"Let me see it!"


A crash could be heard from inside the small mortuary. If anyone stopped to look inside, they would have seen something they'd thought impossible, vials of different chemicals floating around before being thrown at the dark clothed man who never stopped giggling. He would only just duck out of the way, keeping a tight grip on his hat as he twirled away from her.

"Don't be such a moody little witch, dearie~" he sang.

"Stop calling me that! It's demeaning!" the woman snapped, mentally throwing another jar at the man's head. "Let me just try it on!"

"Not without a little kiss~!" he hummed, ducking down.

"No way!"

"Come on, sweet Miss Iris~ Just one little kiss and I'll let you wear my hat for the rest of the day~"

The woman eyed him. "What's the catch?" she asked him suspiciously.

"Oh, nothing~"

Before the conversation could continue any further, the doors bell rang and a small boy no older than 12 walked in followed by his butler, a tall, slim man with dark red eyes. Iris blinked, quickly grabbing the nearest jars and gently dropping the others onto the closest flat surfaces with a soft clink. The small boy looked from Iris to the tall, silver haired man and back to Iris.

"Who is this, Undertaker?" he demanded.

"Oh just my peppy little helper Iris~" the man, Undertaker giggled. Iris glared up at him, shoving the jars she was holding at him, muttering rudely. The tall man behind the boy gave a small smirk as he watched her. She glanced at the boy then up at his butler, her eyes narrowing before she stalked into the back room. A few minutes later, a small black cat came strutting out from the back room, eyeing the three males in the room, it's eyes settling on Undertaker and his hat, a small meow escaping it. The tall butler glanced down at the cat, his cheeks giving an uncharacteristic blush, but the cat merely glanced at him and hissed as it trotted around, jumping from coffin to table to a high shelf where it perched and watched everything, it's tale twitching in anticipation.

The small boy glanced up at the cat, his one blue eye glaring at it. "What is that creature doing here?" he demanded

Undertaker looked up at the cat and giggled. "Don't you like little kitties, Earl~?"

"No. I'm allergic to them; besides, they're demented creatures," the boy snapped, eyeing the cat who looked back at him with a haughty glare.

"Aww, but this cute little critter would never harm a fly~" Undertaker snickered, reaching up for the cat who only watched the scarred mans hands get closer before making it's move. In one fluid motion, the cat yowled as it jumped between his hands, it's two front paws extended out as it hit the hat off the silver haired man's head. "Hey!" he whined as he turned to watch the cat land gracefully next to the hat, turn to look at him, meow and somehow manage to pick the hat up between it's sharp little teeth and dart into the back room all before Undertaker could even reach for his hat.

"What an interesting cat you have there," the slim butler commented, a smirk playing over his face. "Very...peppy." The child glanced up at his butler, a slight glare plastered on his face.


After the two guests had finished with their business with Undertaker, the always giggling man locked the door and flipped the open sign to closed as he turned to look around. "Oh Iris~ come out, come out where ever you hide~" he sang as he walked around the front room, looking high and low for the cat before walking into the back room where he found the woman perched on top of a coffin, her legs crossed daintily, a smirk on her lips and a stolen hat on her head.

"And that without paying your ridiculous 'price'," she laughed.

But the Undertaker just smirked back, walking slowly towards her. "Oh that's what you think~ You'll pay up soon~" he giggled as he lunged at her. With a squeak, Iris slid out of his reach, jumping up and backing away from him, the mischievous look from the eyes of the cat watching him. Undertaker stood on one side of the coffin while she stood on the other, the stairs and the door to the main room behind him and the prized hat sitting on her hair. "Come now and give me the hat back before I raise the price~" he cackled.

"You're not getting the hat OR your 'payment'!" she said stubbornly as she made a sudden break for the stairs behind him with a burst of speed. But the Undertaker had a trick of his own; as soon as he saw her even start to move, he jumped for her, one of his hands snaking its way around her waist and pulling her back against him while his other hand reached up to her head and snatched his hat back from her before a yelp of surprise had even left her lips.

With one hand still secured firmly around Iris' waist, Undertaker proudly put his hat back on, a smug smirk on his face. "Now i have to come up with a punishment~" he crooned from behind her. He looked around the room, his gaze landing the large coffin laying in the middle of the room, his smirk growing as the thought bloomed in his head. "And I know just what to do with you~" he sang.

Iris looked back at him, her eyes following his to the coffin. "W-what are you thinking?" she asked him slowly, hoping he was only planning to try to lock her in there for the night.

"Hmm~ I wonder if two could fit in there~" he giggled, half walking and half dragging her towards it, using his boot to kick it open. "Oh, there's plenty of room~" he confirmed happily. Iris could feel her eyes widening as she realized what he planned.

"Oh no there's not!" she nearly screeched, struggling in his grip. Her surprise growing when she found difficulty breaking away from him when he only had one hand wrapped around her.

In one easy movement, Undertaker had turned her in his grip and pushed her back against the nearest wall, one hand on her hip while the other rested on the wall next to her head, his smirk never leaving his face. "I'm sure there is~" purred, tilting his head back enough to let his hat fall back, leaning back down towards her, the bangs usually covering his eyes parted enough for Iris to see him fully. She could feel her cheeks grow hotter as she stared up at him. Undertaker chuckled, "Like what you see~?" his voice murmured, a hint of a laugh behind it as he slowly leaned towards her, their lips only centimeters apart before he closed the gap, kissing her gently. Iris felt her body go ridged for a few moments before calmly loosening up against him, her eyes slowly closing. He smirked slightly, pulling away just enough to see her expression. "Care to explore another side of me~?" he teased, his hand resting on her hip slowly rubbing up her side in circles.

She opened her eyes, still slightly dazed from the kiss as she looked up at him. "H-How do I know you're not just being some rude tease?"

Undertaker only laughed quietly, his lips finding her neck easily. "Only one way to find out~" he sang between kisses, taking his hand off the wall and resting it on her other hip.

Iris bit back a small moan as she leaned back against the wall. "I-I don't know. I-I've never been in th-this...situation before."

He blinked, pulling away slightly to look at her. "You're still a virgin~?" he questioned, giggling slightly as she blushed and looked away.

"M-maybe...S-so what if I a-am?" she huffed, squirming in his grip.

He giggled again, nuzzling her and nipping at her ear. "Don't worry~ I can be very gentle; if you want~" he murmured, kissing her jaw. Iris blinked, her eyes glancing at the silver haired man slightly before her hands slowly reached up to grip his coat tightly. He looked at her as she looked up at him.

"I-I'm still n-not sure about this," she said quietly, looking down at her hands clinging to his coat. But Undertaker only chuckled and wrapped one arm around her, leaning down towards her.

"You couldn't be in safer hands~" he hummed, kissing her full on. This time, Iris didn't hesitate, she closed her eyes and kissed back. She pulled on his coat in an attempt to pull him closer which only earned her a small smirk against her lips and an arm wrapping tighter around her waist, pulling her closer to Undertaker. A small gasp left her lips as she felt something hard poking against her lower abdomen; she pulled away from him slightly, looking up him slightly confused, but he only smirked. "Oh, what I have to teach you~" he purred, slowly pulling her back towards the coffin. In one swift move, Undertaker picked her up, laid her in the coffin and knelt over her.

Iris looked up at him, her cheeks burning. She jumped slightly as she felt him slide his slim fingers under her shirt; she squirmed as his long finger nails scratched at her bare skin. A moan threatened to escape her throat when she felt his lips brush against her now bare stomach and slowly work their way up to her chest. "Hmm, such beautiful, clear skin~ Untouched, unmarred~" he chuckled as he lightly nipped at her left breast. Undertaker listened to the moans she made as his hand slowly made it's way up and massaged her right breast. He pulled his mouth away from her left to her right side and gave it the same treatment before kissing his way up her neck to nip at her ear. "Call my name~" he whispered, grinding lightly against her.

"A-ahh, U-Undert-taker," Iris moaned softly, her head tilting back slightly as her body was bombarded with new feelings.

He kissed her neck, a smirk playing over his lips. "Good girl~" He sat up on his knees as he shrugged off his coat and starting to unbutton his shirt, his tight pants seemingly tighter than usual. She watched him take off his shirt, her eyes taking in his pale, scarred , chest, her eyes widening. He bent back over her, sending light kisses across her collarbone. "Care to explore~?" Undertaker asked, a small giggle escaping him as he took her hand in his and pulled it up towards his chest. Iris bit her lip, her face completely drenched in red as her small hand rested flat against his chest. She blinked, surprised how warm he was; her fingers wandered across his chest, lightly touching each scar she could see.

"Th-there's so many," she whispered, her eyes never leaving the scars while her fingers trailed up his torso to his neck as they traced the scar that encircled his whole neck. Iris looked up at his eyes, her fingers working up to the long scar that cut diagonally across his face. Undertaker closed his eyes as he felt her soft touch against his skin. He opened his eyes when he noticed her warm touch leave his face; he was shocked to see small tears forming in her eyes.

"They don't hurt anymore, luv," he murmured, carefully wiping her tears away and kissing her forehead and cheeks. She only nodded slightly as he took her hands and kissed both of her palms. "Let me take your tears and pain away~" he sang softly against her palm before leaning down and kissing her fully. As the kiss deepened, Iris could feel herself loosing control of her body, her tears being replaced with moans as she felt Undertaker slide his tongue into her mouth and explored every inch of her mouth while his hands easily slid her skirt and undergarment off. Undertaker pulled away slightly and looked down at her fully exposed body; he chuckled as she shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. "Don't be so shy~" he hummed, his right hand next to her head to support him while his left took hers and placed it over his tight pants and hardened member. "That's me being eager to be with you~" he groaned slightly.

Iris gasped slightly, her hand could feel him throb slightly, her eyes wide as she looked up at him. "W-will that b-be i-in...?" she began, but couldn't finish.

He only nodded, nuzzling her. "I'll be gentle~" he lulled, letting go of her hand to unbutton his pants and slide them off. He snickered as he heard Iris squeak slightly when she looked at him fully. "Impressed~?"

She looked up at him. "H-how will i-it f-fit?!" she squeaked, her eyes wider than plates.

Undertaker smirked. "We'll manage just fine~ Are you ready~?" he cooed, slowly lowering himself to hover over her.

"W-will it hurt?" she whispered, looking anywhere but at him.

"Hmm, only for a moment, but then it'll pass~" he murmured as he lightly nipped her ear.

"A-alright; I-I'm ready," she said softly. Undertaker nodded as he slowly thrust in, groaning as he did while she cried out, her arms wrapping tightly around his neck. He held her close as they became adjusted to one another, his hand reaching up to wipe away her tears. After a few moments, he moved slightly in her earning himself a small whimper and a slight moan. Again he thrust slowly, the moan overtaking any whimper left; he continued his slow pace, leaning down to murmur promises of what he could do in her ear. Iris lightly bucked against him as she ran her fingers through his hair, another louder, moan escaping her from her throat as he began to move faster; nearly pulling all the way out before quickly reentering. "O-ohh," she moaned, her head tilting back slightly.

He smirked as he began to throb faster, his thrusts becoming harder and closer together while he leaned up slightly to kiss her exposed throat. "You feel wonderful~" Undertaker smirked, his hands slowly traveling down to rub her hips as he continued his assault on her body; each movement earning another moan. Iris clung to him tightly, her head back against the bottom of the coffin as her whole body arching against him as he thrust harder and faster. He groaned as he thrust deeply, feeling himself near his climax; Iris moaning louder as he did, her nails digging into his back.

"A-ahh, U-Undertaker~!" she moaned biting back a small scream as he pounded her into the bottom of the coffin, nipping any skin he can reach. He lightly licked up her neck and nipped her ear as again he thrust deeply. Iris clawed at his back when she felt herself tightening around him, both of them letting out moans of pure extacy as they climaxed together; Undertaker releasing his seed into her, filling her with warmth. They panted raggedly, Undertaker collapsing over her onto his elbows, a thin layer of sheen covering them both.

"W-well? D-did it meet your expectations?" he panted, nuzzling her playfully.

She nodded slightly, her whole body flushed. "Th-that d-damned hat of yours; th-that's what caused this," she mumbled.

Undertaker snickered; "Oh, I don't know about that...I'm sure this would have happened anyway." He leaned down and nuzzled her chest. "Perhaps next time it'll happen in a bed, then I could fully examine your wonderful body~" he smirked, slowly pulling out of her, a slight groan escaping him while she moaned softly.

"Wh-what makes you think there'd be a 'next time?'" she shuddered.

"You won't be able to help it~ The body wants what it wants, there's no stopping it~" he purred as he laid next to her in the coffin, reaching out and pulling his large coat over both of them. "And perhaps we shall continue this tomorrow, but for now sleep. Good night now~"

"Good night, you perverted mortician."