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Previously:"You speak seaking as well?" Lucy just nodded her head and said. "I've been able to talk to and understand seakings since I was 5 years old because of the mythical zoan type of devil fruit that I ate!"

Chapter 5: Their First Meeting

Coby found that he wasn't as shocked about her being able to talk to seakings as he thought he'd be.

Hell, compared to the other things that he'd seen her do, talking to giant fish almost seemed normal. 'Well is normal as you can be when your able to turn into a water dragon.' He thought sarcastically.

Thinking about it now, he didn't really know much about Lucy. All he knew about her was her dream of being The Pirate Queen, she ate a mythical zoan type devil fruit and she has a pet seaking.

And somehow, Coby felt like that was only the bare minimum. Like he just knew that there was so mush more to Lucy than just a pretty face and weird abilities.

Coby looked over to Lucy only to see the way that she was staring out at the waves all around with a serene smile lighting up her face. It made him think 'Wow, she looks really happy just staring at the water like that. I wonder what she's thinking about.

Lucy noticed him staring but let it go and continued to watch the waves. She was thinking about what the oceans meant to her.

They were her home ever since she was a week old, the sounds of crashing waves was her favorite lullaby growing up they were where her devil fruit powers were strongest but the best part was the feelings of being free that the endless horizon stirred up within her.

She was pulled out of her thoughts when she felt the boat start slowing down. Looking past Tora, she spotted their destination in the distance and said.

"That's close enough Tora, you can let go of the rope now, we don't want the towns people to freak out and try to attack you. You did a really good job, thanks. Go exploring if you want, just don't go to far out, okay?"

Tora let go of the rope and nodded her massive head once to say she understood. With that, she disappeared under the waves. Coby who had been silent for a while said.

"I guess Tora isn't so bad at least once you get used to her giant teeth." Lucy just shook her head in amusement and said. "Yeah she's a great friend. Anyways we'll be docking soon."

As she said that she lifted her arm up and back a bit than swung it forward causing a wave to carry their little boat up to the dock where they stopped.

Lucy jumped up out of the boat while Coby stumbled a bit trying to step out normally. Lucy tied the boat to the dock before walking down the length of the dock and into the bustling town with Coby following.

As they walked in silence for a minute Coby couldn't help but notice all the attention Lucy was getting from people they passed, especially from men. He off-handedly wondered if Lucy even noticed the effect she had on most of the male population.

Right then, Lucy decided to stop at a street merchant sell apples and bought one before asking. "Where is the marine base in this town and how do I get there?" At this question the merchant and everyone that heard her paled considerably and backed away from her. Lucy's eyes narrowed slightly at the reactions and came to the conclusion that this town had a corrupt marine as the commanding officer thus leading the towns people to live in fear.

Coby being the idiot that he is, was confused. When they started walking again Coby said. "I wonder why they freaked out like that when you mentioned the marine base." Lucy sighed exasperated before saying.

"Remember what I said earlier. Just because a person is a marine that doesn't mean that they are all good just like being a pirate or a bounty hunter doesn't mean that they are all bad."

Coby felt stupid for having to be reminded again. As they walked farther into town there didn't seem to be as many people around and the ones that were, seemed to be in an awfully big hurry to move out of the area. For what, Coby had no idea but Lucy guessed that they were getting close to the marine base.

She was proven correct when she looked up to look at the sky and instead caught sight of the 8 story tower-like building that clearly indicated being the marine base as on the side of the building in big and bold letters it read 'Marine Base' with their insignia above it. A few minutes later the were right in front of the wall that wrapped around the perimeter of the base and the other grounds accompanying it.

The wall was about 10 ft. high so it wasn't all that hard for Lucy to climb to the top and take a look around. Turning her head slowly starting from the right to the left and said under her breath. "Where could he be..."

Coby on the other hand just started an emotional speech saying. "Even though we haven't known each other long, you've been a really great friend and though we have to part ways-" He didn't finish as he looked around trying to spot Lucy only to hear her asking. "So... Where's the demon?"

Coby then spotted her hanging on the wall and yelled. "Lucy get down from there! Besides, I doubt they'd just have him out on display. He's probably in an underground cell so he can't hurt anyone."

Lucy then called out. "Found him!" As she said this she jumped down from the side of the wall and ran down about 75 ft. of the sidewalk with Coby behind her yelling. "Don't just run off like that Lucy!"

When they stopped again the wall that Lucy had looked over got shorter by about 3 and a half ft. so it was easier to look over. Then looking over the wall they saw a man tied up to a couple of logs constructed to look like a cross about 30 ft. away.

Coby looked shocked for a second before. "That back bandanna on his head and that green haramiki around his waist. That's him! That's Roronoa Zoro, The Pirate Hunter!"

From this distance, you couldn't really see his facial features but by looking at his body structure, you could tell that he trained very often to get the muscles that he had.

Zoro moved his head a bit to look up at them and said. "Hey you! Leave. You're an eye-sore." Lucy didn't leave, in fact she was just thinking that she'd jump over the wall and get a better look but stopped when she felt a presence behind her. It wasn't threatening so she didn't turn around.

Right then a ladder was propped up against the wall next to her and a little girl around 10 years old climbed up. When she was right beside Lucy, the little girl turned to Lucy & Coby and motioned for them to stay quiet before jumping over the wall.

She ran up to Zoro and held something up to him saying. "Here, I brought you some rice balls. It was my first time making them so I hope you like them."

Zoro looked down at the girl and said. "Get lost kid, I'm not hungry." The little girl wasn't happy about his answer so she tried again saying. "But you haven't eaten in days and I worked really hard-" But she didn't get to finish because Zoro snapped at her saying.

"I told you to beat it kid before that idiot marines son catches you!" But it was too late as when he finished speaking, an annoyingly arrogant voice that belonged to an ugly blond with a messed up hair-cut and wearing a purple suit said. "Now Zoro, no need to be a bully! Ooh, yummy rice balls!"

At the sight of the blond man out there with a marine escort of 2 men, Coby said. "Good some marines showed up. At least we know that the little girl will be okay."

The blond man picked up one of the rice balls and took a bite, despite the protests of the little girl saying that they weren't for him, only to spit it back out on the ground, through what was left in his hand on the ground knock the other rice ball out of the little girls hands and stomp on it while saying.

"Yuck! This thing is packed full of sugar! Your supposed to use salt you idiot! SALT!" By now the little girl was about to bawl her eyes out when she said. "I thought that they would taste better if I used sugar and I put all my heart into making them." The blond man ignored her and said.

"There's a sign on the wall that clearly states that anyone who helps a criminal is to be executed and is signed by Marine Captain Axe-Hand Morgan!" The girl flinched at the name and looked up at him in unmasked fear. At seeing the look on her face, the blond man laughed and said.

"Heh, it seems that even little brats are afraid of my daddy." Then he pointed to one of the men behind him and said. "You, soldier. Throw her over the wall." When the soldier started to protest by saying. "But sir. She's just a little girl."

The blond man then said. "Refuse to follow orders and you will be executed on the grounds of treason against my father." The soldier walked up to the girl, picked her up and right before he threw her he whispered to her. "Try to curl up into a ball to lessen the impact of your landing, okay?"

Once the soldier threw her the blond man laughed again. Lucy caught the little girl before she could hit the ground and she put her on her feet while looking over her to check for injuries. Finding none, she smiled a comforting smile for the little girl who gave her a watery smile in return while saying. "Thank you big sister!"

That's when they heard Zoro speak again. "You little bastard, she's just a kid." The blond man just turned around while laughing but stopped for a second when Zoro said. "I only have 10 days left."

The blond man only continued walking and said. "We'll see about that Zoro." When the blond man and his escort disappeared, Lucy jumped over the wall and walked up to Zoro in a slight trance as if she were drawn to him. When she was standing 3 ft. away and in front of him, she stopped and stared at him.

Not a second after she stopped did his dark green eyes snap open and their eyes meet for the first time. They just stood there and stared at each other in their own little world for what felt like an eternity to them.


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