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"What is your name?" said the man before him.

It was a simple question, really. No complicated formula to solve; no trick question to read into. Yet it was this simple question that nearly sent the boy into hysterics. His life had been a combination of everything dark and evil ever since he could remember. He had always been a doormat of sorts for everyone, so for someone to grace him with the simple courtesy of asking his name shocked him to the core for more than one reason.

He was speechless for a few minutes, not quite sure what he should respond, if at all, growing more and more afraid of not only his masters but also fearing the man questioning him would grow frustrated with his inability to respond. He glanced back and forth between the man before him and his masters, not sure of what to do and knowing he would have to make a decision sooner rather than later.

"Don't worry about your masters. They won't lay a finger on you." the man said, turning to look at his masters with a warning in his gaze. Turning back to him, he said, "I won't get mad. I won't randomly turn against you for no reason, nor will I punish you for answering me. Now, I will ask you again. What's your name?"

He stood there for a bit, trying to absorb what the man had just told him, knowing it was true yet still being unsure of himself. He looked at the man for a bit before glancing at his masters, and upon seeing that they had turned away, knew he was safe, at least for the moment. Steeling his courage, he looked at the man in the eye and responded as best as he could. "U-um... So-sorry... sir... but, I don't have a name..."

The man looked at him for a bit, and for that time the boy was afraid he would get upset, but as he had said, he didn't. "Mmmh... well, would you like one?" he said simply.

The boy was shocked, and from the looks of it, so were his masters. "Huh? Y-yes, of course!" as soon as he said that, his masters were on him, two seconds from beating him into tomorrow, and of course they would've succeeded had there not been the distinct click of a gun being readied right next to their ear.

"Did I not make myself clear when I said you wouldn't lay a finger on him?" the man said, pressing the tip of his gun against the temple of one of his masters.

His masters gulped down their fears and tears, clearly believing that they had a chance against the man, but another click was heard and soon the man had a second gun against the head of his other master.

"Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet my two best friends. This one here," said the man, gesturing to the silver gun in his left hand, "is Holy. This one," the man was now motioning towards the golden one in his right hand. "is Judgment. They work well together at the worst of times, and really like to make friends. Would you like to get personally acquainted with them?"

That was all the man had to say to send the men running with their tails between their legs, naturally causing him to laugh. "Well, I don't think they'll be coming back any time soon. So, what should you be called? Oh wait, I know... You can be Neah's dead son. He doesn't know he's dead, or rather doesn't remember. He's gone crazy I think..." The man said, trailing off.

"Um... excuse me, but... what's my name now?" the boy said, fidgeting a bit.

"Oh right. It's Allen. Allen Walker. And I'm Marian Cross, in case you were wondering."

So, I'm trying out a new idea here. I'm not sure if this chappie here is going to go in the beginning or the middle. What do my precious readers think, I wonder? Review!