I was burned out on fic writing for a bit, then I went and saw Mark Harmon again and he lined up the plot bunnies in alphabetical order for me and gave me a little nudge by way of a very gibbsian smile. *swoon*

"Addison... Oh Addy, what happened to you?" Rex shifted out from under his cardboard shelter and helped her to sit down. "I haven't seen you in so long, I've been worried sick about you!"

"Help me, my head… I think I'm bleeding," it was hard to see what the dark sticky substance on her fingers was. The streetlamp above was burned out and only the glow of the traffic lights down the streets gave a small hint of light.

"Yeah, you're bleeding quite a bit, let me take a look." Rex grabbed the water bottle he'd just filled up at the park water fountain. "What happened?"

"I… I'm not sure… I… I don't remember your name. What happened?"

"It's me, Rex, remember? We met in Santa Fe, and we were going to see the world together and then you went away. Don't you remember?"

"I'm not sure…"

"It's okay, Addy. I'll take care of you." He poured cool water over the cut on the side of her head. "How'd you get hurt?"

"I… I hit my head."

"I see," Rex nodded, and then frowned. "Wait, you're not back on the hard stuff, are you? We agreed to stay away from that, remember?"

"Uh huh."

"Alright, get some sleep. We'll find a place more comfortable tomorrow. And I know of a clinic that'll clean the cut on your head and check you over. I've got a few bus passes to get us there, okay?" He handed her a raggedy blanket and motioned for her to move to the dry area under the cardboard. "This'll have to do for tonight."

"Thank you."

Tony placed his report on Gibbs' desk and turned to collect his things. If they hurried and were lucky enough to leave before a new case came in, it would be the first night in over two weeks that they were off before seven.

"You almost done, McGoo?"

"Al...most…" With a final click of his mouse, McGee had the report finished. Grabbing the papers off the printer, he signed both copies, and popped out of his seat. "Done! You coming Ziva?"

Ziva glanced up, watching as both McGee and Tony hurried to gather their personal belongings. "Just about, but I'd rather spend a few extra minutes now rather than have to redo the entire thing because of a simple mistake."

Tony glanced at their boss, almost expecting him hand back his report and ask him to redo it. When Gibbs didn't look up, he let out a little sigh. "There isn't that much to do. Sign your name at the bottom and let's go. I'm hungry!"

"Just a minute… done!" Ziva scanned the document one last time, printed and signed the bottom. "My report."

Gibbs glanced up and then, after a moment's hesitation, accepted the report. "Go home."

Tony tried not to grin widely at the remark. He'd been waiting all day to go home, and had his fingers crossed that they would finally have Sunday off as well. "Have a good rest of the weekend, boss!" Tony tried rushing McGee toward the elevator, waving at Ziva to hurry her up.

It didn't take long before all three were piled into the elevator, wishing their boss a pleasant rest of the weekend.

Gibbs looked up and gave them a brief nod. He only had a few things to finish up and then he would be on his way as well. The elevators weren't closed for more than a minute when his phone rang, almost echoing in the empty squad room. "Yeah, Gibbs." He listened to the details - dead petty officers, Rock Creek Park. Glancing at the clock on the wall, at a quarter to seven, he and his team were still on duty. With a heavy sigh he ended the call and then called Tony. His gut was telling him it was going to be a long night.

Tony hoisted the camera bag higher up on his shoulder as they walked toward the flashing lights of the local cops. "You know, if you're a petty officer, and you're going to Rock Creek Park… you might as well make sure your will is up-to-date."

Rolling his eyes, Tim snorted. "Or at least make sure you've got your funeral plans all arranged."

Ziva walked up behind them, her notebook out as she prepared to take witness statements. "What is it about Rock Creek Park and Petty Officers?"

"It won't be safe for any of you if you don't start working," Gibbs breezed past them to find whoever was in charge of the scene so that they could take over and get to work.

Tony turned and snapped a few photos of McGee's face, before taking a more serious approach to the scene, starting with photographs of the victims' body.

"On it, Boss," came the unison reply from the agents.

When Gibbs saw the evidence begin to pile up, he knew it couldn't wait until morning. He knew Abby was out, she had asked to leave early, but if she didn't at least come in and get a few of the tests running, she would likely end up spending the night between Sunday and Monday in the lab. Reluctantly he pulled out his cell and made the call.

The beat of the music was driving through her, making her body sway and dip with each shift in sound and tempo. Her body was so wrapped up in the dance that it took her several moments before the vibration of her cell phone neatly trapped in the front pocket of her leather pants got her attention. Sliding it from her pocket, she considered just ignoring the call. Tonight was supposed to be her night, a night to emerge herself in the darkness and neon lights of the dance hall. But when she saw the caller id, she knew she could never ignore him. With a finger pressed into her ear, she hit the accept button.

"Hey, Gibbs! Did you change your mind? Are you going to come out to the club? Place is called Glow and it's on first street. The music's amazing; really hot DJ tonight. I think the bartender has a thing for me 'cause he keeps wanting to make me drinks. But I'm staying away from them since we're on call tonight." There was only one reason Gibbs would call her this late on a Saturday night – and it wasn't a reason she was hoping for.

"Abbs…" He knew she was telling the truth about staying away from the drinks, but there was something in the way she sounded when she was out, something he couldn't quite pin-point, and it made him wonder what exactly it would be like if he did join her at one of her clubs someday. "We caught a case. I've got some evidence headed back to the lab. Shouldn't take you long to get it started."

Abby sighed, the inevitability of the end of her evening crashing down. "A case. Right. I'll be there in twenty," she replied, trying to cover her disappointment. She knew that he would never come out with her, but a part of her still hoped that someday... "Hey Gibbs?"


"You owe me a drink for this. And not just a Caf-Pow!. I mean, you've got to actually take me out for a drink."

"Yeah, okay," he was briefly distracted by a cop handing him some paperwork, "We'll meet you at NCIS." Gibbs hung up and made a mental note to himself to be sure to pick up a Caf-Pow! before going to see her in the lab. Hopefully she could get her tests loaded and then go back out to her party. If he was lucky, she'd still be in her party gear.

Gibbs stepped back over to where Tony, McGee and Ziva were loading up evidence into the trunk. He handed them the last box and then with a quick nod to Ducky and Palmer as they loaded up the body, he slid into the driver's seat.

"We were so close to having tomorrow off. So close!" Tony slammed the trunk shut and then rushed forward for the passenger's seat. "Shotgun!"

Sliding in the seat directly behind the driver's side, Tim joked, "What did you have a hot date or something tonight, Tony? I'm sure you could always call the dorm to reschedule." The college comment brought Tim back to the time where he and Kate had harassed Tony about his car getting towed outside of a nearby college dorm.

Gibbs had them back to the Navy Yard in half the time it would have taken anyone else, even Ziva. He was tired, and had hoped for some time off as well, but bitching about it wasn't going to make the case go any quicker. He left his agents to unload the car while he ran down the street for coffee and a Caf-Pow!.

While Tim headed to the squad room to upload the pictures to the plasma, Ziva followed Tony to the forensics lab, their arms loaded down with the evidence they had collected. She was looking forward to seeing her friend, knowing the other woman had been out. With a closet full of outrageous clothes, Ziva wondered just what outfit the forensics specialist had worn.

"This is my favorite part! We get to see what Abby is wearing… or how much she isn't wearing." Tony twisted his fingers together in anticipation.


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