Hey guys, this is my first attempt at writing a fan fiction. I've been kinda obsessed with The Breakfast Club since I watched it, and need a way to vent it a little. If you dig it, write a review. Otherwise I'll just abandon it. One review is all it takes to get my spirits high.

As the alarm clock began to wail Huey Lewis, Allison rolled over and fell out of her bed. Stumbling into her bathroom she began to let the bath run steaming hot water while she raced downstairs and back to get a Coke. She removed her clothes from the previous day and sat in the tub, opening her drink and slamming it back. Turning the shower on freezing cold, she sank back into the now comfortably hot water, still drinking her soda. The curious sensation of hot and cold water calmed her, and she was beginning to do this often. After washing herself, cleaning up, and getting dressed she grabbed her drawing pad and pencils and hurried to the kitchen.

The kitchen clock read 7:15 A.M., and Allison decided she should probably eat something. After using the toaster to make some miserable Pop-Tarts and pouring a glass of milk, she sat at the table facing the window. She bit into the snack, scattering crumbs across her table, and grabbed her drawing utensils. Looking out into the neighbor's yard, she began to draw their house. School starts at 8:00, and their house is about a twenty minute drive away. The clock strikes 7:45, and still no sign of dad.

Opening her parents' room door, Ally sighed. There was ol' faithful, asleep in his underwear and a white tee. Mom has to be at work at 5:00 A.M., so she doesn't see her in the mornings very often. Her father was recently laid off.

Shaking her dad's sleeping body, Allison began to get angry.



He groaned.

She groaned.

"Guess I'll be getting some driving practice this morning."

Grabbing the car keys from the nightstand, and her purse, she started out the door.

Allison had never quite gotten used to the idea of driving; something about the idea of a split second of carelessness having the consequence of ending another person's life or her own rubbed her the wrong way. If she could make it in time, she'd definitely love to walk.

She turned the key and squeaked as the engine revved.

"Oooookay, lets try not to kill anyone today."

Cautiously putting the car into reverse, she backed out of the driveway, and then into the road.

She clicked the radio on and the station's bumper blasted from the speakers.

"Hey everybody, you're listening to CIRR 103, home of the best rock music in the state of Illinois!"

The DJ came on.

"I hope you're all having a great Monday morning. Next up we've got Husker Du with "Something I Learned Today"."