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Chapter 1

How could this happen? I hate this feeling. It sucks. It totally sucks!

Fujiwara Airi was just a normal girl attending an all-girls high school. Her parents were rich, alas, divorced. She didn't even remember when it happened because she was just almost a baby. It had to do with something about her father being constantly absent. Her father was always busy, travelling and getting things done.

Airi saw her dad rarely. Her mom was one of those rich housewives who had nothing better to do than to visit her rich housewife friends and shop.

When she was at home, Airi spent her time, mostly with their house maid, Takiko, who understood her perfectly. But, most of the day, she was out, with her friends. It was easier that way for her. Ever since she started attending high school, that apartment in which she and her mom lived seemed suffocating.

"Airi-chan, please let me walk you home!", Kazuya asked when Airi had to depart.

"Fine.", she said.

Kazuya was one of the boys her friend Rika introduced her to. Rika also said something about Airi needing a boyfriend. Kazuya was from a school called Suzuran and Airi heard a lot of bad things about that school. But Rika told her that it was in to have a bad boy boyfriend. She wasn't really a trend follower, but Kazuya was actually nice for a delinquent. And really cute.

"So, Airi-chan, I heard that you play the piano.", Kazuya started the conversation.

"Yes, I do.", she said.

"Was it hard learning how to play it?"

"Well, of course. "

They continued to walk in silence when they entered a narrow street, until Airi decided to break it.

"So, I heard that you're from Suzuran."

"Ah, yes."

Kazuya felt a little bit uncomfortable.

"So, why is that school on such a bad voice?"

"Because we, who attend Suzuran, are all delinquents."

"Oh. So what did you do to get yourself called a delinquent?"

"Well, first of all, I enrolled in Suzuran and, second of all, I fight a lot."

"Fight? How?"

"With my fists."

"So did you beat up a lot of people?"


"You can tell me the truth, I won't judge you."

"Oh, well, then, I guess a lot. But, lots of people beat me up, too. It's kind of a cycle."

"I see."

And then, lights appeared. Lots of them. And Airi could hear motor engines. Behind the lights she could see black silhouettes of people, lots of them. Her eyes narrowed as she was trying to see their faces.

"Oh, shit.", she heard Kazuya whisper.

"Who are they?", she asked him when those people started approaching them.

"Airi-chan, listen to me. You have to get away, do you understand?"

"But why? Tell me who are they."

"You have to go, trust me!"

"But, my home is this way…"

"Just go!"

Airi could now see some of their faces. They were young and dressed in leather, probably still high school students. Some of them carried baseball bats and Airi could feel dread climbing up her spine.

"Will you be alright?", she asked him.

"Don't worry about me, just go.", he said without even looking at her, he was focusing on the group before them.

Airi turned to leave and as she was walking away, she turned her head to see that Kazuya started fighting with some of them. And she felt her body freeze. She watched as they overpowered him. There was too many of them.

Kazuya soon fell to the ground and some guy kicked him a few times while he was lying on the ground.

"Kazuya!", Airi screamed and ran towards where he was lying.

"Eh, what is this? This loser actually has a girlfriend!", she heard some guy's snide remark and laughter came after it.

"And a pretty one, too.", another guy said.

Kazuya wasn't awake, but he was breathing.

"Thank god.", she whispered.

She felt fury flow through her veins. And then, suddenly, she could feel herself standing up.

"Hey!", she shouted, "You guys must be pretty low when all of you are going against just one guy!"

"What was that?", she heard someone with a rough voice say.

"You heard me!", she shouted back.

"Hey, Bando, should we do something?", someone asked.

Airi looked out for that Bando, but she saw no one. But, then, she could see someone standing up from a bike. Apparently, that Bando was standing aside the whole time.

She could only make out his tall and slender silhouette because of the lights behind him. When he passed by the person who asked whether they should do something, he hit him on the head.

"We don't hit girls, you moron.", Bando said, his voice deep.

Airi stood there, determined to fight if she had to, while Bando started approaching her. She felt scared, but she decided to keep her composure and not start crying like a little girl.

When he came closer she could finally see his face and, to her surprise, he was handsome. All the other guys looked horrible to her. Their faces were scarred and lots of them had bruises on their faces like they were in a fight recently. But not this guy. His face was perfectly smooth and handsome. But, he also looked very violent and dangerous.

Airi backed away a little when he stopped in front of her.

"Hey, girlie, don't mix in with things you know nothing about.", he said, "And you should probably stop hanging out with this guy, ", he pointed at the unconscious Kazuya, "he's a loser."|

"What do you know?", she asked, her voice filled with poison.

"I go to the same school as him."

"And you obviously haven't heard of fair play."

"Look, girlie, I do what I know best. Now why don't you go home?"

"I'm not going anywhere. I think that you're the one that should leave."

"Fine.", he smirked and then turned to walk away, but before he actually started walking away he turned to face her one more time, "Tell your boyfriend not to mess with me anymore."

Airi stood there until each and every one of them left on the motorbikes lead by Bando. She then turned to Kazuya who seemed to regain his consciousness.

"Hang on, I'll call the ambulance.", she said.

"It's okay, I feel fine.", he said and tried to get up, but only winced in pain and remained lying.

"Yeah, right. I'm calling them anyways."

"That bitch. I can't believe you just let her go, Bando.", one of his gang members said.

"It's fine. And she's a girl, I don't like messing with girls.", Bando said.

"Yeah, well, she's a real bitch."

"She just doesn't know who I am."

"Yeah, you can bet twice on that. Have you seen the uniform she was wearing, it's from that school for the rich girls?"

"Yeah, I've noticed."

"I wonder what she's doing with a guy like Mizoguchi Kazuya. Obviously, he's a loser."

"Eh, she's a rich girl; she can do what she wants."

"Yeah, you're right, Bando."


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