...I have nothing to say in my defense, except that the next few chapters will be of a less ridiculous nature. And not as short.

Snips, Anakin long ago decided, was nothing more than a bratty fourteen year old apprentice, who had an attitude twice as big as her mouth, and several times larger than her body. Unfortunately, he happened to forget that even bratty fourteen year old apprentices get older.

So, it was to his horror that he discovered a few years later, that Ahsoka was actually a girl.

Oh, sure, he'd always known she was female-there was no other explanation for how her voice could get so shrill when she was angry- but it was hard for him to connect his mouthy Padawan to being…feminine. Girly. Growing up.

Being interested in boys. Having boys interested in her. Snips!

The thought was appalling, unsettling, and Anakin wouldn't have it. He refused to have anyone gawking at his apprentice like a piece of meat.

He never liked it when men stared at Padme either, but... this was different. Padme had always been a woman, always feminine and attractive, and always attracted men's attention (much to his ire sometimes, but really, she handled it, so he couldn't get too upset.)

But Snips? Ahsoka? His Padawan? Absolutely not.

There was to be no swooning Ahsoka. No wooing of his apprentice, no flirting, no attempts at romance and absolutely, under any circumstances-ever- were there to be males looking at her-in that manner.

Never mind the Code forbidding attachments-he wasn't really concerned about it too much, Ahsoka was a good Padawan, even if her Master-

Oh Force.

He was her Master. Who was married, clearly ignoring rules against attachment. And she was his apprentice. What if…? No. No, she didn't even know about him being married.

There was no way his disregard of that rule would rub off on her. But…his recklessness had definately rubbed off on her.
There was no way she would actually start mooning over a boy, would there? No. Definitely not.

Because he isn't allowing boys anywhere near Ahsoka ever. And she was going to wear those Force-forsaken robes that will make it impossible for anyone to tell she's older than twelve-with her height, it's not too hard, he reasons.

And he's going to make her have a squad from the 501st-good men, his best me, he decides- accompany her everywhere she goes.

This decided, he goes to tell Capitan Rex to find a squad of his best men to guard Ahsoka-and too keep boys away from her at all costs- then goes to the Jedi Temple to find those horrid robes; completely satisfied that the potentially disastrous crisis has been firmly diverted.




It is only after he's going to bed with Padme that he realizes to his abject horror that Capitan Rex, Torrent Company and the enterity of the 501st all fall under the category of men as well.