Vern Tessio was in love. He was in love with one of the prettiest girls in all of Castle Rock. She was so pretty, that she didn't even have a boyfriend yet because every guy was far too afraid to ask her out.
Her name was Jane Williams.
Usually Jane kept to herself. She wasn't exactly popular at school which surprised many of the students.
The popular crowd was jealous of her beauty and for this reason they didn't want her to hang out with them.
But they all knew a secret. It was a secret that would destroy her if anyone found out. Everyday Jane watched over them to make sure they didn't tell anyone. No one could know.
The reason the popular girls knew, was only because they had once been friends with her.

It had been the summer of 1959 when the group was all friends. The clique included Marsha Allerby, Cyndi Dove, Rose Eberhart, Clara Dean, and the leader, Betty Baggins. Betty was Jane's best friend. The two shared multiple secrets but when the time came they found out her biggest secret yet, Jane knew she needed to trust them.
The whole group was over at Betty's house on a weekend and they were talking about the usual. Boys, gossip, and secrets.
Jane was already nervous. Betty could read her like an open book when it came to hiding things. If Jane tried to deny any secrets, it wouldn't be a secret for long. She hoped with all her heart she was making the right choice by deciding to tell them this. At least it would test if they were real friends or not.
"So Jane, any more secrets?" Marsha suddenly asked while Jane was in day dream mode.
It was time to tell. There was a moment's silence as Jane ran through different phrases she could say to them. But all that she managed to croak out was, "Yeah, I guess."
Marsha nodded as if to say, "So continue on."
"Um, well."
"Oh come on Jane. We've told each other secrets a million times. Don't worry." Betty said.
This somehow wasn't reassuring to her at all. But she had made a decision to tell them.
"Ok fine. I-I, I like someone."
The girls all screeched immediately in sync.
"No way, who?" Clara shouted and jumped up a bit.
"Chris." It came out much easier than she had expected it to.
"Which Chris? Wait let me guess. Chris Jackson. No, Chris Lewis. No, Zimmerman."
Jane shook her head. Beads of sweat were sliding down her face and her heart was booming.
"What Chris then?"
There was a pause until everyone realized.
"Oh no. It can't be. Chambers." Rose said "Chambers" like she was talking about animal droppings or a rodent like a rat.
Jane was too scared to even nod.
The girls were all silent for a moment.
"I can't believe you would go for a stupid, no good Chambers kid! What do you see in him? He wears disgusting clothes that haven't been washed in god knows how long! He's stupid and will never graduate! I can't believe this!" Betty was in hysterics. She got up of the floor and motioned for the other girls to stand. Jane was left on the floor. Betty pointed a finger at her bedroom door and said, "Get out" very calmly.
Jane didn't object. She wanted to get out as quickly as possible and go home and cry.
So she stood up and headed towards the door.
"And don't even think about sitting with us at lunch tomorrow." Betty said as Jane was leaving.