Hello everyone! Here's another story! This time it is co-written with a good friend of mine, the amazing Bubble! (ComingAndGoingByBubble). She would like to add that we are joining forces to write an incredible story. So stay tuned! - Meghan

"And there the wicked old witch stayed for a long time."

"Lady Glinda, did she ever come out?" asked one of the children, mesmerized by the tale.

"Not yet." Lady Glinda Chuffrey smiled at them, closing the storybook and handing it to the caretaker and shaking the woman's hand with a pleasant smile on her face. She stood, her voluminous skirts rustling from the sudden movement. Her blue eyes were filled with sympathy and longing for the orphans as she surveyed the scene. Glinda had always wanted children, but Chuffery, well, his interests lied elsewhere. He was a baronet and an older gentlemen and he wanted fame and fortune, not a child. Surprisingly, the fact bothered her. He wasn't around most of the time and even then, he wouldn't allow her to have children. And what really angered her was that it was ultimately his decision. It wasn't her choice to get pregnant, unless she took up a lover and carried his baby. But that was improper and it would start an uproar, so that option was definitely out. But she did decide to question Chuffrey about it later.

The woman turned to leave when one of the younger children stood. "Lady Glinda, is that what happened with the Wicked Witch of the West?" Glinda whipped around, shocked by the question.

"No, I believe that the Witch is truly dead." Glinda answered shortly, not wanting to delve into the sensitive subject.

"What about Dorothy? Did she really kill the Witch?"

Glinda was getting rather upset at the line of questioning. "I'm sure you've all heard the story. The Witch was melted after Dorothy threw the bucket of water. She was allergic to the liquid, apparently." Without further words, she exited the building and was helped into her carriage.

The carriage pulled up, without her noticing, at Mockbeggar Hall and she craned her neck to see that Chuffrey had waited outside to greet her.

How thoughtful, Glinda thought sarcastically.

"Welcome back, darling." Chuffrey kissed her cheek and looked down to, Glinda guessed, admire her breasts.

"Good to be back, dear." She told him in a chipper tone. The two linked arms (as was custom) and traveled to their bedroom, more than ready to retire after a long day of work.

"How were the orphans?" Chuffrey questioned her, stripping off his shirt and climbing into bed with her.

Glinda doubt that he really cared about the orphans, but she found it to be disrespectful not to respond. "Unrealistically cheerful." She answered, blowing out the candles and settling under the covers.

For a long time, Glinda couldn't sleep. She simply stared at the decorative ceiling and listened to Chuffrey's snoring, her mind reeling. That one child had brought back so many memories. The blonde gently closed her eyes and recalled that one day at Shiz. She and Elphaba had been racing each other to the water fountain in the middle of the park. Of course, Glinda had gotten there first and she observed her friend's emerald skin, which seemed to be glowing with the effort of physical exercise.

"Galinda, wait up!" Elphaba's voice echoed in her mind and Glinda snuggled closer to her husband in fright. The girl's voice had sounded so real, like the Witch was truly there with her. She fell asleep promptly after that, thankful that she wasn't plagued by any nightmares.

The next morning, Chuffrey got up before her and he had breakfast delivered to their bedroom. The two ate in silence and the man noticed the demeanor change in this blonde wife.

"Did you not sleep well last night?" He questioned, stroking her hand tenderly.

"I slept fine," She grumbled, a forkful of eggs on the way to her mouth.

"Are you sure?" He asked, not quite convinced of her lies.

Glinda didn't have a chance to respond. The top Gale Force officer, Commander Traper Cherrystone strode into the room. "Lady Glinda, Lord Chuffrey, good morning." He greeted the pair, bowing and kissing the back of her pale hand.

"Is there something important that you need to tell us, Commander? It's not very appropriate to be waltzing into our private chambers at such an early hour." Chuffrey asked him, Glinda getting up and locking herself into her extensive walk-in closet to get changed.

"Oh yes, we have a slight problem." Cherrystone twitched uncomfortably. "There was a massive landslide in Center Mulch this morning."

Chuffrey waved his hand in dismissal. "Munchkinland has landslides almost every month. Why do we need to be worried about this?" He asked in annoyance.

"There was a young girl in it." At this, Chuffrey arched an eyebrow. Glinda came out of the closet, dressed in a simple blue dress that complimented her brilliant eyes. "A girl named Dorothy." Glinda felt as though she was going to faint and Chuffrey seemed nonplussed.

"Was she the girl who offed the Witches?" The man asked and Cherrystone nodded.

"She killed the Thropp sisters." Glinda added, picking at the fabric on her dress in sadness.

"Were you close to them?" Cherrystone inquired, his brown eyes narrowing in suspicion.

Glinda shook her head, her coiffed blonde curls bouncing about her shoulders. "We attended college together, but we never had any social contact." It was a lie, of course. Elphaba and she had been friends, but Cherrystone really didn't need to know that.

"I suppose you have the girl?" Glinda asked her after a few moments of tense and uncomfortable silence.

"Yes, she's in the foyer. She's waiting for your arrival." The officer bowed and exited the room. Chuffrey stared at her, biting his lip.

"I'll be right back." Glinda informed him.