Hellooo there :D This story is inspired by the book, If We Kiss by Rachel Vail. Its a good book and stuff :D Okay well here it is, enjoy!

Austin Moon stopped me in the hall and asked if we had any history homework. While he was asking me, he was twirling a strand of hair in his fingers and touching the side of my face. He wrapped the strand of my hair around his index finger and let it go. When he asked me, I wasn't sure. I think I just said "umm" or I just stuttered. I might have not even said anything it all. He smiled and ran off to class. And I stood there in complete shock.

You see, Austin Moon is popular. Not insanely popular, but he is well known. He is also one of those guys who dates almost every girl just because he wants to. One of the many reasons that I don't like him. He really hasn't shown any interest in me. In fact sometimes, he just ignores me. But here I am, in the middle of the hallway, with my eyes wide open and my knees slightly wobbly, begging for support.

"Are you okay?" I snapped out of my trance and looked to my right, to see my best friends Rachel and Trish. "Yeah, I'm fine." Rachel rolled her eyes and looked at me. "Sure. Come on Ally, lets go to class." We all walked to class together. Maybe now's a good time to mention that I've never kissed anybody. Never dated anybody, never went on a date, nothing. Rachel has been trying to get me to kiss George, one of my other best friends. She's totally convinced that he likes me. I can see that myself. He always acts like I'm so special, when I'm not. He's nice to everybody, but even nicer to me. If he wasn't my best friend, maybe I would kiss him. But George and I are too close to kiss. It'll be like kissing your cousin. Just weird.

Unlike me, Rachel has kissed three different boys and loved each one of them. I don't know why she keeps bugging me, because Trish hasn't kissed anybody either. Me and Trish are probably the only people who haven't been kissed in the school. Also, Rachel is absolutely beautiful. She has long straight golden blonde hair that goes up to her waist, and sparkling blue eyes. I sighed and walked into history, ready to forget about everything that happened today. I'm hoping that everything would just go away.

Unfortunately, things don't go away that easily.

Mostly because he was in my history class. And a lot of my other classes. Every single day I kept thinking about Austin. Nothing would get my mind off of him. The way I looked into his sparkling brown eyes, his dirty blonde and slightly messy hair. The way he looked at me. Why would he do that? Why can't I stop thinking about him?

A week has finally past. And the best part? I almost forgot about him. He was just about out of my mind until I saw him. Walking to school. Right in front of me. I slightly panicked but I tried to play it off cool. I kept walking and thinking. Does he always walk to school? I've never really noticed him before. I chewed my gum that I had in my mouth more nervously. Right when I snapped back to reality, I realized that I was already at school, and that Austin was standing right in front of me. Facing me.

"You walk home." I almost swallowed my gum. But I do. I slowly nodded. "Umm you do too." He smiled. "Not always." I instantly got confused. I'm not even sure why. He chuckled at my nervousness and step towards me. He smiled and his brown eyes twinkled. "Come here." He grabbed my hand and led me towards the side of the building. His hand was warm and soft, and it made me realize something.

His hand is in mine.

I smiled at the thought, but then it made me wonder, why is he doing this? Very discretely, I spit out my gum in the nearest trashcan. My mouth still lingered the minty flavor. We came to the side of the school. It was a brick wall and there wasn't much to look at. My back was towards the wall and I looked at him. "Why are we here?" He didn't answer. Instead he pushed me up against the wall.

And he kissed me.

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