It was an ordinary day-well, as ordinary as they got on the Resolute- when Ahsoka walked into the gym and realized something important.

Very important. In fact, so important, she wasn't quite sure how she hadn't noticed before.

Her shock and awe and little bit of horror must have been evident, because a very sweaty Capitan Rex approached her and asked if she was alright.

No, she really wasn't. How could she be? Because for the first time, Ahsoka realized her men were…they were…well, men.
Manly men.

A part of her brain very calmly informed her that this was not in fact, a new a development.

She told that part of her brain to be quiet and stop ruining the moment.

Eventually, she manages to give Rex a reply along the lines of "fine", when her mind comes upon another miraculous, ground shattering revelation.

Her best friend was also a manly man.

An attractive manly man.

In fact, all of her men fell into the definition of "attractive" and "manly".

The same part of her brain from before exasperatedly reminded her that it wasn't a recent change either, was there anything else obvious she'd care to realize just then?

Rex was giving her an odd look again, and Ahsoka tried really hard not to notice the fact that he was shirtless. Really, she did. Unfortunately, the fact was extraordinarily distracting, in light of recent revelations, and she was pretty sure Rex caught her staring at his abs.

Curse him for being distracting.

Fortunately, she was saved by Skyguy stalking into the room, so she didn't even have to find two coherent brain cells to rub together to come up with an excuse.

Unfortunately, her brain cells went into some sort of prolonged shock, because they also stopped in body functions, because she tripped over air in a very un-Jedi like manner in her haste, and face planted spectacularly into the floor.

The embarrassment kick started her mind into functioning again, and she hoped no one saw that, but realized everyone did, because it's not like there are any other Jedi Padawans around. Or Togrutans. Or females-




A small part of Ahsoka's mind resigned its post in despair.

Something small and silly to kick start my back into writing. Life has become a monster and consumed my soul. Really. When I fight off life and reclaim my soul, I'll update more. I promise.