm. Since you died there we do not know what will happen when you are send back there."

Harry swallowed, unsure of what to make of it. Sure he hoped to get back to his own 'realm' even if it was just to cross over. The young wizard felt like he had been through enough, especially after the last two years. He just wanted to see his parents for the first time. "What will I do in the mean time? If there is no way for me to return… it's just that I haven't completed by education and I don't feel like waiting… I mean no disrespect…"

Ōgama Sennin wheezed out a laugh. "I like this human," he muttered with his eyes squinted shut. "You will train here," he stated turning to Gamahiro. "Ask Bunta to help this human."

"Yes Ōjiji-sama," Gamahiro said, taking Harry by surprise by picking him up again with his flipper. "Hold on tight Harii-san." The were off again, but not before Harry heard the old toad mutter, "Ah, what was I doing again?"

"Senile old toad," Harry was sure he heard one of the other toads say.