Yes, unfortunately it's one of those. I just can't seem to find the inspiration for this story anymore. I wanted to continue it and see it through to the end, but it would need to be renovated completely for me to be satisfied with it. It just isn't working. So I'm discontinuing this and putting it up for adoption should anyone wish to give it a go at continuing.

My ideas for this story were:

Harry would travel with Sasuke for a while, cutting off the possibility of Sasuke training under Orochimaru

Harry already knew Itachi and has a hand in saving the Uchiha from killing each other

He would have met Sirius, who was transported to the Hidden Continent like Harry, in Kirigakure

Sirius explains that there was a time difference between Harry's and his arrival

Sirius is one of the confidential Shinobi of the Mizukage and reveals his aspirations to wed Mei in the future

Hedwig finds Harry while he and Sasuke are still in Kirigakure as they already start to mend the relationship between Konoha and Kirigakure

Harry and Sirius would have debated the difference between magic and chakra and how to combine the two so they wouldn't cancel each other out

This is where I got stuck again because I couldn't decide about the current enemy that needs to be defeated. Should I have ignored the Akatsuki completely or made their organisation strive for something else. When Orochimaru gets defeated would that be the end of it? But Orochimaru didn't necessarily pose a threat to the entire Hidden Countries, just Konoha. With Orochimaru out of the way, the story would have ended or moved to the next threat should the Akatsuki have become one.

You can see I got a little frustrated and confused with my original idea for the story. Because Naruto Shippuuden is still an on-going Manga and I made such a drastic change in Sasuke staying with Harry, I basically through the entire story out the window.

As for pairings, ha! I would have stuck to CANON (Naruto/Hinata!) for most of the Naruto characters. Like I mentioned Sirius would have ended up with Mei and Harry would have probably ended up with Anko or Shizune. While I'm always happy to pair Harry up with Kakashi, they would only have brotherly affection for each other.

And that's about it. Sorry for not being able to finish the story, but I will be trying my hand on a few more stories. This idea just didn't turn out quite as I had planned. Thanks for reading and your continuing support and I hope that everyone will continue to write and post their own stories and continue to support all the authors on this site. FanFiction rules! XD