Light and L walked in from the rain. L had a towel on top of his head. This made him look even cuter then he already was, even though that was hard because L was adorable. L started to dry Light's feet off with the towel. "What are you doing Ryuzaki?" asked Light.

"You're all wet, so I'm helping you dry off. I can also massage your feet." Light blushed at this. He had had a crush on the detective for some time now, but because Light had gotten the notebook back and had remembered that he was Kira, Light had to kill the love of his life. Kira was L's enemy. L was Kira's enemy. One of them had to die.

"Your still wet Ryuzaki." said Light. Light grabbed another towel and started drying L's hair.

"Sorry." Light wondered if L was doing this because he knew that Light had set a plan to kill him. Of course, it didn't matter. If he knew, then there was nothing he could do to stop it. "Sad, isn't it?"

"What?" Light had gotten so wrapped up in his thoughts that he had stopped paying attention.

"We'll soon have to say goodbye." L had a sad, distant look in his eyes as he said this. Light started to think about what it would be like without L. There would be no one to stand in his way. There would also be no one to bake special strawberry cakes for, no one to snuggle up to on cold nights, no one who could possibly be on his level, no one for Light to wish for a kiss from.

Wait, what was Light thinking? This was L. Light was Kira and L wanted to put Kira behind bars. Kira needed to kill L to have a perfect world. Light wouldn't get another chance to kill him. The look in L's eyes was also a look of disappointment. His eyes seemed to say "I know you love me and you're going to let me die". Did L love Light the same way?

Suddenly, Light just couldn't do it. He couldn't sacrifice the man he loved for the world. Especially if L loved him back. Did that make Light selfish? Light didn't know.

L's cell phone rang and they both had to go back to the room where Rem was waiting to be manipulated. When Light walked in, he saw Rem about to walk through the wall. he grabbed her arm.

"I know what you're going to do. Please, stop." Light still wanted to appear inicent. Maybee he could if he played his cards right. Rem stopped.

"Why? There's nothing anybody here can do."

"I know you want to kill him to save Misa, but it's not worth it. I know she's a Kira, but can't you just make her give up her ownership?" by now everyone in the room was staring at them. Everyone but L looked fooled.

"Hmmmmm, I hadn't considered that." Light knew that Rem had gotten the message. "Very well, I will leave this whole thing alone." Rem flew off.

"Light kun…..I want to talk to you in the other room." said L. Light followed him into the other room.

"What is it Ryuzaki?"

"I suspect that you are Kira by 80%. I also believe that something if making you want to give up being Kira. What is it?"

"Well, Ryuzaki, if I was Kira, which I'm not, then I would give up being Kira because I love you." Then Light smiled. It was the first real human looking smile he had had while owning the death note.