The New Girl: TekkenXOuran Chapter I

Its hard for Lili Emily De Rochefort to go on with her families business in Japan. It seems to make herself worry about the Mishima Zaibatsu is gonna capture her dad, but one day her dad desides to live in Japan for a little while to work with some rich family business where a French Noble is running a very rich Institution for young kids to make a spark of life and surpass there parents when older, or just make there own business.

The Rocheforts hold a meeting in the estate, and starts talking about their trip to Japan. When the conversations starts dying down Mr. Rochefort makes his short Speech.

Mr. Rochefort: 'hiting the shampaine class with a fork' Quiet down my good people!'Stops and stands and so as Lili' before we start with the Speech I'll like to thank you all for your incredible hospitaliy including Ms. Suoh 'holding his palm facing up to her pointing' once we are gone yes i'll still need my wife to cover my days for me while me and my daughter are gone, and now to my daughter Lili will now be changing schools.

Lili: 'Confused' What? I don't wanna changes schools again now after- my fight with a friend of mine 'tring to hide the fact that she entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament without her father noticing after she got kidnapped' now where am I going to now Dad?

Mr. Rochefort: Good question, you'll be enrolled in Ouran Academy 'pulls out the regeistraion from his coat pocket and shows them to lili'

Lili: Hmm, I geuss it dose look very eligant to a lady like me- what a miniute OURAN ACADEMY!? 'Funny spazz moment'

And out of the question she was now booked to be in Japan once again on a busy business trip, or she actually might be staying? that's what remains about her father. A day later passes by and Lili in her new school uniform a Pale Yellow gown-like dress a bit too fancy for a rich school. Lili and her dad go to the office to meet Mr. Souh and when she was passing by she noticed 2 very handsom young teenage boy's about the same age as her. The blonde(Tamaki) and the boy with Black(Kyoya) seem to be caught in a dence conversation only making Lili suspisious thinking are they enemies or friends walking on by never noticing Lili staring at them.

Mr. Rochefort: Lili!

Lili: 'Gasps' Yeah?

Mr. Rochefort: Did you fall in love again? with the Two Hot boy's you were staring at and never looked at you?

Lili: 'Blushes and waves her hand like and itiot' No no no You got it all wrong I was just looking at them as if they were some of your clients i've seen!

Mr. Rochefort: Is my little girl growing up already and to take over the family enterprise? 'dramaticly' oh how i missed you as a younger girl and still blushes but fights in front of everybody!

Lili: 'Makes a Wierd face but a bit angry' well i geuss it's too late to go back in time to tell me how much you loved me when i was 8 so hahah! *But i wonder who those boy's names are they look so familiar? heh, geuss it's just my head playing tricks on me? I'd like to get to know the one with the Blonde hair*

15 Miniute's later;

Mr. Rochefort: Here we are, the headmasters office 'hands in a fist on his hips'

Lili: Oh hey dad.

Mr. Rochefort: What is it my dear? Scared of being bullied once your first start dear?

Lili: No! Uh who is the headmasters name?

Mr. Rochefort: I believe its Mr. Souh

Lili: Oh? Just curious about my principle's name? lol

After 2 hours of paperwork which both lili and her dad have to sign, and after that 2 hours made her even more interested about the 2 boy's arguing once then she can explore the school making sure she knows her way around cause the High School looks big so she might get lost easily.

Lili: Hey dad can I explore the school and to know where my classes are? please?

Mr. Rochefort: Of course you can Lili. Just remember to get back before 5:30 because i think Souh wants me to finish up some personaly paperwork. Go and have fun!

Lili: 'smiles' Thanks dad! 'and runs out the door as if she wants to despertly wanting to see someone' *awesome now time to find those sexy boys!*

Lili never felt this alive before as soon as the 4:00 bell struk, soon she heres some girls screaming thinking that their in trouble she runs to the rescue only to find Music Room #3 where she can't here screams but speaking. She opens the door and finds herself in a glimpes of rose pettels blowing twords her face making her put her arm on her eyes. When she fells the wind vanish she puts her arm to the door and pushes it more, and finds in the room a bunch of girls hodling around some tables with 7 guys on each table, she is confused as what this might be? a dating service? a few sec. after that 6 of the Host Club members look at the door and sees a Long Blonde hair girl peeking through the side of the left door.

Honey: 'curiously and cutely' Who is she? she looks really cute?

Twins in unison: Pity; its just a new geust

Kyoya: A new geust huh? why don't you come in 'holding his hand out'...Emily De Rochefort?

Lili: 'shocked with wide eyes and blushing' *HOW DOES HE KNOW MY NAME?* 'she puts her hand on his hand only grabbing her and into one of the sofa's' Ok now I want answers! who are you! and how do you know my name?!

Tamaki: Wow Kyoya even you can name a girl not just from looking at them but 'looks at her in surprise'...Omg it is you LILI! 'he grabes her by the tourso and begins swinging her' I never thought I'd ever see you again after Middle School! yipee yipee

Lili: I'd appreasiate it if you would stop spining me around! 'and he stops and puts her back on the sofa' My god I thought you transfered to another school?

Tamaki: How old are you now?

Lili: 16

Tamaki: Me to!

Lili: And how long have you been at Ouran Academy?

Tamaki: 2 Years

Lili: I never got your name? 'as she points to Kyoya'

Kyoya: Its Kyoya Ootori

Lili: OH! like the Ootori Medicial supplies?

Tamaki: Well i geuss an inrtoductin is in order, I'm acutally the leader of this fantastic Host Club, This is Mori-sempi (The Strong Silent Type), this little cute on is Honey-sempi trust me he is a senor (Boy Loitia Type), This is the Hitachiin Twins Hikaru and Kaoru (The Little Devel Type), Of course Kyoya the Vice Presidant (The Cool Type), for me The Princly Type, and of cource we can not forget our Rookie Haruhi (The Natural Type)'pointing at her with a tray of tea'.

Haruhi: What is it now sempi? I need to get this tea to the girls 'she looks at Lili in a confused way' Wait is this your Twin Sister?

Tamaki: Daddy does not have a Twin Sister! Even if were both blonde does not make us related!

Haruhi: Yes it does

Tamaki: 'Sitting in the emo corner'

Lili: What did you just do Haruhi?

Haruhi: He gets like this all the time, I never got your name?

Lili: Its Emily De Rochefort 'both shake hands' but you can just call me Lili.

Haruhi: 'Smiles' ok Lili

After Lili was getting along with some of her new friends, she was the most curious about Kyoya. He knew her name and her Businesses with her dad. For some weird reason she feels more attracked to him than Tamaki even though they were friends in Middle School before he moved to Japan with his grandma. She then turns her attention to Honey.

Lili: Hey little Cutie 'Kawaii mode'

Honey: Hi Li-Chan! 'Being cute'

Lili: 'Bit of Moe sinces coming' I was also wonding do you know anything about the Mishima Zaibatsu?

Kyoya: 'Behind her and on her ear' Of course 'in a sexy way'

Lili: 'Blushes red and turns her head just a little and Kyoya pushed her on the Couch and pins her but manages to escape' Ok then what do you know about me and the Mishima Zaibatsu?

Kyoya: Ok then, if thats what you want then tell me why you participated in a Tournament?

Lili: For the sake of my Father! he needed help. The Zaibatsu was going to capture my dad and hold him for ransom but instead, 'starting to tear' I part. in the Iron Fist Tournament and paid of the problems for him 'A tear drop flows her face' I love my Dad I'd never wanted to see him upset about me being in the Tournament...Twice! 'with two fnigers holding up' and now I'm screwed 'as she drops her head face first to the floor and gets back up'.

All the Host club members looked at her with some emotion and some of the girls started to look. Emberessed as Lili is, she walks up to Honey and closes a bit on him.

Lili: Honinozuka is it?

Honey: Yes, Li-Chan?

Lili: Please teach me the family Martial arts so I can wish for my fathers happiness 'on her knees'

Honey: 'appauled to be a master again, and hugs her really tightly tears all over his face and so as Tamaki' I'll do everything to make your father proud!

Tamaki: 'runs after her and graps her by the torso again and spins her twice as fast in a circle' Oh my Princess i'll do it to, and i'll not have your family broken up!

Lili: 'feeling a little sick' Please stop spining me! 'In slow motion she lifts her left leg and put in on his stomage making a daring escape in a backflip motion wowing Honey and Mori' You really need to work on your Personality cause its desperite for love. You have definatly changed Tamaki, and I'm impressed to see how these people can scop up wtih your level.

Tamaki: But-, Whats that rubbling noise? No NO! 'A very stange laugh but familiar to Lili was herd' Not her again?

A Female laugh was coming through the cracks on the floor which Renge's turbine Powerful Moter was coming out of the floor into a huge platorm with Renge on top standing and looking down at Lili surprised.

Lili: 'In her fighting stance and lets her guard down when a familiar girl was happy' Renge Hoshakuji?

Renge: Is that you Lili?!

Lili: 'Folds her Arms up as Renge jumps off the platform and goes back underground and hugs in a Yuri kind of form' I never thought I'd see you here!

Renge: Me too! 'putting their foreheads together giggling'

Kyoya: 'coming up to the two girls reuniting confused' So is this one of you dads business partners Daughter?

Lili: Why yes 'putting Renge down' We are Best Friends, its been this way since grade school, and do you know?

Kyoya: Know what? do you know something I don't know about your businesess?

In Unison: 'Laughing insanily' One of our families heads are Married!

Twins: What?!

Tamaki: What?!

Honey: How?!

Haruhi: How?!

Kyoya: 'Drops his head in dissapointment' *I thought I know every business heirs to rich Families, but why?* Why?! 'drops to his knees'

Renge: Oh 'takes a knee' don't be so apaulled Kyoya, I know how it feels to not know everything once your the next heir to a very rich family.

Lili: It's true 'takes a knee too' we've both had the same experiance, and that's probably how we both became friends!

Renge: That was some good times Lili.

Lili: I know, right? 'Both laughing again but more softer'

Honey: So does that mean that both Ren-Chan and Li-Chan are both gonna be half sisters?

In Unison: Why yes, but not related by blood but from Marrage.

Renge: But I've got a question for my best friend Lili

Lili: What is it Renge?

Renge: Why were you with Kyoya haft of the time you've been here?

Lili: 'Blushes a little' I have no idea why? hehe

Kyoya: 'Evil smile' I think I know why

Lili: Hm? 'He then gets more closer to her face than the time he pins down Lili, but this time it looked more sedusive as she Blushes even more turning her face red'

Kyoya: I never seen a Monoco Lady around here ever a Ouran, but that doesn't mean I love you, 'He then gets closer to her cheek' It just interstes me 'Whispering'

Lili: 'Trembling and red she takes a hand to his face to kiss him, but was grabed by Renge' Huh, Renge?

Renge: 'Dissapointed she huffs back to her underground room' Lili...we are NOT friends anymore, and so as you Kyoya my Love! 'Angerly she opens the door and slams it making the whole room stair including the girls'

Twins: Drama! 'smiling' I geuss were not bored anymore

Come back for some more Kyoya seduction and Lili being cute until Chapter 2: Beautiful Liar