She slowly looks down at the girl sitting Indian-style on the floor. The girl's light brown hair hangs in ringlets around her pudgy face and the guarded blue eyes study the confused child above her, sitting on the bed.

"Tori!" The girl's mom shouts from down stairs, voice muffled but loud. Soon footsteps are heard and the door flies open.

The child doesn't move.

"Tori. I've been calling and calling you. Come down stairs, dinner's ready… What are you looking at?" Mrs. Vega asks, turning her head toward the direction her daughter was facing. Tori tears her eyes away from the blue ones that are trained on hers and looks at her mother.

"Who's she, mommy?" Tori asks, referring to the girl sitting cross-legged on her floor.

"Who? There's no one in here besides you and I, Tori." Mrs. Vega had been prepared for her daughter to go through the clichéd 'Imaginary Friend phase', but she hadn't known that her daughter would act so strangely about it.

"Yes there is. She's sitting right there. On the rug." Tori informs her mother as her large brown, childlike eyes once again focus on the girl on the floor that her mother couldn't see.

"We'll talk about this later, okay? Just come down stairs. Your food's getting cold."

"Can she come too? She looks really hungry." Tori asked hopefully.

Something about the girl seemed different. Odd.

"Tori come on." Her mother says, sharper than before.

"One second mommy, I gotta find my house-shoes." Tori excuses to get her mother to leave.

"Alright. Hurry." Mrs. Vega replies as she makes her way down the stairs.

"Tori" The girl said, blue eyes shining.

"You're not real. Mommy can't see you." Tori stated with a gentle frown creasing the skin between her eyebrows.

"How do you know? Maybe my mom can't see you either." The other girl said, slightly offended. She gave a half smile and walked through Tori's bedroom door. "Gotta go. I'll see ya later." She said with a smile before leaving. Mrs. Vega never even heard the door close.

She walks into pre-school on Monday, dressed in her favorite shirt and the skirt her mother picked out for her. The bright halls were donned in colorful pictures and paintings of farm animals, numbers, the alphabet, as well as a few less than artistic self-portraits the children had drawn.

The small child clutches onto her mothers hand, her father having left for work before she was awake, and walked into the classroom full of unfamiliar faces. The teacher greeted her just as she had any other student and Tori's mother left her alone to fend for herself.

The half-Latina turned and sat on the rug with the other kids, and her eyes landed on bright blue ones. Tori wasn't quite sure if she should acknowledge her or not, given that her mother couldn't see her.

But maybe it was just her mother, and everyone else could see the other girl. Tori nodded slightly to herself, making sense in her mind and waved at the brunette.

The blue eyed girl waved back, smiling cheekily.

"Hey Tori." She smirked, small hands picking at the rug. Tori uttered a hesitant hello, looking around to make sure she wasn't the only one. She couldn't see not one other pair of bright innocent eyes on the mysterious girl.

She swallowed, frowning slightly and looked back over at the girl before raising her hand.

"Yes Miss Vega?" the heavy-set teacher acknowledged with a ridiculously bright smile. The whole class turned their eyes on her and she looked down nervously.

"You have ghosts." She muttered, and Ms. Greensdayle's jaw dropped just the smallest amount.

"Pardon?" she asked, nervously eying the other students to make sure no one ended up a terrified, hysterical, mess.

The pale little girl outright laughed at Tori's assumption, clutching with small hands at her sides. Apparently this was one of the most hilarious things she had ever heard.

Tori huffed indignantly at the blue eyed girl's blatant teasing and dropped her eyes once more.

"I'm not a ghost, stupid. I'm in your imagination." She smiled slyly, scooting over and sitting beside the half-Latina.

Tori frowned in confusion and looked up at her teacher, avoiding the scrutinizing gaze of her young classmates. "Nevermind." She sighed and looked over at the adorable little kid her mind had conjured up.

Maybe if she could make an imaginary friend without even trying, they could be best friends too. The thought made Tori smile and actually pay attention when the Ms. Greensdayle began to teach them the alphabet.

When Tori Vega turned five, she played with the Raggedy Ann Jade had told her to ask for. Jade was what her friend said her name was. At first Tori was confused.

"Aren't I supposed to name my own imaginary friend?" she asked, biting her lip in fear that Jade would call her stupid for speaking her opinion.

"No, because I don't want you to name me and for the last time, just because I'm in your imagination, doesn't mean I'm your friend." Jade said, carving fangs into the doll with the tip of a pen. Tori flinched slightly and dropped her gaze to her hands.

"Then why do you hang out with me all the time?" she asked.

"Because, Stupid. I'm your imagination. I have to be here all the time." She rolled her eyes and tossed the freshly vamped-out doll back to Tori.

"Happy birthday." She said quietly and leaned back against the side of the bed.

With time, Jade had grown much like Tori had. They were neck and neck with their height and Jade's eyes seemed to get bluer as the years went on. Tori's mother walked in her bedroom, mouth already open to ask Tori what she wanted for dinner but ended up asking a different question instead.

"Tori! What on earth did you do to the doll grandma got you?" she yelled.

Tori frantically looked from her mother, to the doll, to Jade and frowned, trying not to cry like she always had to refrain from doing when her mother yelled at her.

"I didn't do that!" she defended, her eyes pleading for Mrs. Vega to believe her.

Tori's mother shook her head and took a deep breath, her gaze disappointed.

"You're in time out. Turn off the T.V and don't come out until I say so." She growled and stormed out, closing the door behind her. Tori slowly began to cry, her eyes tearing up until they brimmed over, falling on her tanned cheeks and sliding down her face to drip onto the doll's eyes.

Jade pulled Tori up and sat on the bed with her, arms wrapped around the girl whose mind had created her.

"I'm sorry Tori." She mumbled, laying her head on her shoulder.

Tori could never stay mad at Jade.

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