Part 2

The rain falls angrily, forcing its own beat against your bedroom window. It doesn't rain often, but when it does you are prepared for a deep sleep that night. Unfortunately this is not one of those times.

You toss restlessly, limbs tangled within the silky maroon sheets that you so shamelessly demanded for your seventeenth birthday and end up on your stomach. Dyed black hair mats against your pale forehead with sweat and you swear that your lungs are being forced from inside of your body out through your throat.

A gut wrenching cough tears through you once more, yet this is more than a simple cold, or the flue for that matter. You know it has something to do with Vega. You gag faintly and push yourself up on your elbows, resting your head on your fists.

Being withdrawn from her mind since she's seen you has left you weak and your arms shake slightly before you plop back down on your stomach, hiding your face in your pillow.

You almost hate her for this. For having such and effect on your health. It's not as if you were a real person anyway, just a powerful hallucination that affected everyone unless their mind was strong enough to fight you.

Not a single person has succeeded… besides Tori all those years ago. Rolling over on your side, you carefully swing your legs over the edge of your bed and stand, your arm wrapped around your torso as if to keep from falling apart.

You drag your feet toward the window and wrench it open, letting the wind blow the rain into your face. Breathing a little better, you lift one leg up and out, pushing yourself through with your other.

The rain nearly causes you to slip but you climb off of the roof and jump down into the garden, sliding slightly in the soggy grass. Your feet are no longer controlled by your brain and you take off running.

The sharp air hits your lungs and clears your foggy mind. Skidding to a stop after running so long that your feet ache, you look up and realized that you subconsciously brought yourself straight to the Vega residence.

Panting softly with the exertion, you lean on their front door not knowing whether or not you'd knock. Mumbling to yourself, you settle for ringing the doorbell like a semi-civilized human being and sigh in regret when you hear someone opening the door.

You figure that it's too late to duck out of sight and Mrs. Vega answers the door with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, why are you here at three o'clock in the morning? Who are you?" she demands and you shrink back a bit.

"I need to talk to Tori." You respond.

The chill seeps through your sleep shirt and you realize that you should have grabbed a jacket. Or at least put on some shoes. Sighing, you rub your arms for warmth while you wait for the verdict.

"Can it wait?" she asks, seeming irritated.

"I'll be quick, I swear." You promise and breathe out in relief when she steps out of the way to let you in. Knowing the place by heart, you make your way up the stairs and push open the door to Tori's bedroom.

She sits up on her bed, looking at you with wide eyes and you almost wish you hadn't come in the first place.

"Jade… what are you doing here?" she asks, twisting the covers around her hands nervously.

You move further inside of the room and gently close the door behind you.

Making your way over to her and sitting down on the edge of her bed, she throws the covers back and climbs over to sit closer since you won't go any further.

Your lungs fill with air as you breathe in deep and you're not quite sure what you're supposed to say. Finally you look over at her, the girl who kicked you out of your mind, and suddenly you're furious.

Your fists ball up on either side of you and the powerful urge to slam something against the wall takes over. Shooting up from your spot on the bed, and nearly knocking her over in the process, you begin pacing.

Right left right, turn. Right left right, turn.

A familiar warmth encompasses your left hand and you look down to see that Tori is gently tugging you to sit back down.

"Jade… listen, I know you're mad-"

"Mad? You know I'm mad, Tori? How about livid, furious even? I trusted you because you made me. Alright? And then ditched me to be normal because your train wreck of a family kept breathing down your throat about how messed up and psychotic you were. Still are, really. You think I'm a real person? I'm a god damn figure of everyone's imagination! And yet I can't even be my own person because my health and thoughts and opinions are based off of everything you created!"

By then you're screaming and she won't let go of your hand.

You're leaning over her while she sits and tearfully listens to you rant. Your anger dies down to a bearable level where you can breathe again and you slump down to the floor, your back against the bed beside her feet.

"How does someone come to terms with the fact that they're nonexistent?" You whisper, voice tired from yelling.

Her thumb strokes over the back of your hand and she opens her mouth to speak.

"Jade… you were always real to me. You were so real that you scared the hell out of me and I admit that I didn't want you around anymore so I wished you away." She murmurs, looking down at your hand.

Sighing she begins again, "I just wanted you to like me."

Startled, you look up and her eyes don't meet yours. "What?" You ask, more confused than before.

"It seemed like you couldn't stand to say anything nice to me and I thought that maybe I was crazy enough to think up my own worst enemy."

Shaking your head, you stand and sit down beside her. "Tori, your mind made me all the things that you wanted to be. You wanted to be the snarky bad-ass with piercings and the hot boyfriend."

"You wanted to shut other people down that weren't at your level. You wanted to be able to scream and yell and kick at anyone and anything and not get in trouble for it because everyone feared you."

"What I am now, is who you would've been if you hadn't have listened to your parents and what everyone else wanted you to be." You watch her watch you in wonder and then suddenly her arms are around your neck and she's hugging you too tightly, face buried in your shoulder. Your lips quirk up in the barest hints of a smile and you hug her back.

Now that she's realized what she wants to be and who she is supposed to become, she doesn't need you any longer. You begin to fade from her embrace and her eyes snap open, "Jade?" she asks, slightly panicked.

"I'm glad you made me Tori." You admit and she looks up at you with teary eyes.


"Don't what?" You ask her, pulling away enough to see her face.

"Don't say goodbye. Wherever you go... I know I'll see you again." She says and smiles, letting a tear fall.

You wish that you hadn't lost three years of being with her but realize that you just might see her again one day, and that's enough for you to leave without sadness as well as any evidence that you were there in the first place.

The End.

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