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"Remember two years ago when Boq finally mustered up enough courage to ask you on a date?" Elphaba questioned her, Glinda slowly nodding as she clutched onto the sheets in utter sadness.

"That night, I was walking past the gardens to close the front gates when I heard Boq's voice and the voice of a woman. I clung to the shadows and turned the corner to see Kristina kissing him. I hate to tell you this, Glin, I really do, but he was enthusiastic about it. She tried to unbutton his shirt, but Boq stopped her. He informed her that all of that had been a mistake and that he was very sorry. I was planning on telling you, but you were so in love with him. I didn't want to ruin it for you." Elphaba explained to her, taking the blonde's pale hand comfortingly.

"B-but, she said that he was with her the other night!" Glinda protested, tears falling down her face and irritating her burn wounds.

The green woman shook her head. "You would have noticed if he had left your bed, wouldn't you?" She inquired. "And plus, Kristina just got into town today."

"How do you know that?" Glinda dabbed at her face tenderly with a tissue.

"Your mom was talking about it before she left. I am rather 'in the know'." Elphaba told her, making Glinda giggle.

"I suppose that I shouldn't have kicked him out then." She sighed, biting the inside of her cheek. "She was being such a meanie and I was so angry."

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "Meanie? What are we: two?" She laughed.

There was silence for a few moments until Fiyero spoke up. "We have to get you checked out, Fae; come on."

"Fiyero, Oz, I'm fi-" Elphaba's voice faltered and she swooned. Her vision was blurry although she could vaguely make out Fiyero's figure in front of her and lifting her to her feet. He carried her to the lobby, where a few nurses came running toward him with a gurney in between them.

Fiyero was reluctant to let her go. She appeared to be so small and fragile as she laid there. "Can I just come with her?" He pleaded. No one answered him, but he was forced to stay outside of the room when they wheeled Elphaba in. He stood behind a glass partition and watched as one of the nurses took her pulse and informed the doctor about something that he couldn't hear.

His forehead wrinkled in confusion when the doctor placed his hands on her stomach and began to pump. All of a sudden, Elphaba lurched forward and threw up into the chamber pot that the doctor was holding for her.

Fiyero ran in the door, not wanting her to be in such distress. Well, at least not without him there to help her. "Fae, honey, are you alright?"

"Do I look like I'm alright?" Elphaba snapped at him. He ignored her attitude and sat next to her, rubbing her back comfortingly. The woman arched herself away from him instinctively.

"You're still not used to being touched, are you?" He asked her tenderly, kissing her cheek.

Elphaba slowly shook her head and that was when the doctor intervened.

"Miss Thropp was poisoned, sir. A very strong poison, which it was. She could have died if it stayed in her system any longer.

Fiyero wasn't surprised. Well, he was that someone attempted to kill her, but not that she had been poisoned. He had thought that from the start.

"You can take her home, but," The doctor handed Fiyero a clear glass vial. "Make sure she takes this when you get home. It'll wipe out her system."

And wipe out her system it did. Fiyero had taken a grief-stricken Glinda home as well and she immediately stormed off to apologize to her husband. Meanwhile, Elphaba was leaning over the chamber pot in the washroom, seemingly throwing up her intestines.

Fiyero rushed to her side, kneeling as he held back Elphaba's silken hair. He rubbed her back with his other hand and whispered comforting words into her ear.

"I feel so disgusting." She whispered, leaning against Fiyero's chest in a rare show of weakness. He kissed the top of her hair and wiped at her forehead with a dry towel.

"Are you finished?" He questioned her, picking her up when she nodded.

"Fiyero please put me down!" She pleaded.

"And why should I do such a thing?"

"Because I have two perfectly good legs and I can walk!" Elphaba snapped at him. He was going to come back with a snide remark but he noticed her deathly silence.

"Elphie, if this is about your sister, I'm sorry." Fiyero told her, gently laying her onto his king-size mattress.

Elphaba rolled away from him, her face emotionless as she regarded the wall with a great deal of interest. "It's not your fault, Yero. It's mine." She informed him, biting her lip and not daring to turn to face him.

"It's not your fault that she had polio. It's a disease. If it was anyone's fault, it would be your parents'. It's their genetics." Fiyero explained to her, rubbing comforting circles on her back.

Elphaba turned to face him, a wide grin on her lips.


"It seems Prince Brainless has finally found his brain." She teased, moving over to steal a kiss from his lips.

"I didn't find my brain. I found you."