Author's Note: I wanted to take a moment to thank you guys for reading and reviewing the previous 3 books of this story. As you may have noticed I'm a Creese fan, and I realize that there may not be a big fanbase for them (yet) but I appreciate that ppl have been so receptive of my story here. In this book we find the two several months from where we left them in Book III, I did this to move the story along more quickly. I am sorry if this is disappointing to some and I may just do a couple of one-shot ficlets to explore the missing months in between book 3 and 4. So here is the starter for Book IV, I hope you really enjoy and feel free to review :) ~ Pari

He had finally decided, after nearly an hour and a half of contemplation that he had never seen a more beautiful sight than the one that was currently laid out before him, in his bed. He had gotten up just two hours before after having awakened from a very bad nightmare. So now he stood in just his briefs in the kitchen, where he leaned against the counter-top, drinking coffee. He hadn't really taken his eyes off of the sleeping woman occupying his bed. He relished these night when she was free to stay with him, because he felt uninhibited in his voyeurism. So he freely let his eyes roamed over her body, as his mind's eye photographed every inch of her cinnamon colored skin. Sometimes he'd begin at the top of her head which was crowned with thick curls that hid her face slightly from his view. Other times he'd begin at her feet where he counted each of her toes that were painted a light pink color. In the end his eyes would always linger the longest at her swollen midsection, where lay their child. 'Their child' the idea of that still left him awestruck, and the reality would at time take his breath away as it did in this moment.

"Hmmm," She sighed aloud as she slowly rolled from her side onto her back, which was a task that wasn't as easy as it had been five months ago when she was barely showing. He let his eyes briefly dart to the clock on the wall and a hint of a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. 'Right on time' he thought as he focused back on his sleeping beauty who was rousing from her sleep. She rose up from her prone position and then sat for a full two minutes before she turned and casted her feet over the side of the bed. He sat patiently and quietly and he made no move to attempt to assist her. He had learned that in her hormonal state her mind would usually twisted his offer to help her into meaning he thought she was fat. She finally thrust her belly up, pushed herself fully from the bed, and then waddled to where he was in the kitchen. She made her way to the refrigerator and passed him without saying a word and he continued the sip his coffee. After a few seconds scanning its contents she slammed the door of the refrigerator shut with a growl. She moved up alongside the tall bare chested man before her and dropped her forehead against his broad, muscular back.

"Baby's hungry but I don't know what she wants," Carter grumbled out as she lifted her head and he turned in time to catch the pretty pout that graced her lips. With a chuckle John slid the open jar of green olives and small bowl of Skittles candy over to her and brought a bright smile to her face. "Yes, something sweet and something sour. Thank you baby," she cooed out as she reached for her snack. Reese shifted his position and turned to rest his backside against the counter which allotted him a better view of Carter, who happily popped olives and then Skittles into her mouth. John smile lovingly at the women beside him, whom he had come to love more than he thought himself capable of loving anyone. He held his coffee cup to his lip with his right hand and reached out and cupped the taut swell of Carter's belly as it peeked out from the half buttoned up dress shirt she had taken from him earlier. "Just six more weeks," She tossed out and John silently corrected, 'five weeks and three days' to be more exact.

"You nervous Joss?" He asked teasingly and Carter shook her head.

"No, I have done this before." She said around and coy smile. "How about you, are you nervous John?"

"No," He lied and again causally took a sip of coffee. She narrowed her eyes and stared up at him suspiciously with a smile still fixed on her face.

"Really, so you're ready for the wee hour feedingsā€¦"

"I think you're better equipped for that," Reese interjected as he let his eyes momentarily drift down to her breast, which were already doubled in size.

"Oh I'll be pumping milk, just for you daddy." She educated him and he simply smiled, shrugged, and replied.

"I'm a night owl so I'll most likely be up anyway."

"And the diaper changes, you're good with that too?" She continued her questioning.

"Can't be any worse than changing field dressings," He answered coolly.

"May smell worse," Carter said with a chuckle as she popped the last of the olives into her mouth. She then closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh. Reese began to rub the hand that stilled rest on Carter's belly in a circular motion.

"Are my ladies satisfied?" He asked as he smirked down at her.

"Well, Vivian is satisfied," Carter responded as she reached up her right hand and pulled the coffee cup from Reese's hand and then with her other hand grasped his hand that cupped her belly. "But I'm still very, very hungry." The words rolled off her tongue and her tone along with the heated look she was giving him, made his cock harden instantly.

"Don't you mean 'horny'?" He asked with a chuckle as he allowed her to pull him back towards the kings sized bed.

"Po-tay-to, po-tat-to," She sing-songed as she pulled him along.